Top Men’s Summer Wedding Shoe Picks

men's wedding shoes

The summer wedding season is well underway, and if you haven’t already attended a few in succession, chances are you have at least 1 lined up this season.

If you’re a man who takes pride in the way you present yourself, your top concern will be nailing your attire for the occasion.

Summer weddings can be tricky to navigate — both in staying cool and looking fashionable. Here are 5 of our favourite men’s shoe picks so far this season:

1) Steve Touch Black

men's wedding shoes

Black suits are still the most common option for more formal weddings. If your suit is black (or mostly black), black shoes are pretty much your only option. Adding shoes of another colour to a black suit will make your look seem rather unbalanced.

A classic style that you can’t go wrong with, the Steve men’s lace-up shoe is handcrafted with elegance and simplicity. Simple, yet refined, they work best with neatly styled tailoring.

2) Tucano Vintage Navy

men's dress shoes

Brogues are a classic pairing for a tweed suit at a wedding. Depending on the tone of your outfit, you could wear brown, navy or other shades.

The Tucano men’s brogue features distinctive stitching and a contrasting England Rubber Gel sole. They are also highly comfortable thanks to a signature Anatomic Gel Technology®. Navy will give you that extra edge if you’re looking to stand out from the crowed.

3) Frutal Touch Havana

men's wedding shoes

Dress loafers or slip-on shoes are always a smart bet, they’re also your summer wedding secret weapon. The classic colours (black, brown, tan) will anchor any suit.

The Frutal men’s slip on shoe in Touch Havana features elastic inserts and padded ankle supports, providing the comfort and support you need to focus on enjoying the occasion.

4) Charles II Touch Bronze

men's wedding shoes

One of the great things about brogues is that you can easily dress them up or down. A brogue that is slim in a classic colour, such as black, brown or burgundy, will give you a downright dapper look.

The Charles men’s leather brogue is lightweight and flexible, thanks to their soft leather uppers and rubber gel soles. These men’s brogues don’t just look the part, but feel just as good too.

5) Cardoso Floater Pinhao

Mens Wedding Shoes

A great pair of boots is a dynamic choice for a more casual wedding. Men’s Chelsea boots are endlessly versatile, as they are easy to style and are timeless.

The traditional-style Anatomic & Co Cardoso Chelsea boots may look polished and ready-for-anything on the outside but, inside, they’re a homely treat.

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Top men’s summer shoe picks 2019

men's summer shoe guide

When it comes to nailing down menswear, it’s all about equipping your seasonal wardrobe with functional items.

Rotating your wardrobe according to climate changes is especially important with shoes, as this helps avoid injury of certain styles.

Here are some stylish summer footwear staples to enjoy, while soaking up the sun.

1) Tucano men’s leather brogue

mens spring 2019 shoes

What really sets the Tucano men’s leather brogue apart from other styles is its distinctive stitching and contrasting England Rubber Gel sole. They’re a perfect match for slim & cropped linen trousers or jeans, and they come in just about any colour you can imagine.

2) Eric Slip On Shoe

Versatile and resilient, the Eric is an ideal summer go-to. Thanks to their soft sheepskin lining and signature Anatomic gel sole, they’re great for walking. Wear them with slim-tailored jeans or shorts and go sockless, of course.

3) Gurupi Lace-Up

Ideal for a man on the go, the Gurupi lace-up is for those long summer days pounding the pavement and getting around the city. Cushioned PU rubber soles, padded ankle supports and breathable leather uppers offer unbeatable comfort. This lightweight and durable style can be partnered with chinos or your favourite pair of jeans.

4) Akamas Slip-On

men's summer shoes

A go-to on super hot days, these leather sandals are characterised by their anatomic design. Slip on style, and open toe, wear them with leisurely tailoring.

5) Viana II Boat Shoe

Boat shoes are definitely a summer must-have. The Viana II is handcrafted with soft vintage leather uppers and a rubber sole. A summer style pleaser, these men’s deck shoes can be worn with or without socks.

Anatomic Gel Technology

Using our Anatomic Gel Technology®, the soles of Anatomic & Co’s shoes are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel. This technique gives the soles added resistance and flexibility, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for added comfort.

Father’s Day Gifts: 5 Shoes for every dad

Fathers day gifts

With Father’s Day around the corner, you may be puzzling on what to get your dad this time round.

Maybe it’s time to give the socks a miss – unless you’re adding them with a quality pair of shoes.

Show him you appreciate all the years of love and support, advice and guidance, and taxiing to mates’ houses with a pair of shoes from Anatomic & Co’s epic range of Father’s Day specials.

The Work Hard Dad – Delta floater Pinhao

For the stylish gentleman who admires a clean cut smart-casual lace up shoe, look no further than the Delta men’s waxy leather shoe. Superb soft sheepskin lining and cushioned ankle padding combine for all-day pleasure. These can be styled with blue denim jeans and a button-down casual shirt.

The Outgoing Dad – Sao Paulo II Touch anil brushed

Packed with detail, the stylish Sao Paulo men’s leather lace-ups feature brushed leather. This lightweight shoe offers flexibility as you walk and signature Anatomic Gel™ technology guarantees unbeatable comfort underfoot.

The Laid-Back Dad – Eric floater black

Easy to slide on, these Anatomic men’s Eric slip on shoes are a must for summer days. Thanks to their soft sheepskin lining and signature Anatomic gel sole, they provide extra comfort.

The Stylish Dad – Villas touch havana

lacing mens dress shoes

Whatever the occasion, the Villas men’s leather lace-up can polish off any look. These lace-ups are lightweight and flexible, thanks to their soft leather uppers and rubber gel soles. They can be partnered with formal trousers, dark denim, chinos, blazers and shirts – the list goes on.

The Casual Cool Dad – Cardoso Touch Black

These traditional-style Anatomic & Co Cardoso Chelsea boots, don’t only look polished on the outside, but inside, they’re a homely treat. Featuring elastic inserts and Anatomic Gel technology, these are the perfect all weekend go-to.

Don’t miss out on your favourite styles:

men's dress shoes


5 business casual shoes for men

men's dress shoes

Business casual is one of the most common dress codes, but this vaguely defined dress style can also cause confusion.

Business casual wear is an ambiguous style. Its identity will vary based on the season and working environment, thus making it complicated for men to know exactly how to dress smart casual appropriately.

If you really want to nail this look, you need to start with your footwear – the anchor of every outfit.

Here are 5 business casual shoes for men who want to champion the style.

Suede Lace ups or boots

While leather dress shoes are smart and sophisticated, suede options have the ability to tone down the formality of an outfit. We’d suggest a suede pair in brown, which will maintain a level of dressiness that align with any business casual dress code.


mens spring 2019 shoes

Every well-dress gentleman should own at least one quality pair of brogues. Though considered a “dress shoe”, the perforations on the shoe give them a more casual look. You can dress down your brogues with jeans to create some stylish flair, but remember to keep things simple and sleek. Pair skinny or slim jeans in a dark blue or black with something polished on top, such as a shirt, t-shirt and blazer, or sweater.


mens dress shoes

The laid back loafer offers relaxed sophistication, in both style and functionality. In a business casual setting, you can dress up your loafers with a button up shirt or polo and a pair of fitted jeans.

Chelsea Boots

men's chelsea boots - dress shoes

Of course, if you can have loafers with business casual, you can also have what we love to call the loafers of the boot world – Chelsea boots. Not only are they stylish, but incredibly comfortable. Their round toe with elastic sides achieve a cleaner aesthetic look than other boots.

Leather Trainers

men's spring summer shoe collection 6 - men's dress shoes

Trainers have worked their way into the smart-casual category. A pair of high-end trainers can dress your formal outfits down, but just make sure they are box-fresh. Try sticking to a single-colour shoe as these work better with more formal pieces.


On that note:

Remember, when it comes to smart casual business wear, your outfit should be well-fitting but slightly less formal than a business casual or business professional style. Start from the bottom up with your shoes to build your look.

men's dress shoes

5 men’s shoes that will elevate your style

men's shoes

There are many types of men’s shoes, and if you ask us, elevating your style starts from the feet up. A stylish and comfortable pair of shoes will completely update your style, and keep you looking your best.

Here are 5 men’s shoe styles that will help you upgrade your look for all social situations.

Sophistication and class – Tucano Touch Navy

mens dark navy brogue

For those of you who are looking for something with a twist to add some flare to your outfit, the Tucano Touch Navy men’s shoe is just for you.

Not only do they scream sophistication and class, but they’ll also become your best friend as they are an uber-comfortable weekend smart-casual and easy to wear every day and night.

Relaxed yet polished look – Cajuru Nubuck Indigo

mens slip on shoe

A great shoe for warmer times ahead of us, the Cajuru slip-on shoe looks best when worn without socks and paired with a pair of light coloured jeans or chinos.

The shoe is handcrafted with soft vintage leather uppers, removable insoles and Anatomic’s rubber sole that’s incredibly slip-resistant with maximum traction.

Classic charm – Classico Touch Anil

mens navy trainer

Team a pair of slim navy jeans with the Classico mens’ smart-casual lightweight leather trainers and put your best foot forward.

Featuring Anatomic Gel Technology®, the shoe absorbs shock and adds comfort, which will carry you from start to finish with ease.

A firm favourite – Cardoso Touch Black

mens black leather chelsea boot

A staple for any well dressed gentleman, a pair of Chelsea boots, like the Cardoso boot, are a timeless classic that are easy to put on.

Anatomic & Co has a range of Chelsea boots made from suede or leather, with an elasticated side panel that makes them easy to slide on and off. Each Chelsea boot is also lined with a layer of sheepskin and features the Anatomic Gel Technology® formula.

If you’re keeping your look dressed down, wear your boots with jeans paired with a T-shirt.

Clean cut – Delta Vintage Rust

mens dress shoe

If you’re on the hunt for a clean cut smart-casual lace up, then the Delta men’s waxy leather shoe is for you. These work perfectly when styled with your favourite pair of blue denim jeans and a button-down casual shirt.


As you already know, your shoes say a lot about who you are. Choosing quality styles will provide you with the foundation for building a cool and sophisticated identity.

Men’s shoe guide: 5 office staples every man should own

men's shoes for the workplace

As we find ourselves in a golden era for men’s office attire, many workplaces have become more flexible with their work attire. As exciting as it is, this may lead to confusion, especially if you’re still trying to nail the professional look.

In this article, Anatomic & Co takes a look at 5 shoe styles every professional gentleman should own. Your shoes are usually the first part of an outfit to draw attention to the eye, and also provide a good base to direct the rest of your outfit – so getting it right is a must!

With a great pair of shoes alone, you can elevate your professional look immensely.

1) The brogue

men's shoes for the workplace

The classically cool brogue is now seen as an acceptable business shoe, as well as a smart, yet relaxed option. Not only are they smart and stylish, but they can also add interest to any outfit thanks to their unique perforations

Tip: The best brogues are the ones that can be worn with both smart and casual outfits to create a sophisticated finish.

2) The oxford

men's shoes for the workplace

The Oxford’s clean design makes it the epitome of elegant formal shoes. This shoe style is ideal for more formal workplaces.

Tip: Black Oxford’s are a good go-to option when dressing professionally.

3) The loafer

men's shoes for the workplace

The highly versatile loafer can be dressed up with tailored trousers for more formal workplaces or dressed down with jeans for a more casual office setting. Loafer’s are a great everyday work shoe, as they tend to be both durable and comfortable.

Tip: In warmer months, you can wear your loafers with no socks, and in colder months, with socks.

4) The Chelsea boot

men's shoes for the workplace

Another shoe that can be dressed up or down is the stylish Chelsea boot. The Chelsea boot will give you the ideal balance of being more dressed up than a trainer, but not quite as formal as a pair of Oxford’s.

Tip: Depending on your style preference, you’ll find great options in leather and suede.

5) The Desert boot

men's shoes for the workplace

A casual classic for the more laidback workplace, the desert boot combines simplicity and taste in equal measure. Although this style is generally considered a casual shoe, they can be styled-up with more formal attire.

Tip: The flattering shape of the desert boot means that they can work for everyone, regardless of their personal style.

It’s often said that you can judge a man’s character by his shoes, and that’s never truer than in the workplace.

Anatomic & Co shoes are made with Anatomic Gel Technology. This makes the soles incredibly flexible, bouncy and comfortable. The insoles also have a memory, so once you take your shoes off and leave them to rest, they go back to their original shape ready to look after your feet the next day.


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mens style guide

Men’s style guide: Reinventing your personal style

mens style: changing your style

If you feel like your wardrobe lacks personality, and your sense of style is looking a little flat, don’t you worry, because reinventing your look is easier than you think.

Stagnation is a familiar enemy for many men out there. Wearing the same thing day in and day out can make your look feel tired – it’s strange how what we wear affects how we feel about ourselves.

The year is still fresh, so now’s as good a time as any to do a little reinventing. Here’s a quick and easy guide to do just that.

Out with the old

mens style: changing your style

Before you begin recreating your style, you need to get rid of all the stuff that’s not helping with your current look. Too many of us are guilty of hoarding items in our wardrobes that we’ll never wear again — like old T-shirts that have lost their life. Let them go!

By saying this, however, you can hold onto essential items, like basics that can be incorporated into your new look.

Find your style inspiration

mens style: changing your style

So you know that you want to reinvent your style, but you don’t exactly know what you want it to look like. The best way to find out is by looking for inspiration from style icons, social fashion pages and great blogs (like ours).

Remember to consider your lifestyle and working environment, and make sure that your new look complements these.

Start small

mens style: changing your style

While you’re becoming an expert in your new look, start with the basic pieces of that style. Try working with items that you already have and experiment with subtle changes. A new pair of shoes or adding some men’s accessories to your outfit can make a big difference in helping you achieve a certain look.

Small additions such as this will provide you with a good base to expand on.

Choose carefully

mens style: changing your style

Upgrading your look can be a costly affair — budget yourself. Rather than splashing on anything that fits your new style, be selective and choose pieces that work well together. Cohesion in your wardrobe will maximise the versatility of every item.

If the look that you are going for is more expensive, try saving on basics (like plain T-shirts) and invest in statement items like jackets or shoes. Your new style will likely depend more on these items.

What else can you do to reinvent your style?

mens style: changing your style

Reinventing your style does not only involve what you wear. A new hairstyle or improving your physique also plays a key role in creating your new image.

Many gentlemen out there pick a hairstyle and stick to that their whole lives – change it up, because your hairstyle will correlate with the rest of your reinvented style.

Likewise, changing your physique will also change your look and how your clothes fit.

For more tips and news on men’s fashion and everything shoe related, visit Anatomic & Co’s blog.


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mens style guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: 5 Shoe Styles For Every Man

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Men's shoes

At Anatomic & Co, we like to think that Valentine’s Day is just a great excuse to eat chocolate, have a glass (or a few bottles) of wine and do something you enjoy, with that special someone in your life.

It’s also an excuse to get some nice new stuff! We’re not saying men don’t like roses and chocolates, too, but a new pair of shoes is that much better…

So if you want a way to his heart this Valentine’s, a new pair of shoes should do the trick – and if you don’t know his size, just turn over a pair of his shoes when he’s not looking!

The detail-oriented man

men's brogues - dress shoes

If your man appreciates the art of dressing well and the craftsmanship of his shoes, he’ll be delighted with a new pair of brogues. This classic shoe style has a timeless appeal and can be worn with many outfits, including everything from tailored jeans and a v-neck shirt, to a two-piece suit.

The rugged man

men's boots - dress shoes

Men who like their boots are likely to be both trendy and masculine. A good pair of desert boots or lace-up boots will see the receiver through the colder seasons ahead with pure, unadulterated flair. If cared for correctly, they will last as long as you hope your relationship will…

The casual but cool man

men's trainers - dress shoes

For the easygoing gentleman out there, trainers will be at the top of their wish list. A solid pair of trainers will provide both style and comfort unlike any other piece of footwear. Trainers are now widely acceptable for most occasions – a night out in town, smart-casual events and even most work places.

The sophisticated man

men's chelsea boots - dress shoes

A pulled-together gentleman will appreciate a quality pair of Chelsea boots. Regardless of age, size, or personal style, the timeless Chelsea boot deserves a spot on every shoe rack. Available in both leather and suede, they also come in a variety of colours.

The laid-back man

men's chelsea loafer - dress shoes

The skillful blend of comfort and flair make the loafer a favoured style for the laid-back gentleman. A quality pair of loafers is one of the most versatile and wearable pieces that a man can have in his footwear wardrobe.


If you ask us, nothing can beat a new pair of shoes. Whether you’re a believer in treating your loved one on Valentine’s Day or you think it’s a marketing scam, we’ve got shoes that every man out there will appreciate.

Winter essentials: shoes and jeans matching guide

mens winter boots

Denim jeans are a definite wardrobe staple – they can be dressed up or dressed down, and get you through many outings.

But what shoes should you be matching with your jeans to support a stylish and sophisticated look?

Anatomic & Co has put together a complete guide on what shoes to wear with your jeans, so that you can step out in style this winter.

Skinny Jeans

mens shoes and jeans combo

Both skinny and super skinny jeans can be hard to pull off if they do not correspond with the rest of your outfit. Remember, that your legs will look thinner in skinny jeans, therefore making your feet look bigger.

So when choosing shoes to wear with your skinny jeans, you want to avoid looking bottom-heavy. Slip-on’s and loafers work great with skinny jeans, while chunky high-top trainers not so much.

Chelsea boots provide a smart combo with skinny jeans – they are a match made heaven.

Baggy Jeans

mens shoes and jeans combo 2

As baggy jeans are ultimately a more casual item of clothing, they pair best with a pair of trainers and a T-shirt. Chunkier trainers will balance out your outfit, while smaller trainers can make your outfit look unbalanced.

This jean style is for casual wear only, so you don’t want to wear them with your smart dress shoes. Also, remember that dragging jeans are a bad look – you want baggy, not oversized. You can roll up your baggy jeans, to suit your style.

Slim Fit / Straight Leg Jeans

mens shoes and jeans combo 3

Slim fit or straight leg jeans are probably the most versatile option, as they can be worn with most shoe styles and work for many occasions.

When it comes to partnering these jeans with shoes, they can be worn with trainers, dress shoes or even boots. Whatever you choose to wear with them, length is important – jeans should sit on or just above your shoe.

For smarter occasions, stick to brogues, loafers or a Chukka boot.


As you can see from our handy little guide, certain shoe styles work better with certain jeans. This being said, style is a personal expression, but don’t cross into the realm of poor dress wear just to make a statement. It’s important to remember that your shoes should always complement your jeans

New Anatomic Smart collection by Anatomic & Co

men's wedding shoes

Last week, we took a look at some of the new shoes from Anatomic & Co’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection, which will be available soon.

This week, we take a look at the new Anatomic Smart category. The collection features past best sellers, with some new innovative upgrades, as well as new styles. Here’s what you can expect from the new Anatomic Smart range…

Anatomic Smart

The brand new category of smart shoes was designed to look great with suits and or casual wear trousers. The collection gives you outstanding value for money with comfort leather uppers, sheepskin lining and easy grip rubber outsoles, all perfectly handcrafted together for the great British weather. The category includes the following styles:

UNA Touch Pinhao + UNA Touch Black

Charles II Touch Bronze + Charles II Touch Black

Steve Touch Bronze + Steve Touch Bronze

Formosa Touch Pinhao + Touch Black

Frutal Touch Black

Anatomic & Co is passionate when it comes to creating high quality shoes that offer a superior level of style, support and comfort. Soft leather uppers, cushioned footbeds, supple hinged insoles, high quality threads and flexible gel rubber soles all combine to provide you with an innovative shoe.

It’s time to get some practical footwear to face the frosty ground. Anatomic’s smart range of shoes are designed to suit almost any situation, whilst also providing you with ultimate comfort.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the new Anatomic Prime dress shoes, which features lace up shoesand brogues.