Men’s Dress Shoes: Autumn Winter 2019

So Autumn / Winter 2019 has finally arrived and with that, so has a whole new collection of footwear styles by Anatomic & Co.

With an all new range of premium, quality lace-up shoes, boots and casuals – your feet will remain stylish whilst taking on the elements outside.

Here are some of our favourites from the new Autumn / Winter styles, so that you can step out in style this season.

Jonas Vintage Cognac

autumn winter men's shoes

The new in Jonas is part of the Anatomic Wardrobe collection, designed with medium fit, with their savoy rubber gel sole. Styled like the rest and worn the same.

From the minute you pull them on feel the comfort of their soft sheepskin lining to the minute you take these leather boots off, your feet stay and feel daisy fresh.

Gurupi Vintage Rust or Mustang Brown

men's autumn winter 2019 shoes

The Gurupi lightweight, ideal for on the go, durable for a day to day use. With its Nubuck leather upper giving its extra style and comfort also the padded ankle supports with cushioned PU rubber soles and also leather uppers offer unbeatable comfort.

Team these men’s leather lace- ups with chinos or your favourite pair jeans.

Furnas Floater Pinhao

men's autumn winter 2019

Protect your feet from the outside elements with our extra-wide fitting Furnas men’s lace-up boots.

Lightweight and durable, an all-weather-conquering PU rubber sole gives them an off-road look and feel (take a look at those high grip treads), while their soft padded ankle supports and leather sheepskin lining make them ideal footwear attire for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Francisco Vintage Brown

men's autumn winter shoes 2019

Francisco men’s casual shoes in Vintage Brown leather are a classic design for casualwear. These men’s shoes feature contrast stitching and a signature Anatomic Gel Technology® rubber outsole. They provide a cool, comfortable step throughout the day.


View the full Autumn / Winter 2019 collection here.


Top Men’s Summer Wedding Shoe Picks

men's wedding shoes

The summer wedding season is well underway, and if you haven’t already attended a few in succession, chances are you have at least 1 lined up this season.

If you’re a man who takes pride in the way you present yourself, your top concern will be nailing your attire for the occasion.

Summer weddings can be tricky to navigate — both in staying cool and looking fashionable. Here are 5 of our favourite men’s shoe picks so far this season:

1) Steve Touch Black

men's wedding shoes

Black suits are still the most common option for more formal weddings. If your suit is black (or mostly black), black shoes are pretty much your only option. Adding shoes of another colour to a black suit will make your look seem rather unbalanced.

A classic style that you can’t go wrong with, the Steve men’s lace-up shoe is handcrafted with elegance and simplicity. Simple, yet refined, they work best with neatly styled tailoring.

2) Tucano Vintage Navy

men's dress shoes

Brogues are a classic pairing for a tweed suit at a wedding. Depending on the tone of your outfit, you could wear brown, navy or other shades.

The Tucano men’s brogue features distinctive stitching and a contrasting England Rubber Gel sole. They are also highly comfortable thanks to a signature Anatomic Gel Technology®. Navy will give you that extra edge if you’re looking to stand out from the crowed.

3) Frutal Touch Havana

men's wedding shoes

Dress loafers or slip-on shoes are always a smart bet, they’re also your summer wedding secret weapon. The classic colours (black, brown, tan) will anchor any suit.

The Frutal men’s slip on shoe in Touch Havana features elastic inserts and padded ankle supports, providing the comfort and support you need to focus on enjoying the occasion.

4) Charles II Touch Bronze

men's wedding shoes

One of the great things about brogues is that you can easily dress them up or down. A brogue that is slim in a classic colour, such as black, brown or burgundy, will give you a downright dapper look.

The Charles men’s leather brogue is lightweight and flexible, thanks to their soft leather uppers and rubber gel soles. These men’s brogues don’t just look the part, but feel just as good too.

5) Cardoso Floater Pinhao

Mens Wedding Shoes

A great pair of boots is a dynamic choice for a more casual wedding. Men’s Chelsea boots are endlessly versatile, as they are easy to style and are timeless.

The traditional-style Anatomic & Co Cardoso Chelsea boots may look polished and ready-for-anything on the outside but, inside, they’re a homely treat.

Check out Anatomic’s Wedding Season Special Offer.

New Anatomic Smart collection by Anatomic & Co

Last week, we took a look at some of the new shoes from Anatomic & Co’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection, which will be available soon.

This week, we take a look at the new Anatomic Smart category. The collection features past best sellers, with some new innovative upgrades, as well as new styles. Here’s what you can expect from the new Anatomic Smart range…

Anatomic Smart

The brand new category of smart shoes was designed to look great with suits and or casual wear trousers. The collection gives you outstanding value for money with comfort leather uppers, sheepskin lining and easy grip rubber outsoles, all perfectly handcrafted together for the great British weather. The category includes the following styles:

UNA Touch Pinhao + UNA Touch Black

Anatomic & Co shoes

Charles II Touch Bronze + Charles II Touch Black

Anatomic & Co shoes

Steve Touch Bronze + Steve Touch Bronze

Anatomic & Co shoes

Formosa Touch Pinhao + Touch Black

Anatomic & Co shoes

Frutal Touch Black

Anatomic & Co shoes

Anatomic & Co is passionate when it comes to creating high quality shoes that offer a superior level of style, support and comfort. Soft leather uppers, cushioned footbeds, supple hinged insoles, high quality threads and flexible gel rubber soles all combine to provide you with an innovative shoe.


anatomic and co shoes

It’s time to get some practical footwear to face the frosty ground. Anatomic’s smart range of shoes are designed to suit almost any situation, whilst also providing you with ultimate comfort.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the new Anatomic Prime dress shoes, which features lace up shoes and brogues.

Autumn checklist: 3 shoes every man should own

men's dress shoes

Chillier weather means an update to your footwear wardrobe – one of the more exciting things to look forward to during this time.

And with the weather getting a bit more comfortable, so should you. Autumn style for men is all about finding comfort while also enjoying the season’s exciting tailoring, rich colours, and flattering fabrics. And when it comes to dressing up during this season, shoes are our favourite part.

Whether you prefer something sleek like a Chelsea boot, or  something that’s a little chunkier like a lace-up boot, here are 3 shoe styles to own when the leaves start to change.

1. Chelsea boots

The iconic fashion statement boot that has been a style-pleaser for many past seasons remains no less popular to this day. The Chelsea boot can be dressed for both formal and informal occasions, as it is both versatile and effortlessly stylish.

We’ve said it before: Chelsea boots look good with everything, and will take you anywhere, from a wedding to a night out in town.

Cardoso Smooth Black     Amazonas Tan     Cardoso Navy

 2. Brogues

The brogue is the all-year-round shoe. Why? Because formal occasions occur throughout all the seasons. With its elegant silhouette, closed lacing and broguing patterns, brogues always offer you a polished look.

These leather shoes are versatile and work for many occasions — which is exactly why brogues are a must-have for your autumn (and yearly) wardrobe collection.

Araras Black       Tucano Navy        Charles Smooth Bronze

3. Lace-up boots

Lace-up boots offer more coverage than other shoes, but are no less versatile. You can dress them up with smart trousers and they’ll fit in just fine at most formal events, or you can keep it casual by pairing them with jeans with the hems rolled up.

A pair with rubber soles will give you the freedom you need to get around without too much worry about damaging your boots.

Furtado Cognac        Pedras Rust        londrina Brown



All Anatomic Shoes are crafted with Anatomic Gel Technology®, which makes the soles of the shoes incredibly flexible, bouncy and comfortable. The soles and insoles also have a memory, so once you take your shoes off and leave them to rest, they go back to their original shape ready to look after your feet the next day.

Editors pick for the summer sale

If you’re looking to grab a stylish bargain this summer, Anatomic & Co’s 2018 Summer Sale is the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade your shoe wardrobe.

With the combined brilliance of British design and Brazilian craftmanship, Anatomic & Co’s handcrafted shoes are the ultimate in luxury footwear.

Here are some of our favourite styles that are on sale for both men and women…


Anatomic shoe sale


Vai Nubuck Silver
Anatomic summer shoe sale

We all need a great pair of trainers to fall back on, and the Vai Nubuck Silver smart-casual lightweight leather trainers will help you put your best foot forward every time. If you’re familiar with Anatomic’s signature Anatomic Gel Technology® – you’ll know what we mean when we say these trainers offer supreme comfort.


Cardoso Suede Brown
Anatomic summer shoe sale

Yes, Chelsea boots are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. The Cardoso Chelsea boot may look polished and ready-for-anything on the outside but, inside, they’re a homely treat too.


Leme Smooth Black
Anatomic summer shoe sale

A decent pair of plain black Oxfords is your go-to dress shoe for many formal occasions. The Leme lace-ups are lightweight and flexible. Soft natural leather uppers and a supple sheepskin lining make them a delight to slip on.


Furtado Vintage Cognac
Anatomic summer shoe sale

If you’re struggling to find a sophisticated boot to wear with your favourite pair of jeans, the Furtado desert boot should solve all of your worries. Made for the fashion forward man, this desert boot will become an essential part of your wardrobe.



summer shoe sale


Flavia Pewter

Anatomic summer shoe sale

Anatomic’s Flavia boots feature a glamorous twist with a little sparkle of Pewter finish over a soft grained leather boot. A block heel adds a hint of lift , while the boots’ soft sheepskin lining means you won’t have to compromise on comfort or style!


Manuela Terracotta
Anatomic summer shoe sale

Light enough to carry in your bag (even if you were to buy all 7 colours), these nicely cushioned, sheepskin lined Manuela slip on ballet pumps tick all the boxes when it comes to comfort and versatility. Take them with you on the commute, changing into them at work or save them for the weekend as a daytime casual slip on.


Amanda Grey/ Coffee

Anatomic summer shoe sale

The slip-on style has been a wardrobe MVP for a few years now, thanks to both comfort and versatility. While the Moema Amanda Chelsea boots look polished and ready-for-anything on the outside, they are even better on the inside.


Marcia Black

Anatomic summer shoe sale

A classic and timeless style, the Moema Marcia women’s loafer is handcrafted from the finest natural leathers and finished with Anatomic’s signature rubber gel sole for high grip and flexibility. An ideal weekend go-to, wear yours off-duty with denim.


Shop 2018 Summer Sale

Men’s shoe guide: Styling your loafers for summer 2018

A staple for the modern gentleman, the loafer has become suitable for both formal wear and casual occasions.

Being laceless, they’re practical, and with plenty of styles on offer – from traditional versions to luxuriously finished horsebit loafers – there’s something to suit every taste.

But how do you wear this stylish shoe for different occasions?

Here’s what you need to know when styling your loafers this summer.


Patent Loafer

mens loafers

If you need to look impressive for an occasion, the patent loafer is for you. The patent loafer works great for formal events, such as weddings where you can wear them with a suit. This summer, pair some black patent loafers with a slim fit black suit and a crisp shirt, and your summer wedding outfit will be sorted.

Our pick: Lorenzo Sheep Skin Black


Penny Loafer

The simplest and arguably the most sophisticated of the bunch is the penny loafer. They look smart, professional and can finish off an outfit with class.

Penny loafers can be worn to the office or to formal events, and work best with a suit. The classic style of the penny loafer compliments the lines of a well tailored suit. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn with your favourite pair of shorts too.

Our pick: Senador Touch Havana


Suede Loafer

mens loafers

Suede is a great fabric for loafers, so long as you keep them in mint condition. Like most other loafers, these work well with suits, however, suede loafers partner better with lighter suits so you’ll need to opt for lighter fabrics. The lightness of the fabric will partner well with the lightness of the suede material.

Heading for a summer holiday to Greece or Spain? Coloured suede loafers are ideal holiday evening shoes.

Our pick: Tavares Suede Navy


Snaffle Trim Loafer

A modern classic, the snaffle trim loafer features an added trim across the front creating a sense of fun and personality. This loafer is a great choice for your smart casual events this summer.

When wearing snaffle trim loafers, you should keep the rest of your outfit simple as the snaffle detail will make the shoes the main feature.

Our pick: Cajuru Caramel


Driving shoes

driving shoes

Just like loafers, driving shoes are an essential part of summer attire.

Driving shoes with rubber-grommet soles were originally invented for men who wanted extra grip while driving seriously gorgeous Italian roadsters.

Today, driving shoes can be paired with shorts and a polo shirt for a more casual look, or with a suit and tie for formal outings. Driving shoes can be brushed up and made to fit with your personal style.

Our pick: Palmares Nubuck Indigo

What to look out for when choosing quality dress shoes

While some stylish gentlemen know exactly what to look out for when choosing quality dress shoes, there are others who may be a little uncertain.

You see a beautiful looking pair of shoes – the perfect style, great fit and versatile.

Naturally, you buy them. Three months down the line pass and then the problems start to show…

So how do you go about finding quality dress shoes?

Anatomic & Co has put together a guide to help you decipher what makes a good quality dress shoe and what to look out for.


1) Quality craftsmanship


The quality of the craftsmanship of a shoe has a direct correlation to the quality of the shoe.

Do you know where your shoes come from? Where they are manufactured? Which hands or machines stitched what you have on your feet? Do they have experience in shoemaking?

Many companies produce “fast fashion shoes” that leads to ultra low prices and low quality shoes. Shoes are one item that command the highest quality, since they undergo the most wear and tear.

It pays to know experienced hands made them. Anatomic & Co’s shoes are designed in the UK and handcrafted in Brazil by professional cobblers who use the latest shoe-making technology and finest quality materials.


2) Type of leather used

Shoe: Charles Smooth Castanho 

When it comes to dress shoes, your preference should always be full-grain leather. Full-grain leather includes the natural imperfections that play into the beautiful aesthetic of a shoe.

Additionally, the shoe does not endure harsh treatments, and with proper care has the ability to age well and last for years.

Also, knowing where the leather comes from is important. Anatomic & Co sources exclusively from the best tanneries in Brazil, where full-grain leather is sumptuously soft and naturally treated.

To give the shoes a sophisticated, vintage appearance, the material is burnished. This also allows for maximum airflow and for perspiration to be absorbed, keeping feet fresh and ventilated.


3) High quality stitching

Shoe: Villas Touch Havana

This is where attention to detail comes into play. Sewing thread that has been specially developed to offer the highest standards of quality can be seen when looking at a dress shoe.

Anatomic & Co’s shoe thread features a waxed coating that resists discolouration and stops water penetration. Using the traditional McKay method, the shoes are made with one continuous stitch through all the layers, which achieves a smart, refined finish.

Take the Villas shoe, for example, which features beautiful, distinctive stitching (waxed thread for waterproofing).

4) Sole construction


Shoe: Senador Touch Havana

Soles that are stitched securely will resist water much better than those that are lazily glued on.

Anatomic & Co uses a signature Anatomic Gel Technology® in the soles of all shoes. The soles are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel, that is exclusive to Anatomic & Co.

This technique gives the soles added resistance and flexibility, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for added comfort.

And it’s not just about the outside. Soles and insoles of Anatomic Shoes have a memory, so once you take your shoes off and leave them to rest, they go back to their original shape ready to look after your feet the next day.


5) The shape of the shoe


Shoe: Sao Paulo Touch Bronze Brushed

An extreme shaped shoe can become old and dated very quickly and in the end defeats the purpose of being a good looking and quality shoe. For the modern gentleman, the toe of the shoe should not be too square, pointy or round.


6) Unique style


Shoe: Pillar Vintage Sky Light Blue

Stylish gentlemen look for a shoe with timeless characteristics, but that still stands out. This can be accomplished by following the tips mentioned above.

Another key area to consider is the colour of the shoe (one tone vs. two tones).

Look at the Pilar brogue, for example. The beautiful brogue features a distinctive two-toned leather finish and contrasting hand-stitched welt which screams sophistication and class in every way.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and for her

With Valentine’s Day lurking around the corner, expectations for romance are sky high.

While some people may resent Valentine’s Day and feel pressure to spend a lot of money to compete with the romantic displays of those around them, others see this as the perfect opportunity to impress that special someone in their life.

Anatomic & Co has put together gift ideas for him and for her that you’ll need counting down to V-day.



Charlotte Tilbury

valentines gift 1

Trust us when we say she’ll be impressed as soon as she sees the Charlotte Tilbury label.

This is everything your Valentine will need to achieve a Sophisticate look with the click of a button.

Each look comes with a complimentary Make-Up Bag printed with the fabulous lip prints of some of the most iconic women in fashion.

£165.00, Buy It Here


Canvas Weekender Bag

valentines gift 2

Sometimes a weekender bag is all the luggage you need. The Bosha Ladies Canvas Weekender Bag is perfect for overnight stays and spontaneous getaways.

The lucky recipient of this sleek bag will be impressed with your in-the-know eye when it comes to new trends.

£23.99, Buy It Here


Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum Spray

valentine's gift 3

Created for the woman who believes in true love, affection, warmth and togetherness – the perfume features notes of rose, lily, white violet, and exotic woods.

The timeless essence of falling in love is the perfect gift for the love of your life.

£55.99, Buy It Here


Flavia Vintage Tobacco

valentine's gift 5

Our feet carry us every single day. Therefore they deserve to be treated well!

The Flavia Vintage Tobacco women’s lace-up boots are uber-snug, lightweight and handcrafted by highly skilled shoemakers.

Just like a stylish gentleman can’t own enough shoes; neither can the special woman in your life.

£54.98, Buy It Here


Pandora Birthstone Bracelet

valentines gift 5

Let your lover wear their heart on their sleeve this Valentine’s Day with a romantic heart bracelet by Pandora.

The Birthstone Bracelet has been created with a subtle openwork heart charm in sterling silver featuring a fiery Ruby Red.

£99.00, Buy It Here



Daniel Wellington Classic Black Sheffield


Watches are perfect for the sophisticated man who’s always on time — or who could use a few reminders.

A classy watch like Daniel Wellington’s Classic Black Sheffield never goes out of style. With a black strap made from genuine Italian leather and a distinctive dial, the Classic Black Sheffield is a sophisticated timepiece that will add confidence and attitude to Valentine’s style.

£159.00, Buy It Here


Pringle Spot Socks


A well dressed man pays attention to the finest of details when putting his outfit together. If that special someone in your life is someone who plans his outfit from head to toe, a pair of Pringle Spot Socks will slide on well.

Lightweight, smooth and soft, the sock is made from Sea Island cotton, which is near-unbeatable for feel and sheen.

£15.99, Buy It Here


Braun Series 3 ProSkin


If your lover is a well-groomed guy, he’ll be after a shaver that will meet all of his needs.

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin rechargeable electric foil shaver provides faster shaving with great skin comfort, leaving your man with a clean shave and smooth skin.

£169.99, Buy It Here


Planalto Suede Truffle


The Planalto Suede Truffle smart-casual lightweight leather trainers are the ideal gift for not just someone who likes nice shoes, but someone who views shoes as an art form.

Like all shoes from Anatomic & Co, these trainers feature the signature Anatomic Gel Technology® – which absorbs shock and adds comfort.

£99.95, Buy It Here


Leather Duffle Bag


For the man who’s on the go, the a Waterproof Vintage Canvas Genuine Leather Duffle bag is ideal for weekend getaways.

The duffel bag is made of high-density water-resistant waxed canvas and superior leather.

£44.86, Buy It Here

What should you wear on Valentine’s Day?  


While the colour red is strongly associated with Valentine’s Day, we don’t suggest trying to force the colour into your outfit.

However, that doesn’t mean a small red accessory can’t be the perfect finishing touch to your Valentine’s Day outfit.

If you choose to go with a pair of red socks or a red tie, keep the rest of your outfit simple and try experimenting with separates, like a pair of navy wool trousers with a subtly patterned waistcoat and grey overcoat.

And most importantly, don’t forget to pay attention to your footwear. The first thing many people notice about a man is his shoes. Here are some great options to set you apart:

 Vai Nubuck Silver                          Villas Touch Havana                       Furtado Vintage Cognac

5 shoes to include in your 2018 wardrobe

With the start of a new year, new fashion trends will emerge with the change of each season.

Style, however, is a different matter to fashion. Despite the changing trends in fashion, certain men’s wardrobe essentials – an Oxford shirt or a pair of black lace ups – will always be required throughout the different seasons of the year.

Shoes are arguably the most important investment a man can make in his wardrobe, which will see him through all occasions of the year.

Anatomic & Co looks at 5 shoes to include in your 2018 wardrobe.


1. Charles Smooth Black


The first shoe you should add to your 2018 wardrobe is a black lace-up like the Charles Smooth Black brogue.

This shoe makes the perfect choice for formal occasions and will help you polish off loads of your looks – black tie, weddings, job interviews.

The Charles men’s leather brogue is also a lightweight and flexible shoe, thanks to soft leather uppers and rubber gel soles. So not only will they look the part, but feel just as good too.


2. Colorado Mustang Tobacco


Desert boots have now become something of a wardrobe essential. The shoe style is highly versatile, can complement a variety of outfits and are perfect for creating the smart/casual look.

The Colorado Mustang Tobacco men’s desert boot is ideal for the fashion-forward man. The shoe partners perfectly with a pair of well-tailored denim jeans or trousers and can be worn all year round.


3. Cardoso Suede Brown


The next shoe you want to include in your 2018 wardrobe is the Chelsea boot – a shoe that you can wear all year round.

All Chelsea boots handcrafted by Anatomic & Co feature the Anatomic Gel Technology® formula. This unique gel ensures maximum comfort, so it’s likely you’ll be slipping into your Chelsea boots any chance you get.

The Cardoso Suede Brown Chelsea boot is a great pick. This dependable menswear staple can be worn through all seasons and works well will jeans (another wardrobe essential).


4. Classico Smooth Marinho


A pair of sophisticated trainers is another wardrobe essential, especially for the times when you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between casual and classy.

The Classico Smooth Marinho leather trainers have the ability to boost your wardrobe with some classic charm, and will carry you from restaurant to bar with ease.


5. Tucano Mustang Tobacco


The Tucano Mustang Tobacco men’s leather brogue will add a little flair to your 2018 wardrobe.

Not only is the shoe beautifully handcrafted and adds diversity to your wardrobe, but also highly comfortable. The soft natural leathers and cushioned sheepskin lining make them a treat to wear.

With its distinctive stitching (waxed thread for waterproofing) and contrasting England Rubber Gel sole, you’re sure to turn heads.


While these are our 5 suggested shoes to include in your 2018 wardrobe, there is no set formula to build your perfect shoe collection. These 5 shoes however, will meet all your shoe needs for most occasions.

The Tucano brogue: Grades of shoe craftsmanship

A modern design, with its eye on tradition, the Tucano brogue is a versatile shoe that can be dressed up or down, and the same style takes on a different appearance with a different finish (leather and suede).

An exceptionally well crafted brogue, the Tucano was designed in England and handcrafted using the finest materials in Brazil. The shoe features a punched toe medallion as well as sheepskin linings and a 100% rubber outsole.

A shoe built solely around design excellence and craftsmanship, here’s a look into Anatomic & Co’s Tucano brogue.


The broguing and stitching


The Tucano is easily recognisable by the broguing pattern that runs along the edges of the shoe. The iconic pattern of holes and perforations that are punched into the brogue characterise the edge and bring the shoe to life.

The broguing is complimented by the shoe’s unique stitching, which features waxed thread for waterproofing.


The diversity of the shoe


The best brogues are no longer just worn in brown, but in a myriad of shades and materials that has given this most quintessential of footwear a pleasing new lease of life. There’s no finer example of this than the Tucano brogue.

Available in both leather and suede options, and an array of colours, the Tucano is an elegant solution that bridges the gap between formality and casual wear.

If you prefer a traditional staple, you can go for the leather Cognac Brown or Classic Black options. Or, if you’re looking for something more exuberant, you can opt for the Tucano Suede Navy with yellow laces or the leather Sky Blue option.


The comfort of the shoe


Your eyes may be the window into your soul, but these shoes are as good on the inside as they are on the outside. Featuring Anatomic Gel Technology, genuine sheep leather lining and cushioned insoles means this brogue will give you all-day comfort.

What’s more is that the shoe features a contrasting England Rubber Gel sole, which is constructed for durability and cushioned for comfort.

As a whole, the Tucano is a robust, stylish and classic brogue that offers serious comfort. With so many colours to choose from, the shoe can be worn with both formal attire and casual outfits. This easy-to-wear brogue is a must for every stylish gentleman’s wardrobe.

The Tucano range now feature two new colour options: Mustang Black and Mustang Tobacco.