Father’s Day Gifts: 5 Shoes for every dad

Fathers day gifts

With Father’s Day around the corner, you may be puzzling on what to get your dad this time round.

Maybe it’s time to give the socks a miss – unless you’re adding them with a quality pair of shoes.

Show him you appreciate all the years of love and support, advice and guidance, and taxiing to mates’ houses with a pair of shoes from Anatomic & Co’s epic range of Father’s Day specials.

The Work Hard Dad – Delta floater Pinhao

For the stylish gentleman who admires a clean cut smart-casual lace up shoe, look no further than the Delta men’s waxy leather shoe. Superb soft sheepskin lining and cushioned ankle padding combine for all-day pleasure. These can be styled with blue denim jeans and a button-down casual shirt.

The Outgoing Dad – Sao Paulo II Touch anil brushed

Packed with detail, the stylish Sao Paulo men’s leather lace-ups feature brushed leather. This lightweight shoe offers flexibility as you walk and signature Anatomic Gel™ technology guarantees unbeatable comfort underfoot.

The Laid-Back Dad – Eric floater black

Easy to slide on, these Anatomic men’s Eric slip on shoes are a must for summer days. Thanks to their soft sheepskin lining and signature Anatomic gel sole, they provide extra comfort.

The Stylish Dad – Villas touch havana

lacing mens dress shoes

Whatever the occasion, the Villas men’s leather lace-up can polish off any look. These lace-ups are lightweight and flexible, thanks to their soft leather uppers and rubber gel soles. They can be partnered with formal trousers, dark denim, chinos, blazers and shirts – the list goes on.

The Casual Cool Dad – Cardoso Touch Black

These traditional-style Anatomic & Co Cardoso Chelsea boots, don’t only look polished on the outside, but inside, they’re a homely treat. Featuring elastic inserts and Anatomic Gel technology, these are the perfect all weekend go-to.

Don’t miss out on your favourite styles:

men's dress shoes


Caring for Your Dress Shoes

caring for your dress shoes

Shoes have the ability to make or break an outfit and how others perceive you – so keeping them in pristine condition is a must.

We’ve all been there. You purchase a new pair of shoes, and at first, you clean off every little smudge – until your busy schedule gets in the way and you forget to care for the shoes that get you from A to B.

In this guide, Anatomic & Co discuss a number of easy ways to care for your leather and suede dress shoes.

Caring for and cleaning your dress shoes

caring for your dress shoes

Shoe Polish – a good shoe polish will prolong the lifespan of your leather shoes, ensuring that they always look new.

Waterproofing – when it rains, salt can penetrate your leather or suede shoes and cause permanent stains. This may also lead to cracking if exposed to excessive moisture. So if you live in a rainy climate, we highly recommend that you waterproof your dress shoes. Once a month should do the trick, but if you notice that water stops running off the surface, then it’s time for a new coat.

Brushing – gently brushing your shoes will remove debris and dirt off of the surface.

Shoe Trees – placing a shoe tree inside your dress shoe will help preserve their shape and lengthen the lifespan.

Shoe Horn – dress shoes are usually stiff, which is where a shoe horn will come in handy. This will help prevent the back of your shoes getting bent when you put them on.

Leather dress shoes

cleaning and caring for your dress shoes

If cared for correctly, leather shoes can last a lifetime. Leather shoes are most likely your trusted going out, work and special occasion shoes, which means that are subject to so much wear and tear. That’s why you need to show them some love. Here’s a quick step by step guide to caring for your leather dress shoes:

  1. Gently brush your leather shoes with a horsehair brush to remove any dust or debris
  2. Wipe the shoes with a warm sponge to make the leather more porous
  3. Apply a waterproofing compound
  4. Lastly, apply shoe polish in a circular motion until you get a shine

Additionally, condition your shoes once a month to moisten the leather and prevent cracking.

Suede shoes

cleaning and caring for your dress shoes

Despite what you may think, keeping your suede shoes clean and crisp doesn’t require all that much effort. With a bit of regular upkeep, you can keep them looking box-fresh. Here’s how to take care of your suede shoes:

  1. Use a suede protector to protect your shoes from stains (suede stains easily, so clean any spills on them immediately)
  2. Use a suede brush to gently clean off any dirt and stains
  3. Spray the shoes monthly with a waterproofing solution (suede shoes do not like water)

For stains that have already set in, try using a solution of two parts water and one part vinegar to try and reverse the damage.


cleaning and caring for your dress shoes 2

On that note

Even the most expensive shoes in the world won’t do anything for you in the long run if they are neglected. Always pay more attention to your dress shoes, because everyone else is.

New dress shoe collection by Anatomic & Co

We’ve already taken a look at some of the new shoes from Anatomic & Co’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection, which will be available soon. This week, we take a look at the new Anatomic Prime collection, which features a few new innovative dress shoes. Here’s what you can expect…

Anatomic Prime

High-fliers demand a certain code of dress and any great suit is made even greater through a slick looking, highly crafted pair of leather shoes. Key to this collection, is the premium leather uppers and signature leather soles with rubber cushioning. The lace up shoes and brogues are just what the doctor, lawyer, banker and entrepreneur ordered.

Dress shoes do it best

When it comes to dressing up, getting the perfect look starts from the feet up. A quality pair of dress shoes will not only have you looking stylish, but also feeling comfortable. In every gentleman’s wardrobe, it is important to have a few pairs of reliable dress shoes that will come in use for formal occasions such as weddings, office functions, fancy dinners, job interviews etc.

Whatever the formal occasion, nothing will give you a more successful and sophisticated look than a great pair of dress shoes.


Anatomic & Co new collectionA brand new design by Anatomic & Co, the Giorgio brogue will help you polish off loads of your looks. You can expect a lightweight and flexible shoe, that will feature the signature Anatomic Gel sole. The sleek brogue will be available in two colours: Napa Calf Black and Sheep Skin Chocolate. Our favourite thing about this shoe, is its ability to be worn with both formal and casual attire. We’re excited for the Sheep Skin Chocolate option and dark denim jeans combo.


Anatomic & Co dress shoes

The classic Fernando Black dress shoe is now available in two new colours: Napa Calf Chocolate and Napa Calf Tan. Those of you who are familiar with the Fernando brogue, will know that the shoe is incredibly lightweight and flexible, thanks to their soft leather uppers and genuine leather soles.

Andre and Marco

lace up dress boots

Anatomic & Co have also introduced a new lace up boot in two fit sizes. The Andre is medium fit and the Marco (the same shoe) is a wider fit alternative. These smart boots are more than a business shoe, and are not chunky nor high on the ankle like a traditional boot. This style makes smart business and wet weather sense.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new collection.

New Anatomic Smart collection by Anatomic & Co

Last week, we took a look at some of the new shoes from Anatomic & Co’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection, which will be available soon.

This week, we take a look at the new Anatomic Smart category. The collection features past best sellers, with some new innovative upgrades, as well as new styles. Here’s what you can expect from the new Anatomic Smart range…

Anatomic Smart

The brand new category of smart shoes was designed to look great with suits and or casual wear trousers. The collection gives you outstanding value for money with comfort leather uppers, sheepskin lining and easy grip rubber outsoles, all perfectly handcrafted together for the great British weather. The category includes the following styles:

UNA Touch Pinhao + UNA Touch Black

Anatomic & Co shoes

Charles II Touch Bronze + Charles II Touch Black

Anatomic & Co shoes

Steve Touch Bronze + Steve Touch Bronze

Anatomic & Co shoes

Formosa Touch Pinhao + Touch Black

Anatomic & Co shoes

Frutal Touch Black

Anatomic & Co shoes

Anatomic & Co is passionate when it comes to creating high quality shoes that offer a superior level of style, support and comfort. Soft leather uppers, cushioned footbeds, supple hinged insoles, high quality threads and flexible gel rubber soles all combine to provide you with an innovative shoe.


anatomic and co shoes

It’s time to get some practical footwear to face the frosty ground. Anatomic’s smart range of shoes are designed to suit almost any situation, whilst also providing you with ultimate comfort.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the new Anatomic Prime dress shoes, which features lace up shoes and brogues.

Autumn Winter 2018: Keeping your feet on trend

mens dress shoes

Anatomic & Co recently revealed their Autumn Winter 2018 collection (the best one yet in our opinion). The collection features past best sellers with some new innovative designs, as well as new material and colour updates. Here’s what you can expect…

New Colours

The collection focuses on true Brazilian style – embracing colour! So while the weather may be getting dull, Anatomic’s Autumn Winter collection is not all black and brown. With a multitude of different colours as well as some mouth-watering shades of brown like only Anatomic & Co can produce, there’s bound to be something to catch your eye.

New Outsole

Anatomic has created a brand new outsole – Savoy, which combines a supremely comfortable experience for both leisure and high performance walkers. It’s also destined to become a much sought after style in the footwear world – take a look at the styles Jonas and Heitor.

Shoe Innovation

Innovation is a key focus for Anatomic & Co and this season was no different. The new Francisco walking boot (above) has been created on Anatomic’s award winning 360 Air outsole which provides the wearer with supreme comfort through its air cylinder technology. So whether you’re on an outdoor hike or just walking to the pub, you will be in good company. The boot is also part of the wide-fitting collection, which is growing in popularity each season.

We’re really excited about this season’s new collection and we’re sure you will be too! Stay tuned for more updates on the new collection.

A guide to dress-down Fridays

men's dress shoes

Who doesn’t love a Friday? One last stretch in the office before the weekend. Everyone just seems to be in a better mood, and yes, by nature it’s a more laid-back day (well for some people at least).

Many working environments have incorporated dress-down Fridays, allowing you a casual break from more formal business attire that is expected on other working days.

While this can be an enjoyable alternative to the suit and tie, dressing casually for the office may seem like you need another wardrobe selection just for this day. If you’re puzzling on what to wear for dress-down Fridays, here’s a quick and easy guide to help you nail any dress-down day in the office.

Casual professionalism

When choosing your casual attire, avoid deep v-necks, transparent fabrics, ripped jeans and too many accessories – you want to maintain a professional standard, even when you’re not suited up. Make sure that the fit of your casual attire is conservative enough to get you through the day with dignity.

Work in your personal style

guide to mens socks

Coloured loafers, a unique shirt or statement socks are welcomed for dress-down Fridays. We’re not saying you should overdo it, but having at least one interesting feature can bring out individuality. People do recognise and appreciate small efforts like this, and you’ll draw the right kind of attention to yourself without going overboard.

Business casual footwear (As always, our favourite part)

casual work shoes

Like any other occasion, shoes will help direct your outfit from going too sloppy or too formal. If you’re wearing trousers or jeans, certain shoes will stand out better. Our ideal shoes for casual workwear attire include:

Brogues – suede is a great option for casual wear and the decorative perforations will help dress up more casual chinos and trousers
Chukka and Chelsea boots – both boot styles are a solid choice if you’re pairing your shoes with denim
Loafers – don’t shy away from coloured options
Trainers – avoid dirty or over the top styles, but rather opt for a clean pair of leather or suede trainers

      Tucano Vintage Navy                   Amazonas Tan                     Palmares Nubuck Indigo

On that note:

  • Keep your outfit well-presented and properly fitted
  • Inject some personality into your attire with patterns and colours
  • If you’re still wanting to wear a suit – linen, cotton or polyester are a less formal option
  • With blazers, replace the shirt and tie with a higher grade T-shirt
  • If your wearing denim, stick to dark or solid neutral washes and avoid ripped or loose fit styles
  • Let your shoes direct your outfit from going too sloppy

10 style mistakes most men make

men's dress shoes

Many men take great thought into what they wear — but why you ask? A good sense of style builds confidence, attracts positive attention and says a lot about who you are as a person — so getting it right is significant.

A lot of men out there fall down the trap of wearing and partnering clothes that really don’t create a good first impression. And most of the time they don’t even know that they’re getting it wrong. So let’s jump straight into it — here are 10 style mistakes most men make.

1) White socks

There’s a time and place for white socks — wearing them with a suit is not one of those times. White socks look cheap and get dingy easily, so unless you’re breaking a sweat, don’t bring out the white socks.

If you’re unsure on how to style your socks — here’s a quick guide to sock styling.

2) Pointy shoes

Despite what you may think, pointy toes do not look stylish, but rather give off an unsophisticated look. We suggest leaving pointy toes for the elves…

3) Long Trousers

Not only do baggy trousers make you look shorter, but they make you look sloppy too. We suggest opting for a trouser length that barely skims the top of your shoes. Cropped trousers are a current trend and are also welcomed — especially if you want to show off your socks (not white ones).

4) Long jacket sleeves

The sleeves  of your jacket should be just above your wrist bone and should allow 1/2 inch of shirt cuff to be seen. Seldom will you find a jacket that fits perfectly straight off the rack, so be sure to pay a visit to a tailor.

5) Baggy dress shirts

This is a common mistake! Dress shirts that are too baggy are not a good look and can actually make you look fatter than you are. There are tons of dress shirts available to satisfy the needs of any man’s body type, so there’s no excuse.

6) Visible undershirt

Your undershirt should never be visible, so if you’re going to wear one and enjoy leaving a few buttons undone, then try opting for a v-neck undershirt so that it’s hidden.

7) Tie length

A lot of men wear their ties too long or too short. The tip of your tie should always rest between the top and bottom of your belt buckle area.

8) Trying to match everything

If done correctly, matching your attire works wonders. However, sometimes wearing the exact same fabric or trying too hard to match colours can make your outfit look overdone.

9) Too many accessories

While we’re fans of accessories, you should never go too overboard. Count your accessories — patterned shirt, tie, pocket square, cufflinks, bracelets, rings, colour socks, etc. — and limit yourself to 3 or 4. The less you wear, the more bolder your accessories will stand out.

10) Not dressing for your shape

Dress for the size you are, not the size you want to be. Tighter clothing can accentuate a few rolls — this applies to T-shirts, blazers and trousers. Rather, opt for slim-fit attire that sits on your body comfortably without pulling in any unwanted areas.

Men’s socks: the ultimate guide to styling your socks

Men’s socks are an exciting piece of clothing. While some may pay little attention to styling their socks with the rest of their outfit, stylish gentlemen will know that they are a small detail that can either pull an outfit together or serve as an unwelcome distraction.

Anatomic & Co has put together a complete guide on what socks you should be wearing with your outfits.

Plain Dress Socks

mens sock guide

Standard black, grey and navy socks make the best dress socks as they complete a sophisticated look when worn with a smart suit or tuxedo. When wearing a smart suit, always match the colour of your socks with the exact colour of your trousers. Plain white socks with a black or navy suit? No, no, no!

Textured Socks

quality dress shoes

Textured socks give your outfit more of an edge, but can add weight to your overall look. These socks work great with brogues and desert boots – just co-ordinate sock colours with the colour of your shoes. These socks can also be a shade darker, lighter or completely different to your trousers.

Statement/ Bright Socks

guide to mens socks

Bright and colourful statement socks have become popular in recent times, with more stylish gentlemen adding some extra attention to their outfits. Bright socks work well with plain suits and 1 colour dress shoes. When choosing your colour socks, it’s important to complement them with the rest of your outfit to avoid a clash and looking like a clown.

Patterned Socks

Surprisingly, patterned socks are rather versatile and easy to style. Apart from wearing them with a plain T-shirt, slim jeans and trainers, they can also be worn with a suit for a more dashing look.

Pattern socks that aren’t too bright or colourful work well with suits. Team a pair of polka dot or striped socks with your favourite brogues, lace-ups or even loafers – once again make sure that the socks co-ordinate with the shoes and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Men’s boot styles for autumn/ winter 2018

If you’re looking to bolster your autumn wardrobe with a new pair of boots, but stuck between a few styles – Anatomic & Co has you covered.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to choosing the perfect autumn/winter boot styles.


Chelsea Boots

Coloured, suede, leather or with a patent finish? Whatever your preference, the Chelsea boot is the ultimate boot for the style-minded man.

This boot style can easily be incorporated into both casual and formal looks. While Chelsea boots and jeans are a desirable duo, they  are becoming an increasingly popular footwear option with formal attire. Partnering a pair of black Chelsea boots with a neatly tailored suit, for example, is an exciting way to add a twist on a classic look.


Lace Up Boots

Men’s lace up boots come in an array of styles and designs. The main aspect of lace up boots is practicality. While these are worn for fashion, they still maintain a functional design with sturdy materials, thick soles and strong support around the ankles and feet.

Lace up boots work great with autumn/ winter attire. Their chunky shape contrasts well with slimline jeans and a leather jacket. For a more formal option, you can partner a longline coat with less structured fit jeans. 


Ankle Boots

Another highly versatile boot style is the Ankle boot, which reaches just above the ankle. The shoe can be partnered with a variety of outfits, including casual and smart casual attire. These boots can be worn with either jeans or trousers and a button-up shirt or sweater. You might want to avoid suede styles during wetter periods. And don’t forget to match the colour of your shoes to the colour of your accessories, such as belts.


With long summer days coming to an end, it’s time to look for a pair of boots that will keep your feet warm and stylish over the autumn/winter months. With a wide variety of boots for you to choose from, it’s time to pick a style that suits you. Don’t ask us, we’d bag a pair of each.


How do you tell quality shoes from cheap shoes?

If our shoes look good and feel good on our feet, we feel good too. While some men have a devotion to understanding the quality and appearance of expertly handmade shoes as opposed to cheaper ones, others may not know what to look out for.

Anatomic & Co has put together a guide explaining what to look out for when purchasing a quality pair of dress shoes…

Leather quality

Only with experience will one identify the excellent leather quality from acceptable leather quality.

Don’t buy high-gloss leather that looks and feels like plastic. This material cracks easily due to it’s lack of quality and the fact that it is particularly rigid. Leathers that have a chemical smell are also a no-go. The only things a leather shoe should smell like is its own aromas or polish used in crafting the shoe.

Always ask if you are not sure about the leather.

Anatomic & Co sources exclusively from the best tanneries in Brazil. The full grain leather used is sumptuously soft and naturally treated, giving the leather shoes a natural look and feel.


The shape of the shoe

A fine shoe needs proper stitching and curves in all the right places. Your dress shoes should never be too square, too pointy or too round – anything too extreme is really not attractive. Avoid anything that is over symmetrical and choose a shoe that has elegant curves that compliment each other (resembling the silhouette of your foot).


The heels and soles

We highly recommend avoiding dress shoes with heels that are higher than 3cm. This does not correlate well with the look of dress shoes.

A good comfortable shoe can save you a lot of painful hours spent in the wrong pair. Along with the design of the shoe, the padding and the fit – you need a shoe with a top-class sole and insole.

Soles – Anatomic & Co’s soles feature Anatomic Gel Technology®,  giving the soles added resistance and flexibility, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for added comfort.

Insoles – Providing added flexibility, Anatomic shoes also feature supple hinged insoles that conform and flex to the natural movements of your feet. The insoles also provide an additional layer of cushioning for a more comfortable walking experience.



Finally, you need to consider shoes that will complement your outfits. Again, avoid shoes that are too pointy or bulky. Pair your dress shoes with well fitted attire (not too baggy) that fit the silhouette of your body and feet and keep them correlating with each other.