4 shoe styles to include in your summer wardrobe

With the warm seasons well underway, the stylish gentleman will be eager to learn more about how to dress for summer 2018. This is the season where you’ll be needing shoes that look and feel cool.

Picking your summer shoes isn’t a hard task, as long as you know which styles you are after.

Anatomic & Co has provided a style guide focusing on the best summer shoes to wear this year, as well as how to style them with the rest of your summer wardrobe.


Leather Trainers


If you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between casual and classy, leather trainers could be just what you need.

Trainers are airy with plenty of room to breathe in and are ideal for many summer occasions.

You can wear your leather trainers with both short trousers or jeans, and don’t be afraid to partner them with smarter attire – mixing smart with casual is the latest trend.


Boat shoes


If there’s any shoe that says “summer,” its the boat shoe. This shoe style features a rubber sole giving you a preppy look and can be worn without socks.

Choices of colours are abound, and you can enjoy deciding whether to go for a brighter option or a more sophisticated shade.

Anatomic & Co’s range of boat shoes have removable insoles and extra padding making them a pleasure to slide on for an all day affair.


Slip on shoes & Loafers

You simply can’t go wrong with this versatile footwear. Whether you’re having friends around for a barbecue or attending an important client meeting at work, these shoes can be styled to suit all occasions.

While loafers feature a practical moccasin slip-on design, they have a small heel, which makes them slightly elevated. They are also available in a wide range of textiles, such as leather and suede.

Loafers can be worn with chinos and a slim blazer for smarter outings, but make sure that the break of your trousers are above your loafers so that the whole shoe is visible.

If you’re looking to show off your calves this summer, loafers work great with shorts too.



summer shoe styles

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that good style and taste should be forgotten. While the brogue is a more formal shoe on this list, they make perfect summer dress shoes.

With the ability to work with many outfits, investing in a pair of brogues this summer is a given.

While black and brown brogues are often a safer option, other colours such as a navy are prime choice for summer. A fine option is the Tucano Vintage Navy brogue that features distinctive stitching and a contrasting England Rubber Gel sole.


You can never go wrong by including a pair of each of these shoes in your summer wardrobe. Now that you know what shoe styles to look for, go fourth and find the styles that suit you best.



What makes men’s shoes attractive?

Along with a well tailored suit and a classic watch, there are a few pieces in a man’s wardrobe that bring a touch of luxury to the everyday. There’s a certain majesty to a beautifully crafted pair of men’s shoes, something genuine and substantial; the curves, the patterns, the crisp sole and the shine.

Here are 3 key components that make a shoe attractive.

1. The shape of the shoe

First off, the shape of the shoe is what makes it beautiful. No matter how right you get everything else, if the shape of the shoe is not right, the shoe is unattractive.

Gentleman with a good eye for style are often attracted to bespoke samples as they are made to have shape, quite rightly so, being as the foot has shape. A shoe that is not simply a block and curves in all the right places, not just in the instep and the arch is highly attractive. The more that you show these natural curves, the more elegant the shoe will look.

Our pick: Tucano Mustang Black

2. The design of the shoe

The design of the shoe includes the pattern. The way a seam line detail lies on the canvas of a shoe makes a big difference. The slights of details in design will influence the overall presentation of the final product. The creation of the wing cap i.e. how wide or narrow the W shape of the cap is, how the point comes together and how the lines fall down on the side of the shoe all contribute to the overall beauty of a shoe.

When it comes to the pattern, we often do not know why we find the shoe so attractive, but we do for the most part because of how that pattern sits on the shape of the shoe. This is often what separates a beautifully crafted shoe from the amateurs.

Our pick: Charles Smooth Bronze

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.23.58 PM

3. The materials of the shoe

Realistically, perfect leather that is blemish free and that doesn’t crease is non-existent. Slight marks and variations in the surface colour and texture of the leather are an inherent natural quality. This makes each individual shoe a unique work of art, and something discerning owners cherish when buying leather.

Fine quality leather is great, but the best thing about leather is that it can be manipulated, where as the shape and pattern cannot be changed once the shoe is made.

Another key component to attractive men’s shoes is the upkeep of them. Protect and care products help ensure your shoes remain in tip-top condition whether you choose to wear them all day, every day or just on special occasions. There are not too many things in this world that are more beautiful than a well polished pair of shoes.

Our pick: Pilar Smooth Burgundy/Black

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.23.31 PM

At Anatomic and Co, we craft all our mens shoes with care and every little detail is considered. Our shoes are designed in England and handcrafted in Brazil using the finest materials and latest shoe making technologies.


Leather. It can actually mean so many different things. And not only are there different types of leather but there are also different grades of leather. The real beauty of leather is that it allows air and moisture to flow freely, making it absolutely ideal for footwear.

Shoe leather begins as animal hide, which is then tanned to make it stronger as well as softer and more pliable. The whole process can often take six weeks and include around 120 steps.

Different finishes suit different types of shoes: we asked our shoemakers in Brazil to explain the differences between some of the most popular types of leather used at Anatomic. As you’d expect, only the best will do!


Full grain leather

[row][column column=”two-third”] Full grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide, with a surface that burnishes and gets better with age. The term ‘full-grain leather refers to hides that have not been processed by being sanded or buffed to remove any natural marking or possible corrections – unlike corrected leather. Because the grain is still there, the leather is more durable and breathable. This type of leather also moulds more easily to the shape of your foot. Ideal for smart/casual shoes. [/column][column column=”one-third”] full-grain-leather-boots [/column][/row]


Smooth calfskin

[row][column column=”one-third”] Smooth-leather-mens-shoes [/column][column column=”two-third”] The leather of young cows, calfskin is a high quality material that’s very soft, smooth and durable. It holds its colour well and buffs up beautifully. Ideal for formal or dress shoes and should last for years if cared for properly. [/column][/row]


Vintage leather

[row][column column=”two-third”] A smart casual leather that’s a lot firmer with less give, so it’s essential to get your sizing right and we usually recommend ordering a size up. (In fact, as we offer free returns, why not order your size too to ensure you get the perfect fit?) Care for vintage leather shoes in exactly the same way as waxed leather ones. [/column][column column=”one-third”] Vintage-mens-leather-shoes [/column][/row]

[row][column column=”one-half”] Carlos Vintage Castor [/column][column column=”one-half”] Garibaldi Grey [/column][/row]


Nubuck leather

[row][column column=”one-third”]Nubuck-mens-leather-shoes [/column][column column=”two-third”] Similar to suede but more casual and durable, with natural leather markings. Nubuck is made by sanding and buffing the topside of a hide to raise a nap (the short fibres on the surface) and create a fabulous velvety texture. [/column][/row]


[row][column column=”one-half”] Casablanca Mustang Cognac/Jean [/column][column column=”one-half”] Gurupi Mustang Cognac [/column][/row]


Waxy leather

[row][column column=”two-third”] While corrected leather is coated and calf leather is polished, waxy leather is finished with a wax spray for a distinctive matt and rugged finish that’s good at resisting water. This type of leather appears darker when in contact with water but will revert to normal if you leave your shoes in a cool place to dry out. A good casual/daytime choice. [/column][column column=”one-third”]Waxy-mens-leather-shoes [/column][/row]


[row][column column=”one-half”] Delta Cognac Brown [/column][column column=”one-half”] Cardoso Cognac Brown [/column][/row]


As you might expect with us at Anatomic, we always use the finest Brazilian leathers to make our shoes, both inside and out, to ensure maximum comfort and the best fitting. Click here for more information on what makes our shoes so comfortable >