Top men’s summer shoe picks 2019

men's summer shoe guide

When it comes to nailing down menswear, it’s all about equipping your seasonal wardrobe with functional items.

Rotating your wardrobe according to climate changes is especially important with shoes, as this helps avoid injury of certain styles.

Here are some stylish summer footwear staples to enjoy, while soaking up the sun.

1) Tucano men’s leather brogue

mens spring 2019 shoes

What really sets the Tucano men’s leather brogue apart from other styles is its distinctive stitching and contrasting England Rubber Gel sole. They’re a perfect match for slim & cropped linen trousers or jeans, and they come in just about any colour you can imagine.

2) Eric Slip On Shoe

Versatile and resilient, the Eric is an ideal summer go-to. Thanks to their soft sheepskin lining and signature Anatomic gel sole, they’re great for walking. Wear them with slim-tailored jeans or shorts and go sockless, of course.

3) Gurupi Lace-Up

Ideal for a man on the go, the Gurupi lace-up is for those long summer days pounding the pavement and getting around the city. Cushioned PU rubber soles, padded ankle supports and breathable leather uppers offer unbeatable comfort. This lightweight and durable style can be partnered with chinos or your favourite pair of jeans.

4) Akamas Slip-On

men's summer shoes

A go-to on super hot days, these leather sandals are characterised by their anatomic design. Slip on style, and open toe, wear them with leisurely tailoring.

5) Viana II Boat Shoe

Boat shoes are definitely a summer must-have. The Viana II is handcrafted with soft vintage leather uppers and a rubber sole. A summer style pleaser, these men’s deck shoes can be worn with or without socks.

Anatomic Gel Technology

Using our Anatomic Gel Technology®, the soles of Anatomic & Co’s shoes are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel. This technique gives the soles added resistance and flexibility, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for added comfort.

Father’s Day Gifts: 5 Shoes for every dad

Fathers day gifts

With Father’s Day around the corner, you may be puzzling on what to get your dad this time round.

Maybe it’s time to give the socks a miss – unless you’re adding them with a quality pair of shoes.

Show him you appreciate all the years of love and support, advice and guidance, and taxiing to mates’ houses with a pair of shoes from Anatomic & Co’s epic range of Father’s Day specials.

The Work Hard Dad – Delta floater Pinhao

For the stylish gentleman who admires a clean cut smart-casual lace up shoe, look no further than the Delta men’s waxy leather shoe. Superb soft sheepskin lining and cushioned ankle padding combine for all-day pleasure. These can be styled with blue denim jeans and a button-down casual shirt.

The Outgoing Dad – Sao Paulo II Touch anil brushed

Packed with detail, the stylish Sao Paulo men’s leather lace-ups feature brushed leather. This lightweight shoe offers flexibility as you walk and signature Anatomic Gel™ technology guarantees unbeatable comfort underfoot.

The Laid-Back Dad – Eric floater black

Easy to slide on, these Anatomic men’s Eric slip on shoes are a must for summer days. Thanks to their soft sheepskin lining and signature Anatomic gel sole, they provide extra comfort.

The Stylish Dad – Villas touch havana

lacing mens dress shoes

Whatever the occasion, the Villas men’s leather lace-up can polish off any look. These lace-ups are lightweight and flexible, thanks to their soft leather uppers and rubber gel soles. They can be partnered with formal trousers, dark denim, chinos, blazers and shirts – the list goes on.

The Casual Cool Dad – Cardoso Touch Black

These traditional-style Anatomic & Co Cardoso Chelsea boots, don’t only look polished on the outside, but inside, they’re a homely treat. Featuring elastic inserts and Anatomic Gel technology, these are the perfect all weekend go-to.

Don’t miss out on your favourite styles:

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5 business casual shoes for men

men's dress shoes

Business casual is one of the most common dress codes, but this vaguely defined dress style can also cause confusion.

Business casual wear is an ambiguous style. Its identity will vary based on the season and working environment, thus making it complicated for men to know exactly how to dress smart casual appropriately.

If you really want to nail this look, you need to start with your footwear – the anchor of every outfit.

Here are 5 business casual shoes for men who want to champion the style.

Suede Lace ups or boots

While leather dress shoes are smart and sophisticated, suede options have the ability to tone down the formality of an outfit. We’d suggest a suede pair in brown, which will maintain a level of dressiness that align with any business casual dress code.


mens spring 2019 shoes

Every well-dress gentleman should own at least one quality pair of brogues. Though considered a “dress shoe”, the perforations on the shoe give them a more casual look. You can dress down your brogues with jeans to create some stylish flair, but remember to keep things simple and sleek. Pair skinny or slim jeans in a dark blue or black with something polished on top, such as a shirt, t-shirt and blazer, or sweater.


mens dress shoes

The laid back loafer offers relaxed sophistication, in both style and functionality. In a business casual setting, you can dress up your loafers with a button up shirt or polo and a pair of fitted jeans.

Chelsea Boots

men's chelsea boots - dress shoes

Of course, if you can have loafers with business casual, you can also have what we love to call the loafers of the boot world – Chelsea boots. Not only are they stylish, but incredibly comfortable. Their round toe with elastic sides achieve a cleaner aesthetic look than other boots.

Leather Trainers

men's spring summer shoe collection 6 - men's dress shoes

Trainers have worked their way into the smart-casual category. A pair of high-end trainers can dress your formal outfits down, but just make sure they are box-fresh. Try sticking to a single-colour shoe as these work better with more formal pieces.


On that note:

Remember, when it comes to smart casual business wear, your outfit should be well-fitting but slightly less formal than a business casual or business professional style. Start from the bottom up with your shoes to build your look.

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