Men’s style guide: What to wear to a job interview

While many job interviews don’t require a full-on suit and tie, you do need to look like you put some effort into your outfit presentation.

Making the extra effort goes a long way – everyone knows first impressions are key, and this is even more so the case in an interview.

Here’s an easy guide on what to wear to a casual or formal interview for men.

Casual Interviews

what men should wear to a job interview

If you’re off to an interview with a company that has a relaxed environment, it’s acceptable to go with a more casual look. But, remember that when it comes to dressing casual, presentation is key. Make sure your clothing is not creased and stain-free.

Top tips for casual interviews:

Jeans: If you want to wear jeans, opt for a clean cut pair and not ripped styles. Choose a dressier top to balance out the look.

Shoes: Choose your footwear carefully – a pair of brogues is always a reliable option. If you want to wear trainers, avoid athletic trainers and rather go with smart-casual trainers, which will give you a more sophisticated look.

Layers: Although a t-shirt on its own is too casual, you can make it work by layering it under a stylish jacket or a relaxed blazer.

Your go-to look

what men should wear to a job interview

  • Button-down shirt
  • Tailored trousers
  • Brogues

Formal Interviews

what men should wear to a job interview

An interview for a position that requires a more formal look, will call for a suit and tie (although depending on how smart the interview is, you could lose the blazer or the tie). We would only suggest going all out in a suit and tie if you are interviewing for a corporate position, where business attire is a requirement.

If you’re unsure, it’s perfectly acceptable to inquire about the office dress code, which should give you a good sense of what to wear.

Top tips for formal interviews:

Keep it clean: If wearing a suit, opt for solid colours, a long sleeve shirt, conservative tie, dark socks, and professional shoes like Oxfords, brogues or smart-lace up shoes.

Make it personal: Don’t shy away from incorporating some personal style. This is a great way to complement your personality during the interview experience. Some jobs have a unique company culture – so by adding a small accessory, like a scarf or socks with personality, you’ll stand out and they won’t go unnoticed.

Your go-to look

what men should wear to a job interview




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