What To Wear To A Summer Wedding In 2019

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Summer weddings are a great opportunity for stylish gentlemen to dress and impress. However, looking both fashionable and staying cool can be a tricky task. While a black suit and tie are always a go-to option, it may leave you feeling uncomfortably hot.

So what should you wear to a spring or summer wedding in 2019? Anatomic & Co has you covered, so that you look and feel your coolest.

What’s the wedding dress guide?

what to wear to a summer wedding

First things first, refer to the dress code that the bride and groom requested. You don’t want to turn up in a plain tux to a Game of Thrones themed wedding…

If there is no dress code, then consider the formality of the venue.

Choose breathable materials

what to wear to a summer wedding

Cotton or polyester items are ideal summer fabrics. As a bonus, they also look sleek and polished.

Cotton pieces allow more air circulation, which is great for ridding your body of excessive heat. One downside of the material is that it is moisture-absorbing, and can sometimes look damp.

Polyester on the other hand is moisture-wicking, meaning perspiration isn’t likely to show. However, since moisture cannot escape as easily, you won’t feel the same cooling effect that cotton gives you.

So the choice is yours – if you want to stay as cool as possible, then go with cotton. If you are going to sweat throughout the event, then polyester might work more in your favour.

Embrace brighter colours

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding In 2019

A summer wedding usually calls for a suit and tie – with lighter colours like grey and beige being popular options. The great thing about summer is that you have the option to embrace more colour.

Pastel coloured dress shirts work nicely for summer weddings – again we recommend something lightweight and breathable. Never underestimate the difference the colour and texture a dress shirt can make.

Summer dress shoes

mens dress shoes

There are a number of dress shoes men can adopt for a summer wedding, that partner perfectly with a variety of outfits.


The great thing about the loafer is that it provides a cool summer look that can work with both casual and formal apparel. This makes it one of the most versatile shoes in the summer wardrobe.


These shoes will add interest and excitement to your summer outfits, thanks to their unique perforations. Whether you’re dressing for a smart casual wedding or semi-formal one, brogues can perfectly complete your look.

Boat shoes

For a more laid-back wedding, boat shoes are quintessentially preppy. They also come in all kinds of colours, adding life to any outfit.


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Men’s style guide: What to wear to a job interview

what men should wear to a job interview

While many job interviews don’t require a full-on suit and tie, you do need to look like you put some effort into your outfit presentation.

Making the extra effort goes a long way – everyone knows first impressions are key, and this is even more so the case in an interview.

Here’s an easy guide on what to wear to a casual or formal interview for men.

Casual Interviews

what men should wear to a job interview

If you’re off to an interview with a company that has a relaxed environment, it’s acceptable to go with a more casual look. But, remember that when it comes to dressing casual, presentation is key. Make sure your clothing is not creased and stain-free.

Top tips for casual interviews:

Jeans: If you want to wear jeans, opt for a clean cut pair and not ripped styles. Choose a dressier top to balance out the look.

Shoes: Choose your footwear carefully – a pair of brogues is always a reliable option. If you want to wear trainers, avoid athletic trainers and rather go with smart-casual trainers, which will give you a more sophisticated look.

Layers: Although a t-shirt on its own is too casual, you can make it work by layering it under a stylish jacket or a relaxed blazer.

Your go-to look

what men should wear to a job interview

  • Button-down shirt
  • Tailored trousers
  • Brogues

Formal Interviews

what men should wear to a job interview

An interview for a position that requires a more formal look, will call for a suit and tie (although depending on how smart the interview is, you could lose the blazer or the tie). We would only suggest going all out in a suit and tie if you are interviewing for a corporate position, where business attire is a requirement.

If you’re unsure, it’s perfectly acceptable to inquire about the office dress code, which should give you a good sense of what to wear.

Top tips for formal interviews:

Keep it clean: If wearing a suit, opt for solid colours, a long sleeve shirt, conservative tie, dark socks, and professional shoes like Oxfords, brogues or smart-lace up shoes.

Make it personal: Don’t shy away from incorporating some personal style. This is a great way to complement your personality during the interview experience. Some jobs have a unique company culture – so by adding a small accessory, like a scarf or socks with personality, you’ll stand out and they won’t go unnoticed.

Your go-to look

what men should wear to a job interview




5 essential men’s shoes for Spring Summer 2019

When it comes to men’s shoes for the warmer months, including the right footwear in your wardrobe can be tricky. You will need shoes that are both breathable and comfortable – and you don’t want to compromise on style.

There are plenty men’s summer shoe options out there. Anatomic & Co takes a look at these styles and how you can wear them for Spring Summer 2019.

Men’s Trainers

Trainers are now widely accepted in most aspects of life, even in the more laid back office and on nights out. A good pair of trainers will tread the line of style and comfort unlike any other shoe style.

men's shoes spring summer 2019 Featured shoe: Classico Touch Anil


How to wear trainers this season:

Don’t be afraid to try brighter pairs this season. You can wear your smart casual leather trainers with tailored trousers, slim denim, chinos and even casual unstructured suiting.

Men’s Slip Ons

Loafers or slip-on’s are a practical statement shoe. They are highly versatile, and can take you from a casual weekend to a formal event with ease. Traditional styles in solid colours are workplace-appropriate for the more casual days. Comfortable on the feet? Yes.

men's shoes spring summer 2019 Featured shoe: Macau Touch Navy


How to wear loafers this season:

Wear without socks, or with some no-shows. Partner cleaner style loafers with tailored trousers for formal settings or rolled jeans for casual outings. On warmer days, wear them with shorts.

Men’s Boat Shoes

Boat shoes were a massive trend a couple years back. This season we’ll see them on trend once more. As they say, the classics never die.

men's shoes spring summer 2019 Featured shoe: Viana II Vintage/Sky Vintage Sky Blue


How to wear boat shoes this season:

Boat shoes don’t only work great with shorts. This season, try wearing them with black or raw slim leg jeans and a plain tee for a comfortable and casual look. The next boat party could be just around the corner, so make sure you’re prepared!

Men’s Brogues

With its classic broguing details that run throughout the upper, the brogue is an all-year-round essential. Black or dark brown leather options work best for more formal outings. Suede brogues are smart enough to wear with a worsted suit and stylish enough for jeans.

men's shoes spring summer 2019 Featured shoe: Charles II Touch Havana


How to wear brogues this season:

This season, we recommend lighter shades of brown, which will play well with many colours in your spring/ summer palette. You can wear your lighter shade brogues with chinos and other casual trousers.

Men’s Desert Boots

While most stylish gentlemen will be putting their boots away for the warmer months, one boot that you can include in your Spring Summer wardrobe is the Desert boot.

men's shoes spring summer 2019 Featured shoes: Colorado Floater Pinhao & Colorado Vintage Navy


How to wear desert boots this season:

In Spring Summer 2019, try dressing down a pair of desert boots with a flannel shirt and denim jeans for an all round perfect casual look.


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