Caring for Your Dress Shoes

caring for your dress shoes

Shoes have the ability to make or break an outfit and how others perceive you – so keeping them in pristine condition is a must.

We’ve all been there. You purchase a new pair of shoes, and at first, you clean off every little smudge – until your busy schedule gets in the way and you forget to care for the shoes that get you from A to B.

In this guide, Anatomic & Co discuss a number of easy ways to care for your leather and suede dress shoes.

Caring for and cleaning your dress shoes

caring for your dress shoes

Shoe Polish – a good shoe polish will prolong the lifespan of your leather shoes, ensuring that they always look new.

Waterproofing – when it rains, salt can penetrate your leather or suede shoes and cause permanent stains. This may also lead to cracking if exposed to excessive moisture. So if you live in a rainy climate, we highly recommend that you waterproof your dress shoes. Once a month should do the trick, but if you notice that water stops running off the surface, then it’s time for a new coat.

Brushing – gently brushing your shoes will remove debris and dirt off of the surface.

Shoe Trees – placing a shoe tree inside your dress shoe will help preserve their shape and lengthen the lifespan.

Shoe Horn – dress shoes are usually stiff, which is where a shoe horn will come in handy. This will help prevent the back of your shoes getting bent when you put them on.

Leather dress shoes

cleaning and caring for your dress shoes

If cared for correctly, leather shoes can last a lifetime. Leather shoes are most likely your trusted going out, work and special occasion shoes, which means that are subject to so much wear and tear. That’s why you need to show them some love. Here’s a quick step by step guide to caring for your leather dress shoes:

  1. Gently brush your leather shoes with a horsehair brush to remove any dust or debris
  2. Wipe the shoes with a warm sponge to make the leather more porous
  3. Apply a waterproofing compound
  4. Lastly, apply shoe polish in a circular motion until you get a shine

Additionally, condition your shoes once a month to moisten the leather and prevent cracking.

Suede shoes

cleaning and caring for your dress shoes

Despite what you may think, keeping your suede shoes clean and crisp doesn’t require all that much effort. With a bit of regular upkeep, you can keep them looking box-fresh. Here’s how to take care of your suede shoes:

  1. Use a suede protector to protect your shoes from stains (suede stains easily, so clean any spills on them immediately)
  2. Use a suede brush to gently clean off any dirt and stains
  3. Spray the shoes monthly with a waterproofing solution (suede shoes do not like water)

For stains that have already set in, try using a solution of two parts water and one part vinegar to try and reverse the damage.


cleaning and caring for your dress shoes 2

On that note

Even the most expensive shoes in the world won’t do anything for you in the long run if they are neglected. Always pay more attention to your dress shoes, because everyone else is.

Men’s style guide: How to lace your dress shoes

shoelaces for dress shoes

It might not be something you give much thought to, but many men don’t know how to properly lace their dress shoes. When it comes to dressing well, the small details matter.

Anatomic & Co has put together a quick and easy guide to help you get laced up in style.

lacing mens dress shoes

Types of shoelaces

There are two types of laces that you can use for dress shoes: round laces for more formal shoes and flat laces for less formal styles. Avoid extra flat/wide athletic laces when it comes to dress shoes.

Smart shoes have a tough and careful construction – so choosing the right lace can make the whole lot of difference in comfort and tieing.

When it comes to colour, you can either play it safe with darker shades that are similar to the colour of your shoe, or alternatively, experiment with some vibrant colours.

lacing mens dress shoes

Round Laces

If you are after quality, then round laces are your best bet. Paired mainly with brogues and Oxford shoes, round laces are long lasting. Strangely, the best quality round laces are always the thinnest – making them easy to thread through the eyelets. Round laces bring clean-cut detail to any shoe.

Flat shoelaces and boot laces

Flat, thin dress laces are the boldest option. They can change a shoes delicacy design remarkably, so a cleaner design shoe, like a Derby, work best with this lace.

Flat boot laces are built to last, making them a good choice for all kinds of boots. If you do decide to opt for boot laces, always go for that extra bit of length.

lacing mens dress shoes

Types of lacing styles for dress shoes

Straight Bar lacing – The straight bar look is an easy way to lace your dress shoes. This technique works best with Oxford and more formal shoes, because it allows the uppers of the shoe to come completely together in the middle.

Criss cross lacing – This is a less formal style of lacing and is meant for brogues or Derbys. It’s one of the easiest methods for lacing your dress shoes and should only be done when the top of the shoe has two separate pieces of leather.

Diagonal lacing – This lacing technique adds a sophisticated modern twist to your dress shoes. You can either lace both shoes with the parallel lines going the same way, or you can make them mirror each other. Either way, both are visually appealing.

On that note

The more detailed the shoe, the simpler the lace should be. When it comes to the rest of your outfit, try experimenting with different laces, especially if you are wearing a clean-cut suit. Changing up your laces is an easy way to switch up minor details of an outfit.

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Men’s shoe guide: 5 office staples every man should own

men's shoes for the workplace

As we find ourselves in a golden era for men’s office attire, many workplaces have become more flexible with their work attire. As exciting as it is, this may lead to confusion, especially if you’re still trying to nail the professional look.

In this article, Anatomic & Co takes a look at 5 shoe styles every professional gentleman should own. Your shoes are usually the first part of an outfit to draw attention to the eye, and also provide a good base to direct the rest of your outfit – so getting it right is a must!

With a great pair of shoes alone, you can elevate your professional look immensely.

1) The brogue

men's shoes for the workplace

The classically cool brogue is now seen as an acceptable business shoe, as well as a smart, yet relaxed option. Not only are they smart and stylish, but they can also add interest to any outfit thanks to their unique perforations

Tip: The best brogues are the ones that can be worn with both smart and casual outfits to create a sophisticated finish.

2) The oxford

men's shoes for the workplace

The Oxford’s clean design makes it the epitome of elegant formal shoes. This shoe style is ideal for more formal workplaces.

Tip: Black Oxford’s are a good go-to option when dressing professionally.

3) The loafer

men's shoes for the workplace

The highly versatile loafer can be dressed up with tailored trousers for more formal workplaces or dressed down with jeans for a more casual office setting. Loafer’s are a great everyday work shoe, as they tend to be both durable and comfortable.

Tip: In warmer months, you can wear your loafers with no socks, and in colder months, with socks.

4) The Chelsea boot

men's shoes for the workplace

Another shoe that can be dressed up or down is the stylish Chelsea boot. The Chelsea boot will give you the ideal balance of being more dressed up than a trainer, but not quite as formal as a pair of Oxford’s.

Tip: Depending on your style preference, you’ll find great options in leather and suede.

5) The Desert boot

men's shoes for the workplace

A casual classic for the more laidback workplace, the desert boot combines simplicity and taste in equal measure. Although this style is generally considered a casual shoe, they can be styled-up with more formal attire.

Tip: The flattering shape of the desert boot means that they can work for everyone, regardless of their personal style.

It’s often said that you can judge a man’s character by his shoes, and that’s never truer than in the workplace.

Anatomic & Co shoes are made with Anatomic Gel Technology. This makes the soles incredibly flexible, bouncy and comfortable. The insoles also have a memory, so once you take your shoes off and leave them to rest, they go back to their original shape ready to look after your feet the next day.


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mens style guide

Men’s style guide: Reinventing your personal style

mens style: changing your style

If you feel like your wardrobe lacks personality, and your sense of style is looking a little flat, don’t you worry, because reinventing your look is easier than you think.

Stagnation is a familiar enemy for many men out there. Wearing the same thing day in and day out can make your look feel tired – it’s strange how what we wear affects how we feel about ourselves.

The year is still fresh, so now’s as good a time as any to do a little reinventing. Here’s a quick and easy guide to do just that.

Out with the old

mens style: changing your style

Before you begin recreating your style, you need to get rid of all the stuff that’s not helping with your current look. Too many of us are guilty of hoarding items in our wardrobes that we’ll never wear again — like old T-shirts that have lost their life. Let them go!

By saying this, however, you can hold onto essential items, like basics that can be incorporated into your new look.

Find your style inspiration

mens style: changing your style

So you know that you want to reinvent your style, but you don’t exactly know what you want it to look like. The best way to find out is by looking for inspiration from style icons, social fashion pages and great blogs (like ours).

Remember to consider your lifestyle and working environment, and make sure that your new look complements these.

Start small

mens style: changing your style

While you’re becoming an expert in your new look, start with the basic pieces of that style. Try working with items that you already have and experiment with subtle changes. A new pair of shoes or adding some men’s accessories to your outfit can make a big difference in helping you achieve a certain look.

Small additions such as this will provide you with a good base to expand on.

Choose carefully

mens style: changing your style

Upgrading your look can be a costly affair — budget yourself. Rather than splashing on anything that fits your new style, be selective and choose pieces that work well together. Cohesion in your wardrobe will maximise the versatility of every item.

If the look that you are going for is more expensive, try saving on basics (like plain T-shirts) and invest in statement items like jackets or shoes. Your new style will likely depend more on these items.

What else can you do to reinvent your style?

mens style: changing your style

Reinventing your style does not only involve what you wear. A new hairstyle or improving your physique also plays a key role in creating your new image.

Many gentlemen out there pick a hairstyle and stick to that their whole lives – change it up, because your hairstyle will correlate with the rest of your reinvented style.

Likewise, changing your physique will also change your look and how your clothes fit.

For more tips and news on men’s fashion and everything shoe related, visit Anatomic & Co’s blog.


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mens style guide