New dress shoe collection by Anatomic & Co

We’ve already taken a look at some of the new shoes from Anatomic & Co’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection, which will be available soon. This week, we take a look at the new Anatomic Prime collection, which features a few new innovative dress shoes. Here’s what you can expect…

Anatomic Prime

High-fliers demand a certain code of dress and any great suit is made even greater through a slick looking, highly crafted pair of leather shoes. Key to this collection, is the premium leather uppers and signature leather soles with rubber cushioning. The lace up shoes and brogues are just what the doctor, lawyer, banker and entrepreneur ordered.

Dress shoes do it best

When it comes to dressing up, getting the perfect look starts from the feet up. A quality pair of dress shoes will not only have you looking stylish, but also feeling comfortable. In every gentleman’s wardrobe, it is important to have a few pairs of reliable dress shoes that will come in use for formal occasions such as weddings, office functions, fancy dinners, job interviews etc.

Whatever the formal occasion, nothing will give you a more successful and sophisticated look than a great pair of dress shoes.


A brand new design by Anatomic & Co, the Giorgio brogue will help you polish off loads of your looks. You can expect a lightweight and flexible shoe, that will feature the signature Anatomic Gel sole. The sleek brogue will be available in two colours: Napa Calf Black and Sheep Skin Chocolate. Our favourite thing about this shoe, is its ability to be worn with both formal and casual attire. We’re excited for the Sheep Skin Chocolate option and dark denim jeans combo.


The classic Fernando Black dress shoe is now available in two new colours: Napa Calf Chocolate and Napa Calf Tan. Those of you who are familiar with the Fernando brogue, will know that the shoe is incredibly lightweight and flexible, thanks to their soft leather uppers and genuine leather soles.

Andre and Marco

Anatomic & Co have also introduced a new lace up boot in two fit sizes. The Andre is medium fit and the Marco (the same shoe) is a wider fit alternative. These smart boots are more than a business shoe, and are not chunky nor high on the ankle like a traditional boot. This style makes smart business and wet weather sense.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new collection.

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