Men’s style guide: Perfecting office wear

Dressing for the office in the modern day is all about maintaining a smart and streamlined look, even when going casual.

While the days of a black suit, shirt and tie are no longer mandatory, you still need to look the part and give off a professional look. Your work attire will say a lot about who you are, and since you’re spending most of your weekly time in the office you need to be well presented.

Anatomic & Co has created a complete guide to office wear and perfecting your office dress code.


Smart wear office

men's office wear

While most offices these days don’t require you to wear a suit and tie, dressing formally does not go unnoticed – it shows you mean business. A suit always looks good while maintaining a touch of class.


  • Opt for a grey or navy suit as this gives off a professional look
  • Keep your suit slim and well fitted to be on point
  • Brogues or Oxford shoes polish off a professional look


Smart casual wear office

men's office wear

If you’re not up to wearing a full suit, you can wear separates. This will give off a more relaxed look, while still maintaining sharpness.


  • Pair more casual clothes like chinos with a suit jacket
  • By not adding a tie you will create a smart casual workwear look
  • Switch a button up shirt for a fitted crew neck T-shirt or jersey
  • Keep it simple – a black or grey jersey or a white T-shirt will be just enough to tone down your look
  • Brogues, Loafers or even smart casual trainers will complete your look


Casual wear office 

men's office wear

If you work in a laid back casual environment, a fitted pair of jeans can more than hold its own. But remember, you still want to look professional, so avoid ripped or baggy jeans. Add a classic fitted plain tee or one with a simple pattern and you’re good to go.


  • Keep things simple and go for dark blue or black jeans as these always look the smartest
  • Smart casual trainers, Chelsea boots or loafers will up your professional casual look


With these simple tips you’ll be more than set to suitably dress for your office. If you want your coworkers and clients to view you as a professional, you should always stick to the  guidelines mentioned above. You’ll be well on your way to impressing the right people in the right places or inspiring those who look up to you.


Making the most of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The World Cup is the biggest football fiesta on the planet, and the most major form of entertainment all throughout summer every four years.

So far the 2018 FIFA World Cup has been a treat for football fans all across the globe, and with round 2 currently in progress there’s still plenty more exciting fixtures ahead.

If you’re not lucky enough to find yourself in Russia to experience the electrifying atmosphere first hand, you can still enjoy every moment in your home city.

Anatomic & Co takes a look at some ways you can make the most of the FIFA 2018 World Cup…


Get to know the countries

Fifa world cup 2018 ideas

The World Cup introduces you to new countries and cultures. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the world and the countries competing – who knows, you might even find your next holiday destination. You can check out FIFA’s Teams page to learn about more about the teams, their countries and more.


Head to the pub or a fan park

Nothing will beat being in the stadium itself, but if you’re looking to enjoy the thrill of the crowed head down to the pub or a fan park near you. This way, you’ll be amongst other fans who make the setting a thrilling one to be in.


Watch the game at home

If you prefer a more laid back atmosphere where you won’t miss a second of the action, then staying at home  is your best bet. Make sure there are drinks in the cooler and friends to experience all the drama with.


Compete with your colleagues and friends

Whether it’s a draw of teams or setting up a Fifa World Cup fantasy pool with colleagues and friends, this will make you feel more involved in the World Cup – and even have a second team to cheer on.


Staying in the loop

The more you know about the World Cup, the more passionate you can be when watching the games. This way you’ll feel more involved in the game and can make a few friendly bets with your mates.


The 2018 FIFA World Cup has already been an exciting one so far, which is why you should get out there and enjoy it as much as you can. Wherever you’re watching the game, make sure your feet are well presented and supported too. 😉


Father’s Day gift guide: 5 shoes for every dad

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and if you’re short of ideas – a good pair of shoes will get the thumbs up by every dad out there (trust us).

It’s likely that your dad doesn’t spoil himself often enough and that’s exactly why Father’s Day exists: so you can take care of the spoiling.

Anatomic & Co has taken every dad in mind, so read on and find out which shoe styles will best match your dad.

For black tie events

Weddings, black tie events and other formal occasions will call for a quality pair of black Oxford lace-ups. Smart black lace-ups will compliment almost every colour suit.

The Steve Smooth Black Oxfords are a classic lace up style shoe handcrafted with elegance and simplicity. And if your dad’s keen on comfort, the Steve’s soft sheepskin lining makes the shoe feel luxurious.


Something for the office

Every gentleman needs a casual, everyday pair of shoes for the office.

While being more relaxed, a choice of casual office shoe should also uphold one’s reputation – and a well-executed brogue like the Tucano will do just the trick.

The Tucano features distinctive stitching (waxed thread for waterproofing) and a contrasting England Rubber Gel sole. And just like every shoe by Anatomic & Co, they are a treat on the inside.


All round comfort

A summer classic, loafers will come in handy if your dad’s heading on holiday this summer. Being laceless, they’re practical, comfortable and stylish.

The Lucas men’s driving shoe is ideal for summer getaways. These leather slip-ons can be worn with chinos or shorts and a buttoned-down Oxford shirt. Their high-grip contrasting rubber soles give cushioned all-day comfort, while their sheepskin-linings mean they can be worn with or without socks.


Keep it stylish

how to wear boots

Desert boots will fill out every gentleman’s wardrobe and can be called on for most occasions from dinner dates to to summer barbecues with friends and family.

The Furtado desert boots are a solid choice offering great versatility. These boots are ideal for any day of the week! If your dad or husband is a fashion-forward man, he won’t be disappointed with this wardrobe essential.


For everyday wear

A well-constructed, breathable trainer is a must-have for everyday casual outings. Men’s leather trainers strike the perfect balance between casual and classy and this shoe style can complement a range of outfits.

The Vai men’s trainer is a top pick. These smart-casual lightweight leather trainers will help every dad put their best foot forward.


At the end of the day, you should know what your dad enjoys more than anyone. But if you’re still a little uncertain, we’re confident a new pair of shoes will put a sparkle in his eye.

Men’s shoe guide: Styling your loafers for summer 2018

A staple for the modern gentleman, the loafer has become suitable for both formal wear and casual occasions.

Being laceless, they’re practical, and with plenty of styles on offer – from traditional versions to luxuriously finished horsebit loafers – there’s something to suit every taste.

But how do you wear this stylish shoe for different occasions?

Here’s what you need to know when styling your loafers this summer.


Patent Loafer

mens loafers

If you need to look impressive for an occasion, the patent loafer is for you. The patent loafer works great for formal events, such as weddings where you can wear them with a suit. This summer, pair some black patent loafers with a slim fit black suit and a crisp shirt, and your summer wedding outfit will be sorted.

Our pick: Lorenzo Sheep Skin Black


Penny Loafer

The simplest and arguably the most sophisticated of the bunch is the penny loafer. They look smart, professional and can finish off an outfit with class.

Penny loafers can be worn to the office or to formal events, and work best with a suit. The classic style of the penny loafer compliments the lines of a well tailored suit. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn with your favourite pair of shorts too.

Our pick: Senador Touch Havana


Suede Loafer

mens loafers

Suede is a great fabric for loafers, so long as you keep them in mint condition. Like most other loafers, these work well with suits, however, suede loafers partner better with lighter suits so you’ll need to opt for lighter fabrics. The lightness of the fabric will partner well with the lightness of the suede material.

Heading for a summer holiday to Greece or Spain? Coloured suede loafers are ideal holiday evening shoes.

Our pick: Tavares Suede Navy


Snaffle Trim Loafer

A modern classic, the snaffle trim loafer features an added trim across the front creating a sense of fun and personality. This loafer is a great choice for your smart casual events this summer.

When wearing snaffle trim loafers, you should keep the rest of your outfit simple as the snaffle detail will make the shoes the main feature.

Our pick: Cajuru Caramel


Driving shoes

driving shoes

Just like loafers, driving shoes are an essential part of summer attire.

Driving shoes with rubber-grommet soles were originally invented for men who wanted extra grip while driving seriously gorgeous Italian roadsters.

Today, driving shoes can be paired with shorts and a polo shirt for a more casual look, or with a suit and tie for formal outings. Driving shoes can be brushed up and made to fit with your personal style.

Our pick: Palmares Nubuck Indigo