Trainer trends for summer 2018

Trainers have always been a big deal, but now, the shoe that was once worn purely for sporting activities has come a long way. At the current time, trainers are not just a weekend go-to, but rather a shoe that can be dressed up or down. Trainers have worked their way into the ‘smart wear’ category – ruling runways and streets across the world.

Whether you’re looking to find trainers for casual outings or ones that can work with dress attire, you can guarantee that the latest trainer trends will transcend both ends of the spectrum.

So lets take a look at some trainer trends for summer 2018…


 Casual sports trainers

The trend of sports trainers will be around forever. So investing in a casual pair will be as popular in 2018, as they have been in the past.

Let’s take the Vai Nubuck for example. The range embraces a sleek, sporty design, coupled with top quality materials. Not only does this leather trainer offer comfort on an unparalleled scale, but they also look really stylish with rolled-up jeans or shorts.

While many brands offer their own versions of this shoe style, investing in quality pair like the Vai Nubuck Silver won’t go unnoticed as it blends knitted leather with classic design features.


Fashion Trainers

Cool trainers are no longer for teenagers – they are for everyone. Trainers have been dominant on the catwalks as of late, with fashion houses embracing the trainer category. The shoe style has evolved into a suitable choice for most occasions, making it a given for trainers to infiltrate the fashion industry.

Some of the sleekest men’s trainers on the market in summer 2018 include High Tops, such as the Santista. The beauty of luxury trainers like the Santista is that you’re guaranteed quality for your money.


Colour Trainers

The surge in the popularity of coloured trainers looks to be boosted this summer. While fresh white and black trainers are still the most favoured, we cannot ignore that there has been a rise in how many well-dressed gentleman are opting to wear colour trainers. We’re certain that this will become a rising trend in 2018.

The Planalto Navy men’s trainer is just one example of a shoe embracing colour. The smart-casual lightweight leather trainers will help you put your best foot forward for many occasions.


On that note…

Trainers have existed for over 100 years now, and they won’t be going away anytime soon. Summer 2018 is yours, so be bold when choosing your new shoe styles. That being said, sometimes, clean designs and plain colours are just what you need for your trainer wardrobe.

Shoes say a lot about who you are. More than you think.




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