Easter weekend style guide

Whether or not you’re celebrating Easter, the UK will enjoy four work free days. For some, it’s time to sit back and relish in spending quality time with family, while for others, a weekend getaway might be on the cards.

Whatever the plan, the stylish gentleman will be pondering on what to wear to Easter lunch or what to pack for a holiday getaway.

The Easter weekend promises plenty of time to relax, good food and spending time with those who matter most, so you’ll want to be comfortable while looking stylish when doing all these things.

Anatomic & Co has put together a guide for what to wear over the long weekend.

Dinner with the family


We all own a few pairs of jeans, and the great thing about them is their versatility and practicality. So if you’re heading to a family lunch, slip into your favourite pair of jeans and a T-shirt or Oxford shirt.

When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes to partner with your jeans, you’re spoilt for choice – trainers, Chelsea boots and even a pair of brogues like the Tucano Suede Truffle can be worn with denim jeans.

      Cardoso Suede Brown                  Vai Nubuck Silver                     Tucano Suede Truffle


Heading home


Many people may be leaving the city behind and returning to their home towns dotted all over the country for the long weekend. Family and friend reunions mean a healthy amount of eating and drinking – as they should.

For occasions such as this, you’ll once again want to opt for relaxed-fit jeans or trousers. Round on your look with pieces that work for lounging just as well as catch-up lunches: casual button shirts, lightweight jumpers and comfortable cotton T-shirts.

Casual trainers, lace-ups  or even desert boots are a staple go to for a weekend such as this, offering complete comfort and exuding elegance and style.

   Furtado Vintage Cognac               Salinas Hunter Khaki                    Planalto Suede Navy


Couple’s getaway


Whether you’re heading to Barcelona, Paris or Milan, the couples weekend away is most often taken in a city setting, where there’s plenty food to enjoy and spaces to explore – so you’ll want to dress accordingly.

And unless it’s a very special occasion, you’ll want to forego suiting. Rather, pack a suitcase of versatile pieces that work hard, like smart-casual staples that can be layered up or worn separately to fit with most occasions and forecasts.

Cotton sweatshirts, a couple button-down shirts and a few pairs of slim-cut jeans or chinos will see you through the weekend.

During the day, it’s likely that you’ll be spending a lot of your time exploring the streets, so practical footwear is a must. Comfortable trainers and boots will be your best friend as they streamlined, comfortable and stylish.

    Colorado Suede Tobacco              Planalto Suede Truffle                    Vai Vintage Grey


Anatomic & Co crafts high quality shoes that offer a superior level of style, support and comfort. Using Anatomic Gel Technology®, the soles of the shoes are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel. This technique gives the soles added resistance and flexibility, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for added comfort.

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