New Year’s resolution: Wear better shoes

While most New Year’s resolutions involve getting fitter and eating healthier, you can add a style resolution to your list: wear better shoes.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe or try out new menswear trends, one thing every well-dressed gentlemen needs is a few pairs of stylish and comfortable shoes to see you through all occasions in 2018.

But why should you consider wearing better shoes in 2018?

The design of men’s shoes date back to centuries, and over those centuries these shoes have been building up a sort of persona and have said a lot about the men who wear them.

Anatomic & Co looks at how shoes influence the way people perceive us as well as some tips to help you plan out your shoe wardrobe for 2018.

You can judge a man by his shoes


The shoes a man wears revels his pride in the little things. If he’s wearing a well-fitted suit and pairs it with cheap lace-ups, he is not seen as a detailed man. Also, keeping your shoes in pristine condition rather than scuffed and unpolished makes a statement about who you are as a man.

Shoes have a significant impact on first impressions and can be a cue to your personality – so make sure you’re giving people the right impression

Be adventurous with your shoes


You may want to add a bit of excitement to your shoe wardrobe in 2018.

If you’ve stuck to a certain shoe shape, square-toe for example, maybe it’s time to try a more rounded (but not sharp) toe. Not only does this style look more stylish and tasteful, but will also add more sleek to the rest of your wardrobe.

Apart from the shape of the shoe, you can try out new colours that will help separate you from the crowd. The perfect example of this is the Pilar Smooth Burgundy/Black brogue, which features distinctive two-toned leather finish.

Don’t forget the basics


One shoe every man should own is a black lace-up, which can be dressed up or dressed down. This shoe will work with everything from jeans to suits, and if you avoid a black lace-up with frilly or ornate details, you’ll be able to wear the shoes as easily to the office as to the pub.

Don’t compromise comfort for style

new years 4

Have both. While no one can see the bottom of your feet, shoes take a pounding – especially in their soles.

Anatomic & Co shoes are built with special Anatomic Gel Technology. There isn’t any gel in the soles but the soles are made of a rubber material mixed with a special gel which makes the soles of the shoes incredibly flexible, bouncy and comfortable.

Furthermore, soles and insoles also have a memory, so once you take your shoes off and leave them to rest, they go back to their original shape ready to look after your feet the next day.


Wearing better shoes as part of your New Year’s resolution will go a long way. Not only will your new shoes change the way others perceive you, but also add value to your 2018 wardrobe.



Men’s style guide: New Year’s outfit ideas

As the new year approaches, you’re bound to be celebrating the occasion with a New Year’s Eve party.

Although the outfit of your choice will depend on what you’re doing, you can always keep it smart – this is a great opportunity for every well-dressed man to impress.

Anatomic & Co has put together some outfits and advice for your New Year’s Eve occasion.

Brighten up the party

new years outfit 1

If you’re opting to wear a suit, but don’t want to blend into the crowed, you can rest your navy or black suit and try one with a bod, but sophisticated pattern. This will help you attract just the right amount of attention.

Get the look:

  • Checked suit (your choice of colour)
  • A standout tie (if you choose to wear one)
  • A white Oxford shirt
  • Classic lace-up shoes or brogues


Our shoe pics: 

Steve Smooth Black                          Charles Smooth Bronze                         Charles Smooth Black 


Get adventurous with jeans

new years outfit 2

A dress shirt paired with jeans is a flattering and classic combination. If you’re wanting to create a smart casual look it’s best to go for a darker shade of denim jeans paired with a black or white shirt.

Get the look:

  • Black or white shirt
  • Navy jeans
  • Chelsea boots or lace-ups
  • A belt to match your shoes (Find out more about matching your shoes and belt here)


Our shoe pics: 

Cardoso Suede Brown                         Cardoso Mustang Black                         Delta Mustang Tobacco

Embrace smart-casual

new year's outfit 3

The freedom of choice is yours for New Year’s Eve, so if you want to keep things fairly casual, embrace the look. A casual pair of trousers paired with a T-shirt and jumper is a good option for the New Year. And with colder conditions, you may want to add a jacket to your outfit.

Get the look:

  • T-shirt
  • Jumper
  • Trousers
  • Jacket or trench coat
  • Desert boots or trainers


Our shoe pics: 

Colorado Mustang Black                   Colorado Mustang Tobacco                   Classico Smooth Marinho

Your New Year’s outfit will largely depend on the occasion – embrace this opportunity to dress up and impress, and kick off your New Year in sophisticated style.


What shoes to pack when traveling this festive season

The holiday season is well and truly here and as businesses celebrate their Christmas parties and prepare to shut down, you may be getting ready for a trip away.

Unfortunately, you cannot pack your entire wardrobe when travelling. This may leave you with a dilemma – what shoes do you take with?

Anatomic & Co has put together a guide as to what shoes you should take with you on your holiday.

Before you start packing:

Consider the weather conditions – while the UK and the rest of Europe are experiencing cold weather, countries like Brazil, Australia, South Africa and the Caribbean are enjoying a warm climate

Activities – the type of activities you will be doing on your holiday will determine what shoes you should take with you

Comfort – whether you’re flying or driving, a comfortable pair of shoes will make the journey that much better

What else are you packing – consider packing neutral shoes that can be worn with a variety of clothing (with clothes choose 3 colours that work together. Rather change your look with accessories)

Cooler destinations

holiday shoes

Whether you’re heading for a ski trip to the French Alps or spending Christmas in the British countryside, you want to ensure that you pack shoes that will not only keep your feet warm, but also repel the wet weather.

Shoes to pack:

Brazil Full-Grain Black – Ready-for-action, an all-weather-conquering PU rubber sole gives these Chelsea boots an almost off-road feel. Also featuring soft sheepskin lining, these shoes will provide you with all day comfort while you enjoy your holiday activities.


Regalo Vintage Castor – This leather lace up boot is perfect for winter-proofing your more formal looks in cooler climates. So if you’re attending a Christmas dinner party, this shoe is one to take with you on the road. What’s more is the shoe is lightweight and durable and an all-weather-conquering rubber sole gives them an off-road look and feel.



Warmer destinations


Perhaps you’re looking to escape the cold weather and heading somewhere warmer like Brazil (where our shoes are handmade). Wherever you’re heading, you want to keep your feet as dry as possible. When it comes to warm weather, you want to opt for shoe styles like slip on shoes, comfortable trainers or boat shoes, which can be worn without socks.

Shoes to pack:

Classico Smooth Marinho –  These smart-casual lightweight leather trainers will help you stay on your feet this festive season. Thanks to our signature Anatomic Gel Technology® – which absorbs shock and adds comfort – the Classico men’s trainer will carry you from hotel t0 restaurant with ease.


Americana Full-Grain Pinho – Why choose between durability, comfort and style when you can have all three. You’ll find that these timeless Americana men’s leather slip on shoes are lightweight, flexible and perfect for summer destinations. You can easily partner these shoes with an Oxford shirt and a pair of tailored shorts.


Other shoes you may want to pack:

No matter what the weather, here are some other shoes you may want to take with you on your holiday:

Bilac Full-Grain Troy



Colorado Mustang Tobacco



Delta Mustang Tobacco



Shoes for him: the ultimate Christmas gift guide

Sometimes a truly unique Christmas gift can be a challenge. So when shopping for the special gentleman in your life, what Christmas gift do you get your father, brother, boyfriend or husband when they seem to have everything?

Well the answer is simple – a new pair of shoes!

No matter how many shoes one might have in their wardrobe, there is always room for 1 more (or a few) new pair of shoes. And rather than getting any old shoe that is commonly seen around, why not get him a pair of beautifully handcrafted shoes?

With Christmas just around the corner, we have put together a selection of shoes that make the perfect Christmas gift.

The man who understands style


This man knows style and appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of his shoes. The classic brogue has a timeless appeal and can be worn with various outfits including everything from slim blue jeans and a v-neck shirt, to a two-piece pin-stripe suit.

Shop brogues

The outgoing trendsetter


Trainers are another staple in every man’s footwear wardrobe. With the newly evolvement of trainers in all areas of menswear, they can now be partnered with both casual and formal wear – so it’s important that every well dressed man has a trendy pair to fall back on.

Shop trainers

The detail-oriented man


Men who like their boots are likely to be both trendy and masculine. A good sturdy pair of dessert boots or lace-up boots can see you through every winter for the decade. Boots can be the ideal Christmas gift that will see the receiver through the colder seasons ahead with pure, unadulterated flair

Shop Dessert boots and Lace up boots

The easygoing gentleman

loafers (1)

A well-made pair of loafers is one of the most versatile and wearable pieces that a man can have in his footwear wardrobe. Having the ability to be worn both formally or casually, the loafer can work with whatever is thrown at it.

Shop Loafers

The pulled-together man


Chelsea boots are often the go-to shoe for a true-gentleman. Having originated as a formal shoe, they now come in all colours and materials. Jeans and Chelsea Boots are two seasonless essentials every well-dressed man should have in his wardrobe.

Shop Chelsea boots


Nothing can beat a fresh new pair of shoes for Christmas. Whether he’s more classically inclined with a pair of brogues or has a more street-influenced wardrobe with some trainers, you will be able to find something here.