Men’s fashion: stylish Halloween outfits

If you’re spending Halloween at a more formal event or just heading out on a pub crawl, then you need a classic outfit that is on point.

While dressing up as mystical creatures may not be your thing, you can use this occasion as a great excuse to pick up some iconic menswear instead.

Anatomic & Co looks at men’s Halloween outfits that can transition seamlessly from party costume to style cornerstone.

James Bond


Tuxedos appear throughout the Bond movies, and if you want to exude the classic Bond style, then try take inspiration from his classic films.

The first scene that comes to mind is that classic moment when through a cloud of cigarette smoke, Sean Connery introduces himself as, Bond. James Bond. He was wearing a Sinclair designed tuxedo in midnight blue with a Lanvin shirt – this moment was the start of many.


Get the Look:

– A well-tailored slim tux
– A pristine white shirt
– A bow-tie and crisp white pocket square
– Classic black lace up style shoes like the Steve Smooth Black


Peaky Blinders


Offering more than captivating characters and a unique look at the unsung city of Birmingham, Peaky Blinders has also had a great influence on menswear.

The outfits are made up of a number of key components and emphasis on detail is foremost.


Get the look:

– A flat cap
– A round collar (club collar) shirt
– Cropped trousers
– A long, streaming peak lapel coat
– Accessories like a pocket watch chain across a woollen waistcoat and a bow tie
– Work boots like the Nova Full-Grain Black


Indiana Jones

halloween outfit 3

Indiana Jones has been a style icon for decades. The trademark outfit is one of the most noticeable, beloved, and iconic costumes in film history.

Dressing up as Indiana Jones doesn’t require much, but if dressed correctly, the end look will definitely be a hit. Just throw on a khaki ensemble, lace up your brown leather boots, and grab a whip.

halloween costume 3

Get the Look:

– A good brown leather jacket
– A felt Outback Fedora
– Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt and Khaki Pants
– Army Canvas Web Belt
– Brown leather boots like the Pedras Vintage Rust


Richie Tenenbaum


To look like Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums, all you need is a well-fitted moleskin jacket and a FILA headband.

His costume makes him one of the most original characters. His tennis whites grow into a camel suit and the outfit of this tennis prodigy is largely influenced by the sport.

halloween style 4

Get the Look:

– A FILA headband
– A retro FILA polo shirt under a camel-coloured blazer
– A pair of retro sunglasses
– Brown slip on shoes like the Americana Full-Grain Pinhao


Rebel without a cause

halloween style 5

James Dean’s iconic performance in Rebel Without a Cause made the outfit as famous as the film itself.

Moss Mabry, who was in charge of the outfit, made the jeans and t-shirt look famous and defined the casual red jacket. Ideas such as this transcended the film, influencing everyday menswear and motorcycle style.

halloween style 5.1

Get the look:

– A red windbreaker jacket
– A plain white t-shirt
– Blue denim jeans
–  Cardoso Mustang Black Chelsea boots


Using our Anatomic Gel Technology®, the soles of our shoes are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel, which will help support you throughout the Halloween festivities.

Exclusive to us, this technique gives our soles added resistance and flexibility, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for added comfort.


Men’s style guide: matching your colour shoes with trousers

Finding trousers of the right cut and colour can often be hard enough as it is, let alone choosing what to wear with them. As a stylish gentleman, the combination of your shoes and trousers need to be on point, as it can easily make or break your outfit.

Anatomic & Co looks at the different trousers and shoe colour combinations that work well together.

Black Trousers

Black is the most popular neutral shade and can work well with many different colour shoes. We suggest that you try avoid pairing black with other dark shades like navy or bottle green, as these colours with black can make your outfit look a bit disarranged. Rather, stick to contrasting colours like white.

Despite what you may think, brown shoes can actually work rather well with black trousers. The key to this combination is to partner different materials e.g. if you’re wearing black tailored trousers, you can liven it up with slick brown leather lace-ups such as the Delta Mustang Tobacco.

black trousers and brown shoes

Navy Trousers

Navy works well for work settings, formal events and event if you’re just heading down to the pub for a drink with a few mates. Like black, navy is a rather versatile colour and can partner with many different colour shoes.

For more formal occasions it’s best practice to stick with traditional styles – blue trousers and brown brogues. However, if you’re opting for a more casual look, you could go for a Chelsea boot with some colour, like the Cardoso Suede Brown – and show off the shoe’s red tab.

trousers and shoes

Check out our guide on how to look good in navy.

Grey Trousers

Grey trousers will cool and neutralise your look. Combining brown shoes with grey pants creates a balance which is surprisingly effective.

The ideal partner for grey trousers however, is a pair of black shoes, especially if it’s part of a formal suit. But be careful with which shade of grey you opt to wear. Black shoes will overwhelm lighter grey trousers, so a darker shade of grey would balance it out. A clean cut smart-casual lace up shoe like the Delta Mustang Black for example, would work nicely with charcoal grey trousers.

trousers and shoes3

Knowing what colour shoes to wear with various trousers will help you build a confident look. Now that you know the rules, you can mix and match to see what works best for you.

As a rule, try to always keep one pair of black shoes and one pair of brown shoes on hand – these are the most versatile colours when it comes to shoes and they are suitable for almost every occasion.

Here are some other black and brown shoes for the autumn and winter season ahead:

Colorado Mustang Black



Charles Smooth Bronze



Garibaldi Grey


Using our Anatomic Gel Technology®, the soles of our shoes are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel. Exclusive to us, this technique gives our soles added resistance and flexibility, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for added comfort.


Autumn menswear guide: How to look good in navy

A tailored navy suit is a traditional base for menswear and often adds more colour than a completely neutral base, such as a black suit. An autumn outfit essential, the navy suit can be worn for both formal outings or as business attire.

You may be thinking ‘what is the best way to wear navy?’, but in fact navy is a much more versatile suit colour than black, allowing you to match it with a wider range of coloured shoes.

What shoes work best with navy?

There are dozens of shoe styles you can go for, but for a sleeker look it’s best to go for something more streamlined, like a classic brogue or Oxford dress shoe.

When it comes to choosing a shoe colour to match your navy suit the most common options are usually Black, Brown and Burgundy.

Black shoes

Every man should own a pair of classic black shoes. Black shoes work extremely well with a navy suit, especially in a more professional setting.

Our pick: Steve Smooth Black


Tip: partner these shoes with a neatly tailored navy suit. If you want to mix things up a little, you can partner this shoe with a navy blazer and grey trousers.



Brown shoes

Navy blue and brown is a classic. A navy suit dressed with brown shoes will give you a light, friendly look this season. While this combination can work for a business setting, you may want to save it for formal occasions out of the office, such as for a friend’s wedding or a formal dinner.

Our pick: Charles Smooth Bronze


Tip: partner these leather brogues with  a formal navy suit and a white dress shirt or even with a pair of dark navy denim trousers.




Just like brown shoes, burgundy also works really well with a navy suit – it’s more a matter of preference and what style you prefer.

Our pick: Belem Smooth Burgundy

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.32.28 PM

Tip: wear these with tailored trousers at the office, or for a more relaxed weekend feel, opt for burgundy with dark denim.


Other shoe styles that work with navy:

Steve Smooth Bronze


Charles Smooth Black


Goias Smooth Burgundy



Navy Suit tips

  • A lighter blue dress shirt partners well with a navy suit
  • Remember that when wearing a tailored suit, your belt should match the colour of your shoes i.e. if you’re wearing black shoes, wear a black belt
  • You can add accessories and ties of different patterns or colours to bring your suit to life during formal outings
  • Your navy blazer doesn’t always have to be partnered with navy trousers, and can work well with a pair of grey or beige trousers – this is a great option for more smart-casual events

Every well-dressed man should include navy attire in their wardrobe this season. With different shoe styles and colours, you can build multiple looks.



5 classic men’s autumn boot styles

With colder times ahead, it’s important to arm yourself with a wardrobe packed full of autumn and winter ready boots – perhaps one of the only good things to come from bidding farewell to summer.

Autumn is the perfect time to embrace different boot styles.

Anatomic & Co takes a look at five boot styles that will see you through the season with pure, absolute flair.

Garibaldi Grey


Whatever weather is thrown your way this autumn, you’ll be as right as rain with the Garibaldi men’s leather slip on boots.

As Chelsea boots were originally designed for industrial workers, they are highly durable, and the Garibaldi is no different. A dependable menswear staple to include in your autumn/winter wardrobe.


Tip: Partner these shoes with an overcoat or earth toned jacket and your best pair of jeans this season


Nova Full-Grain Black


The Nova men’s leather lace up boot is a step above the rest. Featuring elegant and soft leather uppers combined with shapely yet sturdy soles, silky soft sheepskin linings provide warmth and breathability in equal measure.

The shoe has all the traditional styling of a lace up boot but is a great workwear option.


Tip: These boots work well with a rugged look – throw on a pair of slim-tailored black jeans (keep the cuff on those jeans rolled up to show off the beautiful brogueing and detailed stitching) and a leather jacket.


Colorado Mustang Tobacco


Bolster your autumn wardrobe with the Colorado men’s leather chukka boot – a staple weekend go-to.

The chukka boot has now become something of a wardrobe essential these day, and the Mustang Tobacco colour is a must for the fashion-forward man this season.

Tip: Wear these shoes with denim jeans on chillier evenings. You can also dress them up with a brown suit and overcoat.


Regalo Vintage Castor


The Regalo leather lace up boot is perfect for cold-proofing your more formal looks in the British climate. From autumn strolls to bar hopping, these boots will protect your feet from the outside elements.

These boots are lightweight and durable and an all-weather-conquering rubber sole gives them an off-road look and feel. What’s more is that their vintage leather upper and genuine sheepskin lining make them ideal if you’re on the go.


Tip: Pair these lace up boots with a pair on navy jeans, a scarf and a jacket (think military green or black)


Gustavo Vintage Navy


While the sky may not look as blue this season, it doesn’t mean your shoes have to be dull too. The Gustavo Vintage Navy Chelsea boot that features a distinctive punched-hole brogue pattern is the perfect way to add a little life to your autumn wardrobe.

What’s also great about them is that they can be dressed up, down, and then back again very easily. Not only are they a treat on the outside, but also on the inside thanks to soft sheepskin lining.


Tip: Don’t hold back on the colour, this shoe will compliment a light blue or navy  jersey and an eye catching scarf


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