It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring… if we’ve got anything to do with it that is. Go behind the scenes at our SS17 shoot ??

If you’re a film buff, you’ll know that phrases like “what’s the worst that can happen?” inevitably leads to the worst happening, right? And so with that in mind, what’s the worst that can happen when you’re shooting a spring/summer men’s footwear collection… in the middle of January… in the middle of London… at a film directors house? Well, not a lot actually! But that’s what happens when you assemble an all-star cast like we did.

Here’s the BEST of what happened when we shot the Anatomic mens collection for spring/summer 17.


Naturally, a spring/summer collection needs to look like a spring/summer setting. So at 7am as we stepped off the tube outside our (amazing) shoot location to find it was still dark, it’s fair to say that some of us were a little apprehensive… which distracted us, at least, from the freezing cold temperature.


We’d chosen a house location that not only offered a great number of opportunities as a setting but also because of its huge floor to ceiling windows that allowed us to make good use of the limited light we had that day.

Talking of which, when the sun did finally make an appearance (around 8:30am), we were good to go with the first set-up, featuring Murilo, our black lace up dress shoe from the Prime collection.


Although it was still early in the day, you could (we did) say we were on a roll! By the time it was 9:30am we were on to the next set-up… even Nic, our Creative Director, had time for a quick selfie and to update his Snapchat.


Next up was Bilac in Off White (pictured above on the amazingly talented Jamie Roche).

Since the launch of our men’s leather trainer collection last year, we’ve had some great feedback from many of you, while we’ve also noticed the continued overwhelming demand for a smart-casual trainer for all occasions. And with that, we’ve introduced three new styles to the range this spring/summer; Bilac, available in Bronze as well as Off-White, Bariri in Navy and Havana and our cross-woven Bastos in Cognac and Castanho.


We’re ahead of schedule at the half-way stage; we break for lunch, but not before asking ourselves “what would David Bowie think of the new spring/summer collection?” It’s a conclusive thumbs up from everyone.


Going into the afternoon session, we had only a couple hours of good light ahead of us. With that in mind, the multi-talented Anna Sara, our E-Commerce Manager/Interior Designer for the day (as you’ll see below) was always on hand to keep a watchful eye on the time, as well as working closely alongside Paul, our wonderful photographer, to ensure we’re getting the right shots under the testing conditions.


But after a very long, tiring day (who says shoots are glamorous?), we had all the shots we needed and it was time to pack up and celebrate with a drink and VIP entry to the on-location Gresham Ballroom… what’s the worst that could happen, ah?


Be the very first to explore the new spring/summer collection, now available on our website, here.


“New year, new you,” the saying goes. But that doesn’t just mean drinking less and finally making use of your neglected gym membership. No, 2017 is the year in which you finally decide to start caring about your appearance, starting, of course, from the feet up (where else?). Here are our top 5 footwear resolutions every man should make (and keep) in 2017.


1. Throw away those scuffed trainers

Throw-away-trainersWe get it; they’re your favourite pair of shoes to wear on the morning commute, but it’s time for an upgrade. Kill two birds with one stone with a pair of men’s leather trainers that you won’t have to change out of when you get to the office. Feliz in dark grey with its thick rubber gel insole provides all day comfort, while Bastos adds a level of premium sophistication, an obvious go-to for Casual Fridays.


2.Do away with shoes you never wear

Rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn them in three years, remove them from your wardrobe. Yes, that includes those brown leather cross-over sandals that you’re hoping might make a catwalk comeback (they won’t), and it definitely includes that pair of Cuban heeled boots that you bought on your gap-year 15 years ago. Donate them to charity or sell on eBay.


3. Give those smart black shoes a shine

mens-shoecareIs your favourite pair of black leather shoes in need of a little TLC? They say it takes just seconds for people to make up their minds about someone when meeting them for the first time, so whether you’re going for a job or first date, make sure you’re remembered for all the right reasons. Nowadays it’s not just what you say, what you wear or how you act – it’s the little details, such as a well polished pair of shoes that can make all the difference, so it’s important that you invest in some decent shoe care.

Here are our top tips to help keep your Anatomic leather shoes and leather boots as perfect as they were the day you bought them:

  • Remove any loose dirt with a moist cloth and brush. Leave shoes to dry completely.
  • Nourish the leather to prevent it from drying out by applying a good leather conditioner, such as mink oil, with a cloth. Mink oil is renowned for making leather boots and shoes water resistant and keeping them in excellent condition. Leave the shoes for ten minutes before buffing off the excess with a clean cloth.
  • Next step is to shine the shoes using an oiled wax. Although many people resort to applying this with a cloth, we always recommend a welt brush as it’s so much easier to work the wax into the stitching and any brogue detailing (if applicable).
  • Lastly, buff your shoes well with a brush and then a cloth, to get rid of any excess wax on the stitching.

For more details on how to care for your Anatomic leather shoes, click here.


4. Invest in different types of footwear

On average, a man’s wardrobe has three pairs of shoes; a smart pair of black leather shoes for the office, trainers for the gym, and something casual for the weekend. You might argue that three’s more than enough and to a certain extent, you’d be right, three would (just about) get you by, but are you really living up to your full, fashion-forward potential?

The trick is to add something that gives versatility above anything else. A brown leather Chelsea boot or a brown casual lace up boot straight away gives you variation, something to play and experiment with, not only with a weekend outfit but also with tailoring, blue or grey preferably, for the office.


5. Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe

Red-leather-shoesFor the more alternative leather colours, say burgundy or perhaps blue, what you wear with them is going to be a lot more restricted. Formal wear for example is definitely a no go, but with weekend casual-wear there’s a little more freedom. You’ll need to be aware of your colour chart, and how certain colours compliment (or contrast against) each other. Our men’s league brogue range, Tucano, is now available is 10 different colours.


Shop the full Anatomic collection >


#NewYearNewMe, or as we say (any excuse to catch up with social ambassador and Head Barber at Murdoch London, Oran Lasocki) #NewYearNewHaircut… right?

We call by Oran’s shop this week to discuss menswear fashion inspirations and as someone who spends more than 12 hours a day on his feet, his expectations from a decent pair of men’s leather shoes.


How did you get into barbering?

I started barbering in 2014 after studying for my NVQ Level 2 in Barbering that I received from The London School of Barbering. I’ve always had an interest in men’s hair, fashion and style, so this is the industry I felt I could really thrive in and express my creative instincts. I find I’ve been able to really develop my own sense of style while working in this industry – just one of the things I love about working as a barber.


What do you think makes a successful barber?

When they are happy with their job, with the work they’re producing and have loyal clients. People may think it’s down to becoming well known and having celebrity clients but, for me, it’s just about being happy and keeping my clients happy.



How important is it to be sociable in your job?

It’s vital that I’m sociable with what I do to make sure I understand what my client is looking for and to come up with the best solution and end product for what they want. Being sociable is also important to network with other new and experienced barbers or hairdressers for future projects and bouncing ideas off each other.


What’s your overall aim when someone new sits in your barber seat?

I aim to get an idea of what they’re looking to achieve – if it’s manageable within the first appointment or if it’s a work in progress – and give them an estimate time of how long it’ll take. I want to make sure they leave my chair with a better knowledge of their hair and most importantly I hope to see them leave happy and return.


You clearly like fashion. Where do you look for inspiration?

I look for inspiration everywhere, from reading magazines like Esquire to Instagram to the streets of London.


How would you describe your style?

I’m not sure there’s an easy way to describe it. I take note of current trends and previous ones and try putting combinations together. I love having one piece being somewhat outspoken, for example I’ll be wearing all black, black shirt, black trousers but possibly white or baby blue socks to go with my Anatomic & Co Tucano Brogues. This will draw subtle attention to my shoes without going overboard.


What do you look for when buying a new pair of shoes?

Firstly I look for individuality: if it’s the colour, the brogue pattern, the colour of the sole, something that stands out from the rest, and then I will make sure they are comfortable. This is very important to me as I’m always on my feet and I always walk around to get places. Comfort is key.



Describe Anatomic & Co shoes in three words.

Comfort, classic, gentleman.


What does being ‘in good company’ mean to you?

It’s very important to me as it means I am surrounded by the people I love and get on with the most, allowing me and everyone else to exchange stories and news.