Would you believe that in September this year, photo-sharing app Instagram had reached 500 million (500 MILLION!?!) users? Launched back in 2010, where over 40 billion photo’s (1 billion selfies) have been uploaded, it’s given anyone with a mobile phone the ability to showcase their style without the hassle of launching their own website. Amongst them lies a rather switched on and stylish community of men who are willing to share with you their wardrobe and lifestyle tips. With so much clutter to sieve through (don’t fret, help is at hand), here’s our top 6 well-dressed Instagrammers from 2016.


Grey Fox

They say that true style is timeless, right?! Need proof? Check out the Grey Fox; although an “older blogger in search of style”, we think he’s a sartorial inspiration to all ages. Your go-to man for the perfect blend of workwear and wilderness, he’s had a busy year (alongside his trusted aid, Harry the Labrador), taking on the summer with his signature attention to detail as he jet-setted around Europe and later on in the year where he (somehow) combined denim with knitwear AND tweed… effortlessly.

Instagram: @greyfoxblog

Occupation: Menswear & lifestyle writer

Location: UK

Outfit inspiration type: Suits. Lots and lots of (amazing) suits. Coats and scarves.

Also posts about: Lifestyle, the great outdoors


Well Dressed Dad

Our favourite Norwegian in 2016, Nick is the creator of welldresseddad.com. A specialist in tweed (see his amazing collecting of tweed blazers and waistcoats) and dressing for the outside elements, he also has an eye for men’s footwear… that’s right, well spotted if you saw him wearing our Anatomic Pedras leather boots. We’re very much looking forward to what he has in store for us in 2017!    

Instagram: @welldresseddad

Occupation: Engineer, Blogger

Location: Norway

Outfit inspiration type: Waistcoats and workwear.

Also posts about: Men’s footwear


Frank Muytjens

“Gardening is a calming process”, says Menswear Director (and Guru) at J.Crew, Frank Muytjens. “I feel like it’s a form of painting with the different colours and textures and how they interact together”, and it’s this same meticulous approach he has with everything from menswear to home that has got him to where he is today. Brought up in Holland, he moved to New York in his early 30’s where he quickly adopted a penchant for all things American and vintage… see what we mean by checking out his Instagram page.

Me and my best bud! #dutchmuytjens

A photo posted by Frank Muytjens, NYC (@fmuytjens) on

Instagram: @fmuytjens

Occupation: Menswear Director, J. Crew

Location: NY, USA

Outfit inspiration type: Effortless blend of vintage with modern casual

Also posts about: Home & lifestyle


Adam Gallagher

With almost 2 million followers, Adam Gallagher (at just 25) is unquestionably the most prolific travel and menswear ‘grammer on the scene today. Born in New York, raised in LA, he was only 17 when he started his I am Galla blog. Always on the move, his clean, understated attire is backed up by an array of luxury locations and scenic backdrops, making us riddled with envy on a daily basis. Follow him for tips on how to add layers to a winter outfit, nail your tailoring ahead of the spring, and breathe new life into your summer wardrobe.

Hold onto your hats! Winter has only just begun ? #NYC

A photo posted by Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla) on

Instagram: @iamgalla

Occupation: Blogger

Location: LA, USA

Outfit inspiration type: Give basics a personal twist (formal and casual)

Also posts about: Travel


Tinie Tempah

Multi-talented rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and now style icon… is there anything our man from South London can’t do? Follow Tinie take on the world in his own unique twist on stylish street wear and red carpet tux’s.

TT x @thegentsjournal

A photo posted by Tinie Tempah (@tiniegram) on

Instagram: @tiniegram

Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter, Producer

Location: London, UK

Outfit inspiration type: Street cool

Also posts about: Music


Matthew Zorpas

The sharply dressed man behind ‘The Gentleman Blogger’ is very much the man of the moment right now and is in high demand by the likes of Hugo Boss and Jack Willis. Only last month he was catching up with Gerrard Butler to discuss menswear style and masculinity… expect even bigger things from Matthew Zorpas in 2017.

Instagram: @matthewzorpas

Occupation: Creative consultant, Lecturer

Location: London, UK

Outfit inspiration type: Modern man

Also posts about: Travel & cars

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We’ve picked out this years best behaved from the Anatomic office and have asked them what they hope to to be unwrapping on Christmas morning. So, Santa, if you’re reading this…

Nathaniel (Finance) – Cardoso men’s Chelsea boots

“Who needs dancing shoes, when you can have dancing boots?”


The style that I would most like for Christmas this year would be Cardoso in Cognac Brown, as it’s a stylish and practical slip on boot which is perfect for  any occasion you may face over the festive period, from a Christmas day stroll  to partying the night away on new year’s eve.



Alex (Warehouse Manager) – Carlos men’s lace up boots

Hint hint…


I’m really hoping for the new Carlos Vintage Castor this year! Working in the warehouse, I was one of the first to get my hands on them and feel their robust, hard-wearing quality, while their stylish leather-welted soles feel almost indestructible (perfect for the winter months, especially with their high-grip rubber treads)! They are also great to lace up and keep your feet warm and comfortable whilst scouring the Christmas markets. I work with my brother, Travis, in the warehouse, so I’ve been leaving subtle hints for him…



Fiona (Admin Assistant) – Maya ballet pumps

“In case you’re reading this, mum…”


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas in my house without a (merry) dance or 2 after dinner, so with that in mind, I’m hoping for the Maya ladies flat shoes in Snake Nata. Reason being? It’s very comfortable so I’m sure it will last a dance or two without giving my feet the aches. It also makes the perfect all rounder for casual/formal events (I can also wear to work when the holidays have finished). And I’m sure, with the colours and design of the comfy leather uppers, these are the slip on pumps that will turn heads at a Christmas party or New Year celebration! I could probably write a book about how much I love these shoes, so if you’re reading this, mum…!



Gerry (Head of Sales) – Garibaldi men’s Chelsea boots

Who’s treating himself this year…


I’ve recently booked a short ski trip with the family to the Aosta Valley in Italy, so I now need to get my Chelsea Boots ordered for the evenings. I’m going to treat myself to a pair of the Garibaldi in Vintage Grey because if there’s no snow, I can still look good during the day!



To ensure you receive your orders before Christmas Day, we’re upgrading all UK orders placed before 2pm Thursday 22nd Dec to FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Please note that we are also extending our 30 day return period to the 31st January 2017 to allow plenty of time to return/exchange gifts.

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When are you too old to still be wearing jeans? At what age should you invest in a Saville Row suit? And why is a polo shirt a much better option than a T-shirt when in your fifties?

Whatever age you are, it’s important to know what works for you and how to dress with both style and dignity – that’s what will make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Take a look at our guide through the ages and the celebs we think know how to dress for their age perfectly (with tips on shoes from us, of course!).



This is often the decade when your career really takes off, so it’s important to invest in some well tailored pieces for during the week. Be more adventurous in your choice of suit pattern and material and always opt for a label as the quality and durability is so much better. And if you want to stay professional on dress-down Fridays, your go-to option is tailored chinos and a blazer.

This is also the time to invest in some key designer pieces such as a good winter coat, expensive cufflinks and a beautifully made leather wallet and work bag.

Ryan-goslin-styleCheck out: Ryan Goslin, 35.

Smart or casual, Ryan manages to look good in just about anything. He has a particular penchant for boots (maybe a throwback to his colder Canadian roots?), so we’d recommend Pedras boots:Pedras-lace-up-bootYes to:

An investment watch

No to:

Comedy socks



In your 40s, the main thing is to have a strong idea of your own style rather than jump on the latest fashion trend. The older you get, the harder it is to get away with clothes that aren’t well made. A well cut suit works wonders at any age (think ‘Mad Men’ – they wear suits all the time and always look stylish) and it’s always a good idea to buy a spare pair of suit trousers.

Invest in a good overcoat (preferably camel) and embrace a dash of colour through your choice of scarf or tie.

Pep-styleCheck out: Pep Guardiola, 45

Super slick on the touchline, this is a man who knows how to be effortlessly cool. One of the world’s best dressed sports personalities deserves polished black lace ups such as Murilo or Salvador:Murilo-smart-black-shoesYes to:


No to:

Anything day glo apart from a cycling/running jacket



This isn’t the era of flamboyance – unless you want to look like an eccentric millionaire – so keep things simple and think timeless and sophisticated. From shirts to shoes to accessories, buy the best that you can afford.

A two-button jacket and flat-fronted trousers are perfect for the more mature body shape (and a waistcoat can help create a more streamlined appearance). A merino rollneck adds warmth under a suit, provided you’re slender, and a chunky version is an ideal weekend staple.

No need to shy away from jeans, so long as they’re straight. not skinny. and all one colour rather than ripped or distressed.

Jarvis-styleCheck out: Jarvis Cocker, 53.

Jarvis nails the geography teacher look every time and is living proof that you can look casual without looking down at heel. Our brown Eldorado leather brogues are just the ticket:Eldorado-brogueYes to:

An eye-catching scarf

No to:

T-shirts with fancy logos



Suits may feature less in your wardrobe during your sixties so it’s time for smart separates with a tailored appearance. It’s more important than ever to inject colour into your wardrobe. Opt for warm neutrals or autumnal colours in the winter – pale pastels can look great too in the warmer months.

A structured blazer works a treat over a woollen or cashmere jumper. Consider a slim-fit polo shirt instead of a T-shirt under your blazer as the seams help to define your shoulders.

Tom-hanks-styleCheck out: Tom Hanks, 60.

With two films out right now, Sully and Inferno, Tom deserves shoes that cut as much of a dash as he does. So how about these classic black leather slips ons: red-carpet worthy Pedro:

Pedro-slip-on-shoesYes to:

An elegant dressing gown

No to:

Grandad slippers


So spruce up your wardrobe, whatever your age, with our winter collection of Anatomic shoes and boats.


Leather. It can actually mean so many different things. And not only are there different types of leather but there are also different grades of leather. The real beauty of leather is that it allows air and moisture to flow freely, making it absolutely ideal for footwear.

Shoe leather begins as animal hide, which is then tanned to make it stronger as well as softer and more pliable. The whole process can often take six weeks and include around 120 steps.

Different finishes suit different types of shoes: we asked our shoemakers in Brazil to explain the differences between some of the most popular types of leather used at Anatomic. As you’d expect, only the best will do!


Full grain leather

[row][column column=”two-third”] Full grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide, with a surface that burnishes and gets better with age. The term ‘full-grain leather refers to hides that have not been processed by being sanded or buffed to remove any natural marking or possible corrections – unlike corrected leather. Because the grain is still there, the leather is more durable and breathable. This type of leather also moulds more easily to the shape of your foot. Ideal for smart/casual shoes. [/column][column column=”one-third”] full-grain-leather-boots [/column][/row]


Smooth calfskin

[row][column column=”one-third”] Smooth-leather-mens-shoes [/column][column column=”two-third”] The leather of young cows, calfskin is a high quality material that’s very soft, smooth and durable. It holds its colour well and buffs up beautifully. Ideal for formal or dress shoes and should last for years if cared for properly. [/column][/row]


Vintage leather

[row][column column=”two-third”] A smart casual leather that’s a lot firmer with less give, so it’s essential to get your sizing right and we usually recommend ordering a size up. (In fact, as we offer free returns, why not order your size too to ensure you get the perfect fit?) Care for vintage leather shoes in exactly the same way as waxed leather ones. [/column][column column=”one-third”] Vintage-mens-leather-shoes [/column][/row]

[row][column column=”one-half”] Carlos Vintage Castor [/column][column column=”one-half”] Garibaldi Grey [/column][/row]


Nubuck leather

[row][column column=”one-third”]Nubuck-mens-leather-shoes [/column][column column=”two-third”] Similar to suede but more casual and durable, with natural leather markings. Nubuck is made by sanding and buffing the topside of a hide to raise a nap (the short fibres on the surface) and create a fabulous velvety texture. [/column][/row]


[row][column column=”one-half”] Casablanca Mustang Cognac/Jean [/column][column column=”one-half”] Gurupi Mustang Cognac [/column][/row]


Waxy leather

[row][column column=”two-third”] While corrected leather is coated and calf leather is polished, waxy leather is finished with a wax spray for a distinctive matt and rugged finish that’s good at resisting water. This type of leather appears darker when in contact with water but will revert to normal if you leave your shoes in a cool place to dry out. A good casual/daytime choice. [/column][column column=”one-third”]Waxy-mens-leather-shoes [/column][/row]


[row][column column=”one-half”] Delta Cognac Brown [/column][column column=”one-half”] Cardoso Cognac Brown [/column][/row]


As you might expect with us at Anatomic, we always use the finest Brazilian leathers to make our shoes, both inside and out, to ensure maximum comfort and the best fitting. Click here for more information on what makes our shoes so comfortable >