Not sure what to buy Dad for Xmas? Need a present for the man in your life with everything already? Is Grandad hinting at yet another pair of Anatomic shoes to add to his ever-expanding collection? If the answers yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place – welcome to the Anatomic & Co Christmas gift guide!

Now, although easier said than done, rule number one in selecting the perfect gift is establishing the personality of the person you’re buying for. So whether it’s “Mr Outdoors”, “Mr Laidback” or “Mr Classic”, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the perfect present for him this year.

That’s right, we’ve something for everyone!

Mr OutdoorsGift-guide-Mr-Outdoors-bootsThe kind of man that boldly braves the winter elements – at one with the great outdoors, enjoys camping and playing sports. He bites his thumb at heavy downpours when the dog needs walking and he can probably grow a beard in a day. Do you know someone who fits this description (of course you do… we all do!)?

If so, choose from our collection men’s leather boots lined with genuine sheepskin lining and with sturdy, high-grip soles for all terrains.

Garibaldi GreyCasablanca Mustang Cognac/JeanPedras Castor Brown


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Mr Laid-backGift-guide-Mr-Laidback-slip-on-shoesWhatever you do, don’t call Mr Laid-back unmotivated. He’s highly motivated… to do as little as possible this Christmas. For Mr Laid-back, this really is the best time of the year, to enjoy a week off from work and to put his feet up.

If you’re persuasive enough to get him to join you on a leisurely stroll to the local pub, then treat him to a pair of our fabulously soft, stylish and comfortable full-grain or vintage leather slip ons, now available in slim fitting, medium and wide fitting (for extra comfort). He’ll thank you for it… he may also buy you a drink!

Angra Cognac Brownpedro blackFrutal Pinhao

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Mr ClassicGift-guide-Mr-classic-black-shoesAh, Mr Classic – never one to follow trends, for he is a traditionalist. Whether at the office or lounging around at the weekend, Mr Classic puts his faith in what has gone before, that’s stood (and will continue to stand) the test of time.

If you know someone who fits this description, then treat them to something from our effortlessly cool collection of black leather shoes; city smart for the 9-5 grind, yet sleek and refined enough to team with an undone shirt and dark denim jeans.

Leme BlackEldorado blackMurilo black

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Mr Life-and-soul-of–the-partyGift-guide-Mr-party-brogue-shoesWe all know a Mr Life-and-soul-of-the-party! Thanks to our innovative Anatomic Gel technology, he can dance all night long. Our leather brogues in an array of different colours and styles are perfect for seeing in the New Year. His head may hurt but his feet certainly won’t!

Pilar Indigo/CastanhoTucano Castor BrownTucano Vintage Navy

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Mr Man-on-the-moveGift-guide-mr-outgoing-mens-leather-trainersAll work and no play? More like all work and all play for our fashion-savvy, media-working Mr Man-on-the-move. But what to get for the man who needs something for every occasion, that’s fit for the office and an after work event on his cycle ride home? Never one to shun a challenge, we think our selection of sleek leather trainers that puts style and comfort on equal footing, has all the answers.

Santos Cognac BrownBastos CastanhoSerra Troy Brown

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Christmas stocking ideas

We’ve a great range of men’s leather belts, from small to extra large, in classic brown or black. Some even have a reversible design – count that as two gifts in one!

Rubens BlackRodrigo Black & BronzeGaspar Tan


It’s not quite Christmas but party season is (if it hasn’t already) kicking off this week, and as part of our ongoing mission to make the world a more sociable place, we’re catching up with mixologist Michal Buben to find out what he expects from his footwear heading into this relentless and, at times, chaotic period.


How did you get into what you’re doing today?

I studied Hospitality Management and gained a new found love with food and drink.


What do you think makes you successful at what you do?

It’s definitely my experience. With over 20 years working in different bars and restaurants I have a passion for my job and this is what comes through in everything I do. I like to push myself to my limits and continue to learn. I feel when you stop learning you stop being successful.


How important is it to be sociable in your job?

In short, A LOT. The industry I work in is inherently sociable and so are the people. I like to enter lots of competitions and meet new people. By being sociable I’ve become recognisable, which is especially helpful when looking for new career opportunities.


What inspires your style?

I go for the classic look. It suits my personality.


What do you look for in shoes?

The most important things are that they’re comfortable, elegant and good quality.


What Anatomic & Co shoes are you wearing today?

They’re the Tucano brogues in Smooth Coffee. I love them. They deliver against all of the above, which is surprising for a shoe brand.


Describe Anatomic & Co shoes in three words.

Stylish, comfortable and classic.


What does being ‘in good company’ mean to you?

To be with family.






There it is, the winter. When did you creep up on us? But as the temperature drops, our men’s boot collection is hotter than ever, ticking all the boxes with something for every occasion and every weather condition. Need men’s leather boots to restyle your winter wardrobe for 2016 and beyond? We’ve got it. Need a laid back option for weekend wear? We’ve got it. Need boots to keep out the wet and cold? That’s right, we’ve got it.

Now while you might already own a pair of boots (maybe you own a few pairs), are you really wearing them to their full, all-weather-defying potential? Here, we equip you with 3 sure-fire ways to wear men’s leather boots this season, while we also put together a few different outfit combinations for you to try out over the coming months.


  1. Desert boots + smart-casual

There are only a few instances in which wearing a pair of men’s desert boots isn’t a good idea. These soft leather ankle boots are perfect for the snappy office dresser who loves adding edge to his wardrobe, but we actually prefer dressing them down and using as a weekend or evening go-to.

Mens-leather-desert-bootsLightweight and easy to style, you might have them down as an obvious spring/summer choice (and you’d be right – see our Colorado in Castor and Cognac Brown if you’re planning ahead), but they’re also a killer option for the colder winter months, too. And if ever there was an in-between style that could walk the smart-casual divide, it’s the desert boot. Their versatile, understated profile means they’re smart enough to style with almost any weekend evening outfit, but also not so over-the-top that you can’t wear them to a match and a beer down at the local during the upcoming busy festive football schedule.

Colorado in Pinhao will pair particularly well with a classic navy blazer and dark denim; and if you’re wearing a shirt, be sure to leave the top button undone to take the formal edge off. Break the outfit up with a matching brown tone belt and if you’re starting to feel the chill, don’t be afraid to add a chunky knit scarf to complete the look.

Treat your men’s desert boots as a smarter, more hard-wearing alternative to trainers. Stay away from suede if you can and opt for a full-grained or vintage leather to help tackle the harsher, less forgiven winter elements. While they’ll offer you much more resilience in the colder, wetter conditions, always take the time to regularly treat them with a decent protector spray and polish.

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  1. Chelsea boots + tailoring

Boots and suits… yes, you heard correctly; the two may not sound like an obvious pairing, but hear us out first.

No, we’re not talking about clunky, chunky treads in rubber soles and endless lace holes (those only work with clunky, chunky clothes). We’re talking about Chelsea boots. Previously referred to as Dealer or Paddock boots, they were renamed when a group of young artists, film directors, musicians and designers started frequenting the King’s Road area.

Mens-chelsea-bootsFavoured for being versatile, it’s their sleek, refined silhouette that makes them ideal candidates when looking to winterise a formal wardrobe. Unlike Derbies or Oxfords, a decent pair of leather Chelsea boots offers better grip than traditional dress shoes, while each pair of Anatomic men’s Chelsea boots is lined with a layer of super-soft sheepskin lining (featuring our Anatomic Gel Technology® formula) to add extra warmth. This unique gel also ensures your feet benefit from maximum comfort no matter what you’re doing.

Be warned though that there are a couple of things worth mentioning before pairing off your suits and boots. First of all, Chelsea boots only work with slim or fitted suits. Opt for a shorter leg to show off the elasticated detailing and always pair black with black (unless you can find a dark grey or charcoal overcoat to add layering). As an alternative, mix it up with a dark brown Chelsea boot under navy tailoring. Lose the tie and undo that top button for a less formal look. Wide and extra wide fit leather Chelsea boots are also available across our collection, offering flexible, lightweight, all-day comfort.

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  1. Lace up boots + denim

From relaxed and casual to sturdy and all weather conquering, there’s a wide variety of men’s leather lace up boots in an array of styles and designs to choose from this winter. But if you’re anything like us, all you’ll need is something to wear on a gentle frosty morning walk to help shake off the cobwebs, as opposed to something you can do a full-on mountain trek in. So steer clear of traditional hiking styles, and check out our equally robust alternatives that you can match with your favourite pair of denim jeans.

Pedras-mens-leather-lace-up-bootsStylish and polished on the outside, cosy and comforting on the inside, our lace up boots collection has something for all occasions. Rubber gel technology offers all-round comfort too, letting you burn the candle at both ends. And our Bulldog sole on many of our boots is a cracker when it comes to keeping your grip on slippery ground.

Just as there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, there’s also a number of ways you can lace your leather lace ups. A well-executed lacing pattern can add the finishing touches to an outfit, but certain methods such as the criss-cross or over-under technique can also make your feet more comfortable and provide better support.

To nail the look this winter, pull on a pair of dark brown or black boots with some over-dyed denim and a flannel shirt. Complete the look with a thick cable-knit jumper under a Barbour waxed jacket.

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Do you spend hours each day on your feet? If the answer’s yes, then you’re at serious risk of getting back, leg and/or foot pain, or, even worse, a chronic condition that could affect your long term health. But here’s a little secret; it’s not the hours you spend standing that cause painful feet – it’s often the shoes you wear. Your feet are built to withstand the weight of your whole body, but since almost all men’s shoes and boots are flat inside, long days standing and walking around in them will eventually lead to serious aches and pains.

So whether you’re a Michelin star master chef, cutting hair in a barber, teaching in a classroom or trying to get that perfect shot on the set of a photo-shoot, spending a little extra time to find a decent pair of comfortable men’s shoes can help go a long way in staying fit, healthy and happy in both the short and long term.

Here are our five top tips to help protect your feet (and body) from pain, discomfort and potential long-term injury:


  1. Find the right shoe

Wearing the right type of men’s shoes or boots is always important. Find ones that are comfortable and cushioned, with plenty of room for all areas of the foot. Keep in mind that working long days standing will cause your feet to swell, so you should never purchase shoes or boots that are a perfect fit or a little on the small side. If don’t know your width fitting, please find our useful size conversion guide with UK and EU measurements here.

comfortable-work-shoes-2A decent pair of comfortable work shoes should also provide you with good arch support. This helps maintain a good balance and weight distribution, reducing weakness and soreness in the legs and feet. You can purchase arch support insoles online, although we recommend spending a little more on a pair that have soft sheepskin linings (good for moisture absorption throughout the day) and cushioned padded insoles.


2. Make sure they fit

So this sounds like an obvious one, but many people wear shoes that are too small for them. This cuts off circulation to the feet and also increases your chances of blisters, making walking or standing unbearably uncomfortable. To help you find your right size and fit, we offer free delivery and returns when shopping online at Anatomic. Alternatively, if you are shopping in store, Johanna Youner, D.P.M., a certified foot surgeon and podiatrist, suggests being fitted later in the day. “Your feet are naturally larger at the end of the day,” she says. “And for some, buying shoes a half size larger to fit arch supports or custom orthotics will be tremendously helpful.”


3. Good posture is essential

comfortable-work-shoes-1Having good posture prevents injury all over your body, but it will especially help your neck, back and shoulders. “But what does that have to do with my feet?” we hear you ask. You may have already noticed, but bad posture is becoming increasingly prominent in a culture where we’re continuously looking down at our mobile phones and tablets, a term commonly referred to as “text neck”. This forward leaning tilt of the head (the heaviest part of your body) creates an imbalance of weight. As a result the pressure increases on the arch of the foot and the muscles that support it causing them to work harder and eventually strain. So in short, stand up straight, keep those shoulders back and get off your phone… you’re supposed to be working!


4. Take regular sitting breaks

Good luck persuading your boss with this one, but whenever possible, make the most of regular sitting breaks throughout the day. Sit down, put your feet up, you might even remove your shoes to stretch your feet out; the important thing here is make the most of this time to give your feet, legs and back a rest.


5. Take care of your feet at home

You should also make sure that you are taking care of your feet when you get home from a long day at work. You can do this by giving yourself a foot massage or putting your feet in a foot bath. Do this by gently rubbing the soles, heels and tops of your feet with your hands. Alternatively, a foot bath can be as simple as slipping your feet into a small basin of warm water. This is down-time for your feet, so switch the telly on, kick back and relax… you’ve got work in the morning.

Soft-comfortable-insolesFor maximum comfort, all of our shoes and boots are made using super-soft sheepskin linings, added cushioned foot-beds and our signature Anatomic Gel Technology. As you might expect, all of our staff wear them at the office, warehouse and factory, as do many of our customers. See what they have to say below:


“This is my second pair. Very comfortable and well made. Worn nearly every day for work and they last years…highly recommended.” – Richard

“Yet another pair of comfortable shoes purchased” – Stephen

“Shoes are well made & so comfortable to wear. Anatomic are my first choice every time!” – Keith

“No other shoes are as comfortable, fabulous soft leather.” – Darryl


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Who doesn’t love a walk to shake off the cobwebs – borrow a dog, borrow a child or just go off exploring by yourself. Britain can be at its most beautiful in the winter, from crashing waves along the coastline to acres of mossy forest to wild, deserted heathland.

And a walk is usually all the better when there’s a great pub waiting for you along the way or at the end.


  1. Best for beachcombing

Bournmouth-shoes-for-winter-walksBournemouth is a sandy seven-mile stretch of classic British beach that has thrown up all sorts of treasures, including a 40-ton dead whale in 1897.  Relive your childhood and hunt around the base of Bournemouth pier to turn up Victorian or Celtic coins that were probably dropped by Edwardian and Victorian holidaymakers. (It’s not unusual for jewellery to be found here too.) Many beaches have a harder surface below the shingle and sand and this is where old coins and other artefacts tend to sink down to, so dig down deep.

During the winter, Bournemouth is at its best with mile upon mile of empty sand and dogs being allowed to run free.

On your radar: The Goat and The Tricycle, with a huge range of hand pulled cask ales.

On your feet: Amazonas in waxy brown are men’s Chelsea boots that are well-crafted and ready-for-action. The waxed leather makes these slip on, wide fit boots water resistant and their high grip soles mean they’re ideal for beach walks.

Amazonas-chelsea-boots 2. Best for breathtaking views

Offas-dyke-shoes-for-winter-walksOffa’s Dyke is Britain’s longest ancient monument, erected as a border rampart by the Saxon king, Offa of Mercia, to separate his kingdom from the Welsh ‘heatherns’. This spectacular 177-mile-long trek crosses the border of England and Wales twenty times, passing through three areas of outstanding natural beauty: the Clwydian Hills, the Shropshire Hills and the Wye Valley.

With enticing market towns en route, you can easily choose to spend a couple of hours or a couple of days exploring.

On your radar: The Baron at Bucknell stocks local real ales and is surrounded by stunning views of the rolling countryside.

On your feet: Casablanca leather boots have breathable Nubuck leather uppers and a durable non-slip rubber sole. These lace up boots not only look great but are also perfect for all weathers.


3. Best for city slickers

Bath-shoes-for-winter-walkBuilt on seven hills, Bath boasts a skyline walk with wide-angle panoramic views over its striking Regency city from Bathampton Woods.

This National Trust Skyline Walk consists of six miles through hidden valleys, winding paths, mossy woodlands and sites such as an Iron Age hill-fort and Sham Castle, an 18th century folly. Take your partner – there are several kissing gates along the walk. It’s also a great place for kite flying, but if you can manage the whole climb and trek, you’ll burn off 735 calories. Pint deserving indeed.

On your radar: The Bear, featuring a life-size polar bear perched over the main entrance as well as West Country ales and regional ciders.

On your feet: Santos are best-selling hi top leather trainers. These smart-casual men’s trainers feature a soft natural grained leather upper, while our signature Anatomic Gel Technology® in the rubber gel crossover sole absorbs shock and adds all-day comfort.


4. Best for the riverside

Riverside-shoes-for-winter-walks1The village of Appletreewick, pronounced ‘Aptrick’ by the locals, is in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It’s a great location for a walk with the River Wharfe glistening below and the moors above, sometimes flecked with snow and dotted with sheep. Like all Yorkshire Dales rivers, the Wharfe has a peat stain, making it look rather like a pint of Yorkshire bitter. With large stocks of wild brown trout, this also makes a great place for fly fishing.

Wrap up well to enjoy a short stroll in the evening too – there’s no light pollution in Appletreewick, so you’ll be rewarded by clear views of the Milky Way.

On your radar: The Craven Arms is a pub nestled in the village that serves eight cask conditioned real ales cosily alongside gas lighting and log fires.

On your feet: Brasil Chelsea boots are designed for wider-fitting feet in mind. These black leather pull on boots feature soft sheepskin lining and an all-weather-conquering PU rubber sole for an almost off-road feel.


 5. Best for unspoilt seaside

boat-crossing-river-walkThe delightful Georgian village of Walberswick is an unspoilt hidden Suffolk treasure, surrounded by a thousand acres of mudflats, meadows and marsh. Crabbing and birdwatching are popular here. Venture southwards to find low crumbling cliffs and the beach at its most rugged.

If you really need to stretch your legs, take an easy stroll to Southwold by crossing the Bailey Bridge over the river Blyth. In the summer, there’s a ferry to row you across which is a service that’s been in the same family for five generations.

On your radar: The Anchor which serves local Adnams and will warm you up with a roaring open fire.

On your feet: Keep up the style factor at this trendy seaside spot with Pedras leather lace up boots. The sheepskin linings inside these medium fit men’s boots will keep your feet as toasty as any log fire while our Bulldog sole, with its gutsy non-slip rubber tread, makes them perfect for a celeb-spotting autumn walk.