Team picks and tips

True to our ‘In good company’ strapline, we’d like to introduce you to some of our team and share their savvy Anatomic picks and why.


Gerry (Head of Sales) – Pilar brogue


‘My feet feel really cosy’

I’ve worked at Anatomic & Co for under a year but have been wearing Anatomic shoes for ten years and now own 23 pairs – that’s more than my wife!

I chose these Pilar brogues as my current favourites because I can’t believe how comfortable they are. When I’m working at a trade show, I’m on my feet all day and walking three or four miles to meet with retailers. I can’t believe how comfortable they are and I didn’t even need to break them in. I wear these non-stop for ten to twelve hours a day; my feet feel really cosy!


Pilar looks really good on your feet so combines the best of both worlds. I wore these last Saturday night to a smart restaurant and another diner asked where they were from. Retailers always look at the shoes I’m wearing; I recently wore these visiting the shoe department of a major store and was followed by a sales assistant on perfumes who wanted to know where they were from.

The two different leathers make the brogues feel comfortable around the foot and protective at the front. The rubber welt around the shoe also adds to the comfort.

Gerry’s tip: These look great worn with navy semi-smart trousers.


Dan (Marketing Executive) – Murilo Black


‘A black shoe that isn’t just a black shoe’

I first tried on Murilo in an agents’ meeting and they really were one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever put on. I call these my office slippers!

You wouldn’t tend to think of a dress shoe as being comfortable, but the soft leather on these just moulds around your foot. Initially, I thought I’d wear Murilo with a suit or to a wedding but I can wear these with slim tailored trousers or even skinny dark jeans.


I recently wore Murilo to a friend’s celebration at their parents’ house and they made quite an impression! This is a black shoe that isn’t just a black shoe. I always think of a brogue as being a dress-down option but Murilo is really a formal alternative.

Dan’s tip: Best worn with dark blue or black denim; never light!


Lynda (Customer Services) – Casablanca


‘Look after these and they’ll last a lifetime’

I’ve got my beady eye on these for my partner, Kevin. Casablanca is perfect for him to wear during the day as he does a lot of studio work and likes wearing casual shoes, but I don’t want him in scruffy trainers all the time!

We’re often out and about – there’s nothing like a walk along the Grand Union Canal to one of our favourite pubs, The Grand Junction Arms – so these would be great at the weekend. Casablanca isn’t a trainer or a boot but a good crossover. It’s also a great transitional shoe from summer to autumn.


I get a lot of repeat requests for these in Customer Services; they’re selling like hot cakes!

Lynda’s tip: Casablanca comes in Nubuck suede but look after them and they’ll last a lifetime. You can easily revive with steam then clean gently with suede brush.


Travis (Warehouse Operative) – Panorama in whisky


‘The quality is just amazing’

Working in the warehouse means I get a sneak preview of all our new shoes and boots and Panorama has to be my favourite style in our new range.

I like high quality and the quality on these is just amazing. I went on a cruise to Norway with my grandfather and wore them all the time, not just to the formal dinners in the evening but also on some of the day excursions. They look great with jeans.


For me, styling makes a good shoe. What I like about Panorama is the fact that they’re very minimalistic and look such high quality. I’m on my feet a lot during the day and these are perfect when I have to come into head office for a meeting.

Travis’ tip: The rubber touch points on these absorb shock, making the shoes even more wearable and comfortable to walk in.



There’s a lot to be said for men’s wide fitting shoes. With autumn now upon us, you simply need a pair of smart lace-ups or slip ons for the office, walking boots for the weekend and some comfortable all-day casuals that are a joy to wear – and a joy to look at too. But if you have wide feet, with few genuine (and affordable) options out there, you’ll realise how difficult it is to find a pair that ticks all the boxes. Here’s our 5 top tips on how to find wide fit shoes for men that will make your feet feel (and look) great:


  1. Keep an eye out for adjustable features

Finding the perfect fit can be made even easier if you look for something that you can adapt to your feet. Adjustable buckle fastenings allow you to tighten or loosen accordingly, while a side-panel zip makes boots easier to pull on and off at the beginning and end of the day. But if it’s straight-forward, no fuss simplicity you’re after, we suggest you go for elastic. A versatile go-to is the Chelsea boot that goes with almost any daytime and evening attire, while its elasticated side-panels offer extra give when pulling on and off.

Also keep an eye out for shoes with elastic gussets and elasticated top-lines, which allows the wearer a small amount of extra adjustment to slide on and off.


  1. Don’t depend on ‘breaking them in’

Yes, it’s true that most leather shoes will stretch and become accustomed to the shape and natural movement of your feet over time, but is it really worth putting up with the pain of breaking them in and the potential longer lasting damage it could lead to? This brings us to our next point…


  1. Always try before you buy

If you’re shopping for men’s wide fitting shoes online, then you’ll definitely have more options than in store (we offer a range of styles exclusive to our online customers by the way), while it’s likely that you’ll pay less for them too. But if you do find yourself on the high street and you’re unfamiliar with a brand, then it’s definitely worth popping in to try a few pairs on for size.


About to buy your first pair of Anatomic shoes (welcome to the club) and you’re not sure what size you are? Fear little, as we have stockists across the UK that sell a wide range of Anatomic men’s wide fit leather shoes – simply give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction. If you’re buying online and would like to find the perfect fit by trying a couple of sizes, we also offer free returns on all unworn items.


  1. Some leathers are better than others

leather-types-high-qualityThere are many different processes for producing leather, from full-grain and smooth, to suede and soft. Suede and soft leathers will offer more give as they mould to your feet, whilst we recommend staying away from patent leathers. This is because the coating applied to patent leather stops it from stretching as much and will therefore be far less forgiving of wider feet. Talking of which, for additional comfort, always pay a little bit extra for shoes with leather inner linings.


  1. And lastly… give your feet (and your shoes) a rest

No matter what you spend on a decent pair of well-fitted footwear, no shoes are meant to be worn every day. For a better, longer lasting good-fit, alternate your shoes every other day (they’ll last longer too).


Ensure the perfect fit.

Use our international sizing and fitting chart to convert your shoe size between UK, European and US sizing. Our men’s shoes and boots are available in a slim, medium, wide and extra wide fit.