Time for a digital detox? Introducing the world’s first sociable shoe.

How many times have you tweeted or posted on Facebook or checked LinkedIn updates oruploaded on Instagram or pinned things on Pinterest or browsed the Internet today alone? 

At Anatomic & Co, we’ve collaborated with the clever bods at University College London (UCL) in creating the world’s first sociable shoe to help people tune in or tune out as they please: the In Good Company shoe. Alistair Moore, Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship, UCL Advances and Moema Pimentel, Anatomic’s MD and chief designer explain why and how…


Q: It’s said we check our phones at least 85 times a day. But are we being sociable – or anti-social?


Alistair: People today want more control over technology and the demands it places on us – but without going the whole way and feeling isolated from the world. Anatomic & Co conducted a survey that found over one fifth of Brits think their real life relationships are negatively impacted by their connected devices. 68% of people would like to take a digital detox and switch off their connected devices.


Moema: Being connected is good but is it too much? That’s the question. Many people want to find the balance and ensure technology doesn’t negatively affect their relationships. One-third of people say it’s rude when friends are flicking through their mobiles.


Q: How was the ‘In Good Company’ shoe created?


Alistair: The students in UCL’s computer sciences department collaborated with Anatomic to create a ‘sociable shoe’. The technology inside the rubber sole connects you to an app on your mobile by Bluetooth. Many people don’t want to switch off their phone when with family and friends in case they miss out on anything. So, unlike having to sort out preferences on your mobile each time to avoid distractions, you simply personalise your settings on the app to filter out, or turn off, unwanted social media updates, messages and calls.


Moema: The In Good Company shoe is a beautiful classic brogue with an electric blue rubber sole. People have been wearing technology for a long time now and this is another innovative example of a ‘wellbeing wearable’. Our sociable shoe is simply a manifestation of Anatomic & Co’s mission to make the world a more sociable place to live.


Q: So ‘smart wear’ takes on a double meaning with this shoe?


Moema: Exactly – the In Good Company shoe certainly creates a whole new meaning for smart shoes. They look good and feel good – and will do good as well.


Alistair: This shoe certainly delivers against UCL’s mission to work on innovative research. By subverting the principles of the ‘Internet of Things’ and bringing mindfulness closer to technology, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see more products like this over the coming years.

Read more about the In Good Company shoe or watch our video.

Here’s to making the world’s most sociable shoes

We’ve decided it’s time for a change. Now, this isn’t something that’s been decided overnight. It’s something we’ve been mulling over, researching into and planning for quite some time.

‘But why?’, you may be wondering.

Well, we’re fantastically proud of our shoes and the wonderful things our customers tell us. But we thought we could tell our story in a better way.

A new look. An old us.

Don’t get us wrong; our shoes are as comfortable as ever to wear (thanks to our Anatomic Gel Technology®) and as well made as ever (thanks to our fantastic craftspeople in our factory in Brazil) and as stylish as ever to look at (thanks to our lovely design team).

And we’re the same team of people as ever, passionate about outstanding quality and the type of customer service that makes your day a sunny one. After all, we’re a Brazilian, family-run company and living life to the full is in our soul, achieving excellent standards and inspiring innovations is in our minds and adhering to high ethics and fair trade is in our hearts.


We’re on a mission

We believed the time had come to reflect these values and our burning desire to make the world’s most sociable shoes. (Ok, we know it’s not what you might expect a shoe company to say. But then, we’re not just any shoe company…..) This mission is summed up in our new and distinctive strapline that’s us to a T: ‘In good company’.

We’re in good company with our employees and suppliers, because we’re a business that people enjoy working for and working with.

We’re in good company with you, because we craft shoes that are big on both style and comfort factor. Our footwear lets you enjoy more, discover more and do more.

And you’re in good company too, because if you look good and feel good with our shoes, you can lead a more sociable way of life from dawn to dusk.


Say hello to Monty

It was also time to spruce up how our brand looks. We therefore now have a fantastic eye-catching new logo that feels shiny fresh and contemporary. Although we’ve always loved our dog symbol, we felt we should replace him with our very own, very cute and very lively office dog – and muse – Monty.


All of us at Anatomic & Co (including Monty, of course) hope you’ll join us in making the world a more sociable place and enjoying good company at all times.