“Oh this year we’re off to chilly Spain” – Behind the scenes at Anatomic’s SS16 shoot

A new season. A new range of fantastic styles and colours for Anatomic shoes, moccasins and lace ups. 

Naturally, a spring/summer collection needs to look like it’s in a spring/summer setting with crisp blue skies and a sizzling sun. Hardly the description of a British day in January, when a shoot needs to be done in plenty of time to allow for printing.

“Hang on”, someone in the Anatomic office piped up. “The weather in Malaga can be an attractive 16°-20° at this time of year.”

And so we booked flights and packed shorts, shades and sun cream, ready for our four-day shoot. Oh, and armed with enough pairs of shoes from our new collection to open up our own branch out there.



Day 1 – Brrrrrrr

We’d chosen our house in the mountains just outside Malaga, not just because it offered great opportunities as a setting in itself but also because of its location and amazingly scenic views.


However……being up a mountain equals being down in temperature. Thankfully, we soon came up with a Plan B.


Day 2 – One arm. Four feet

A recce around Malaga – a port city with iconic sights such as its 11th-century castle and Gothic cathedral, the quirkily named La Manquita (which translates as the ‘one-armed woman’ because one tower was left completely unbuilt) – revealed some perfect places for our shoot, even if it did mean sometimes waiting for the tourists to stroll by.


The sun was out and the weather was warm enough for linen shorts and all kinds of dapper men’s suede loafers and leather boat shoes to accompany them.


Our model during the shoot was Dave; a talented guy who’s also an actor and a classic English gentleman. But why show one pair of Anatomic men’s leather shoes when you can show two? Cue Dan, our equally talented E-Commerce Assistant and office style guru. This was definitely an all-feet-on-deck affair!


The lovely Anna Sara, our E-Commerce Manager was also on hand to keep a watchful eye on everything – from getting the right shots out of Paul, our wonderful photographer, to getting us all up and ready each morning.



Day 3 – Ahoy there

The conditions down in the port continued in our favour, with fine weather and stacks of good natural light, so we made the most of our last shoot day.


Jemima, our stylist on the shoot, is brilliant at pulling together and nailing the key looks for the new season. A nautical flavour is always key for spring but, this year, add a pop of colour as shown here with these striking red Coari driving shoes.


And she was always ready to add the finishing touches and getting even the smallest details positioned just-so.


The boundaries between formal and casual men’s wear continue to blur, which is why Anatomic leather and suede shoes and boots are so multi-tasking. We envied Dave’s ability to pull off everything from colourful chinos for a casual man-about-town look to a desk to dinner executive style.


Day 4 – It’s a wrap


After several very long, tiring days (who says shoots are glamorous?), we had all the shots we needed and it was time to pack up and celebrate with a final drink before heading off to the airport for our flights back to London…

Nothing beats a British cuppa when you’re abroad!