Make father’s Christmas (and everyone else’s)

From the perfect present for under the Christmas tree to handy stocking fillers for the end of the bed, we hope you’ll find these suggestions as illuminating as the Oxford Street lights!


Best for your other half…


Get him set for winter with some low suede ankle boots (how about blue to up-style his wardrobe?), sturdy brogue boots, or lace up boots in this season’s key colour: burgundy. No excuses to not go on a Boxing Day walk when you have these (and no more Mr Couch Potato).

Whichever option you go for, the trick is to look dapper and in your Sunday best – as if you were always perfectly prepared and ready. Alternatively, it’s a leap year so maybe your other half will surprise you!

Best for dad…


Dads can never have enough decent pairs of shoes, right? If your dad is picky about the finer details in life and doing a job only if it’s done well, then he’ll appreciate the craftsmanship that’s gone into these wide fit Chelsea boots and lace up brogue shoes (especially ones featuring our durable Bulldog sole).

Best for grandad…


Whether you choose moccasins that will make him feel like he’s walking on air or boots to keep out the cold or extra wide fit shoes to turn up the comfort dial, one thing’s for certain: you’ll be his favourite grandson/granddaughter.a

Best for brother…


Your brother may think he has everything but the man hasn’t lived until he’s tried our leather trainers. This is the perfect opportunity for him to look smart-casual and sporty  – and for you to chuck out those old trainers he’s worn all year.a

For the great outdoors lover…


For the type of guy who boldly braves the elements yet secretly craves his winter warmers, we have waterproof lace up boots (yes, 100% waterproof!) that keep feet dry even in a downpour. Or choose from leather boots lined with genuine sheepskin lining and with sturdy, high-grip soles for all terrains.

For the city slicker…


Freeze a jolly good fellow, especially if he’s bagged a big Christmas bonus! Let his feet stay firmly on the ground with a pair of polished black brogues or smooth black ankle boots.

For the life and soul of the party…


Thanks to our innovative Anatomic Gel technology, he can dance all night long in our blue suede shoes (or brogues). Our boots are perfect for being out on the town and seeing in the New Year. His head may hurt but his feet certainly won’t!

Get a Movember move on…

November – or rather, Movember – is the hairiest month of the year and potentially the manliest. You’ve 30 days to let everything just grow and grow, or else trim away your ‘tache into your very own choice of lip foliage.

It’s a fantastic cause that started as an idea in 2003 over a beer by a few friends in a pub near Melbourne. The Movember Foundation is now a global charity that’s raised £402 million for men’s health – mainly prostate and testicular cancer – with help from over five million Mo Bros (and even Mo Sistas!).

Join in with the testosterone surge over Britain and let your moustache do its bit. Maybe copy one of our favourite moustaches of all time, paired perfectly with your favourite Anatomic shoes…..?

Go macho 9-Tom-SelleckImage: via fm104

For many men, Tom Selleck’s moustache is a US treasure and the ultimate in facial hair style. This style takes a good three months to grow.

Pro: If you’ve thick, coarse, and straight hair, then you’re onto a whiskery winner.

Con: You’ll need to keep trimming to have this resting above your upper lip in a straight line.

Go wild


Image: via celebs.allwomenstalk

Production on Cast Away was shut down for a year so that Tom Hanks had enough time to lose weight and grow his Crusoe-style beard. Having 30 days to achieve this may only be possible if you’re naturally hirsute. And you live on a desert island.

Pro: Makes getting ready for work in the morning very speedy. And if you’re peckish later, you can simply dig out a few lost crumbs.

Con: You may have to dig out a few lost crumbs.

Go quirky


Image: via theapricity

In a 2010 poll, Salvador Dalí’s  upper lip caterpillar was voted the most famous moustache of all time.  Dali claimed “It’s the most serious part of my personality. It’s a very simple Hungarian moustache.”  Rub a little wax between your thumb and index finger and twirl the ends in the same way as snapping your fingers.

Pro: This is a masterpiece of a moustache and will definitely get you noticed around town.

Con: You’ll have to be a dab hand with keeping a patch under your nose smooth and bare.

Go barely-there-at-all


Image: via nydailynews

Pharrell Williams’ moustache has its own Facebook page. Sometimes, it’s shadowy bum fluff; other times it’s shaggy bum fluff. Either way, we think he’s happy.

Pro: Grown in an instant and barely there, so also easy to get rid of at the end of the month.

Con: Go easy on the razor or you may not even sport a shadow at all.

Go 70s style


Image: via Youtube

Burgundy by name; burgundy by dress sense. He’s a newsroom legend and he’s dressed in this season’s hottest colour. Who could resist such a manly look?

Pro: Best with some humorous one liners.

Con: Best worn with flares.

Go rock legend


Image: via corngoblin

Another true original that requires a bushy upper lip.

Pro: Just the thing if you like heavy rock and can accessorise with a guitar.

Con: Beware of soup. The moustache edges need to droop slightly past the corners of the mouth.

Go easy on yourself


Image: via shalomlife

Groucho Marx’s moustache was famous and yet – it wasn’t a moustache at all. He simply smeared grease paint across his upper lip because he found the adhesive for applying a traditional fake moustache was too irritating.

Pro: Easy to do, providing you practise first.

Con: You’ll need to avoid two things: rain and kissing.

The Anatomic grooming guide

Did you know that the hair on your face grows three times faster than the hair on your head? However, it grows differently and can take time to fill in. So here’s how to get off to the best possible start and ensure perfect moustache maintenance…

You’ll need to invest in clippers or a beard trimmer, with facial hair scissors to trim around the mouth. To get the right shape, try using a moustache comb and a little wax to stop it appearing like a fluffy caterpillar – it’s best to warm the wax with your fingers before applying.

Don’t forget to keep your moustache clean by using shampoo and hair conditioner. Never trim when wet as the hair hangs longer (so you may end up taking too much off). And remember to moisturise the skin under your ‘tache as it can get quite dry.