Oscar Style Setters

Anatomic & Co hail five style icons who have all stolen the show at the Oscars over the years. What’s the secret to their flair and what do they tend to wear? Lights, camera, action….sit back and watch.

Bradley Cooper


Image: David Shankbone via Flickr.

With two previous Oscar nominations to his name (Best Actor – ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and Best Supporting Actor – ‘American Hustle’), Bradley is on the red carpet again, not just for Best Actor in ‘American Sniper’ but also as one of the film’s producers.

Many are saying that Cooper delivers his best performance to date as Navy SEAL legendary sniper and hero Chris Kyle. He transformed himself for the role by piling on 40 pounds and undergoing a fierce workout routine, training with Navy SEALs. (Wearing a white T-shirt, khaki shorts and white socks in army boots may not be your cup of tea but you can certainly get the tough sole look with our Bulldog sole range.)

Off set, Bradley is more commonly admired for his slick line in designer suits – a three-piece suit without a tie is Bradley to a T. And he’s not afraid to move away from a classic blue or grey suit, either. Remember that oxblood number in 2010? Or the snazzy purple affair in 2012? This is a man who certainly also knows how to work an overcoat and scarf. Little wonder that he earned the title of  ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 2011 from People Magazine.

Are we therefore surprised that with such elegance and style also comes the ability to speak French fluently? The man even did an interview to promote ‘The Hangover Part II’ entirely in French.

He once said. “I had size 12 feet when I was 10, so I thought I was going to be 6′ 8″. My goal was to be able to dunk a basket. I wound up being 6′ 1″ with size 14 feet. I got the raw end of the deal.” Take heart, Bradley. That’s a UK 13.5 – many of our shoes go up to UK 15. Check us out when next in town.

Burt Reynolds


Image: Headlines & Heroes via Flickr.

Once an aspiring football player for Florida State University, an injury forced Burt to turn to acting.

Handsome, rugged, wisecracking and famed for that moustache, Burt Reynolds was a manly man and one of the biggest box-office draws back in the Seventies. More than a Hollywood legend, he was also a sex symbol and appeared as Cosmopolitan magazine’s very first nude male centrefold in 1972, lounging resplendently naked on a bear rug. (Allegedly, Paul Newman was asked first but declined.) This catapulted Burt from a movie star to a superstar and women mobbed his house as a result.

With a string of awards and nominations under his belt, Burt was nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his role in Boogie Nights. Burt has always been dapper in a tux, especially on an awards night, but is probably best admired for a way with denim and a cowboy hat. He once proclaimed, ‘If you hold on to things long enough, they get back into style. Like me.’ Well Burt, a cowboy hat may never get onto the style radar for us mere mortals, but we’ll all agree on one thing for sure: you can’t beat a great pair of jeans. 

Leonardo Di Caprio


Image: Siebbi via Flickr.

Leonardo di Caprio has lost out at the Oscars five times. Incredible, but true.

From pretty teenage heartthrob to leading actor and hunk in Hollywood blockbusters, this is a man who wears his clothes well and sets a style for others according to his latest film.

Take ‘The Aviator’, in which Leonardo played playboy and film mogul Howard Hughes. The film takes us through the late 20s into the 40s, featuring Hollywood and the aviation world. That bomber jacket, those Aviator sunglasses, the leather boots…Leonardo worked that look perfectly yet promoted the film in 2004 with his trademark three button suits and somber silk ties.

And who can forget the classy tuxedo or beautifully cut suits he wore in ’The Great Gatsby’.  His pale pink suit may not have a place in your wardrobe, but those two-tone shoes are still bang on trend.

Once again, Leonardo proved his worth in a suit in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, based on the real life story line of Jordan Belfort who took Steve Madden’s shoe company public in 1993 (a big favourite watch in our office, naturally!). As his character evolves from power-mad to corrupt, his suits evolve from conservative to sharp and structured pinstripes. As Giorgio Armani commented, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street is set in the early 1990s, when showy clothing was a symbol of power. At the time, it was obligatory to look like a winner.’ 

Well from sports jacket to tux, we think Leo looks good in anything. Italian in name, Italian in flair.

Marlon Brando


Image: Carl Van Vechten via Flickr.

Think white T-shirts and jeans, think Marlon Brando.

Marlon found fame overnight on Broadway in 1947, in Tennessee Williams’ steamy play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. He was always a rebel – from portraying a bad boyin this, as well as in ‘The Wild One’ and ‘On the Waterfront’, or a ruthless criminal in ‘The Godfather’, ‘The Formula’, ‘The Freshman’ and ‘The Score’.

He declined his Oscar for Best Actor in ‘The Godfather’ in 1972, yet once asked the Academy to replace the statue he’d won for ‘On The Waterfront’ that had been stolen – he’d been using it as a doorstop!

Combine those smoking good looks with his bad boy reputation, teamed up with tight T-shirt, jeans and leather boots, and it’s an irresistible A-lister sex symbol combo. Hardly surprising Brando was expelled from high school for riding his motorbike through the halls.

The biker look is as cool today as it was back in the 50s. The fitted T-shirts Marlon sported as Stanley Kowalski in the Streetcar film were then considered only fit for brawny wrestlers.  They were seen as rebellious, especially worn with denim, which is why the look was quickly taken up by bored teens and is a now a wardrobe staple for all ages today.

More than just a Hollywood heartthrob, Brando also fancied himself as a bit of an inventor. He once came up with an idea for shoes you can wear in a swimming pool for a better workout because they increase friction as you walk on the bottom. Worth considering for our A/W 15 collection? Hmmmm. 

George Clooney


Image: Josh Jenson via Flickr.

Actor, writer, producer, director and heartthrob, George Clooney is the only person ever to be nominated for Academy Awards in six categories. This is a man with heaps of talent, charisma and style with a capital ‘S’.

Clooney’s look is timeless and groomed, which is why he’s not only been voted ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine but also ‘Best Dressed Male Television Star’. His wardrobe is a classic one, favouring well-cut suits in grey or black with an open collar for a more relaxed yet still confident look, sometimes with a knitted polo shirt. He favours a European style of suit with trousers without pleats. Even on casual occasions, George creates an effortless look with chinos and white T-shirts.

But what George looks particularly dapper in is a tux: he even admitted he was wearing his wedding tux to collect the Cecil B. DeMille award at the 2015 Golden Globes.

Back in 2006 George confessed, ‘I have one tux. Just one. It’s a single-button [Armani]. There’s only one mistake guys can make, and that is to try to do anything fancy. Just put on a tux. Just put a tie on, put a plain shirt on, don’t wear a bolo tie, and don’t wear a cummerbund – that’s crazy.’  Hopefully his wedding tux was a new one but we can’t disagree with the silver fox – you’re right George: there’s definitely an elegance in simplicity.