The Rio Carnival!

Today marks the start of the Rio Carnival which runs from the 28th of February until the 4th of March. The Rio carnival is universally known as the biggest carnival in the world and to many as the greatest show on earth! Every year the show brings an estimated 2 million people on the streets of Rio! The carnival focuses on the floats, costumes, music and dancing of more than 200 Samba schools in Rio.


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With this in mind here is our footwear choice to look great in whilst doing the Samba! Whether you are in Rio for the carnival or are just planning on dancing this weekend we recommended to stay away from suede. With 2 million people on the street the chances are that someone will step on your feet! We will be wearing a sleek loafer such as the Pacaja that looks relaxed yet smart with jeans or trousers!


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The SS14 collection is nearly here!

We are all really excited to introduce you to our new Spring Summer collection which will be available online in the next few weeks! With this in mind we have decided to reveal a few new SS14 shots to show you the direction we are heading in for this season. This season we wanted to build a collection that sees you through the week and weekend. Our focus has been on lightness for those sunnier days with suede and nubuck being key summer trends. We have also added a new wardrobe staple to our summer collection; the sandal!

Top 6 Oscar nominated films for fashion inspiration!

The Oscars is soon approaching hosting its 86th ceremony on Sunday the 2nd of March. This year there are some great films nominated, not only for the film itself but actually as a source of fashion inspiration. With this in mind we decided to run through what we think are the 6 best films nominated this year for fashion inspiration.

American Hustle

American Hustle follows the story of an unlikely team of con men Irving Rosenfield & Sydney Prosser who are forced to work with the volatile FBI agent Richie Demaso. The film, loosely based on a true story is set in the late 1970’s and the clothing reflects this. Wide ties, big collared shirts and daring coloured & velvet suits play a big part in the movie. For footwear they wear elongated boots in browns such as the Viseu or Cardoso.


The Viseu


Her tells the story of a quiet man named Theodore, who in the process of his divorce falls in love with a computer with a female voice and personality. Theodore himself is essentially a hipster wearing a daily uniform of tortoiseshell glasses, buttoned down oxfords, chinos and a distressed derby such as our Delta shoe.

image016The Delta
Picture 2The Great Gatsby

The film revolves around Nick, a man who moves next to a mysterious, secretive man known as Gatsby and the complications their lives take. Gatsby himself is a refined gentleman whose style is dictated by his time, the 1920’s. You find Gatsby wearing beautiful brown shoes that compliment his selection of light coloured clothing perfectly. We recommend our Osorio loafer.


The Osorio

Picture 13Philomena

Philomena tells the tale of Martin Sixsmith, a recently released Labour government adviser who writes a human interest article for the first time. His article focuses on a women named Philomena and the pursuit of her lost son. Martin is a classic and conservative dresser, wearing blazers and jeans for casual wear and a grey suit for more formal appearances. For shoes Martin wears a well worn suede boot such as our Colorado.

image019The Colorado

Picture 10The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort likes the luxury lifestyle, a con man by trade selling penny stocks to the wealthiest 1% of Americans. He lives a lifestyle incomparable to most; along with the collection of fast cars, mansions, yachts and helicopters he likes the finest clothes. He wears impeccably tailored powerfully cut suits in classic chalk stripes and large lapels. For footwear Jordan spends his time wearing classic leather soled brogues such as our Guara!

image021The Guara

Picture 9

Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me returns for its second installment in the series focusing on Gru’s attempt to save the world from El Macho’s plan to gain world domination. Gru has a monotone, casual look wearing a black jacket and trousers with a very narrow pair of pointed Chelsea boot such as our Viseu!

*Warning* – Take the above fashion advice from Despicable Me 2 at your own risk .


The Viseu

Picture 11

A Customer Email

We love a customer with a good sense of humour at Anatomic so when we received the email below from Keith we couldn’t help but share it around the office. The email follows Keith’s journey of searching for his missing right Natal boot after a night out in America, and ultimately coming home with one less shoe than he started with.

After this instead of leaving Keith walking around with one shoe on, we decided to offer him a new pair of Natals. Hopefully he will be able to keep hold of both shoes this time, good luck Keith!


Gutted to inform you that I managed to lose one of my awesome Natal Mustang Waxy boots on a 16 hour binge in Las Vegas.

No one has any recollection of what happened to it, and after using various postings on Facebook (just like in the movie The Hangover) we are still at a loss as to where it is.

My question is… Will you be including them in your sale at any point? I would like to buy another pair and have been checking the email news letters that I receive from you but haven’t seen anything yet.

Failing that, i don’t suppose you have a size 10, right foot boot knocking around the warehouse? (yes, I’m joking)

Any info would be great. Here is my review of my boots from April…Or what is left of them!

The Natal Boot – Lets take a closer look Written by Keith
Whilst looking for a pair of sturdy, comfy and stylish boots I had the opportunity to try a pair of the Natal boots on in a shop in Monmouth. I have to say that my initial thoughts were that these boots were the comfiest boots that i had ever worn. They were also the most expensive pair i had worn and i left the shop without purchasing them, only to drive for 2 hours back to Derby regretting it all of the way. On getting back home i looked up Anatomic shoes on the net and purchased a pair on line. The boots were with me next day and have been worn every day since! Definitely a comfortable boot, and i think, a stylish boot, my Natals stood up to my awesome dance floor moves at a recent wedding with no sore feet after being worn for nearly 48 hours….yes I slept in them (It was a good wedding). Will they last? They certainly look to be a well made pair of boots, they haven’t shown any marks scratches or kebab stains for that matter in the nubuck style leather so i think i am onto a winner…Only time will tell. All in all, a fantastic online service with peace of mind and what seems to be, an excellent pair of boots. Thank You




Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day from everyone at Anatomic & Co, if you have a date tonight we thought that we would share some of our advice. Men, tonight you will be judged by what you wear and your footwear is usually the first thing to be judged by! With this in mind here are a few tips to make sure your date goes smoothly.

Firstly make sure you don’t wear trainers or she will be the one running away, wearing shoes makes it look like you have put the effort in and are smart for the occasion. There is nothing worse than turning up for a date wearing a scruffy pair of shoes so make sure they are polished! To polish your shoes remember a small amount of polish goes a long way, too much and it will not be absorbed by the leather.  Another mistake a lot of men make is to mix black and brown which is a really bad idea. If you’re wearing black or dark grey trousers ensure you wear black shoes, for anything lighter wearing brown looks great.

Good luck and happy valentines day from everyone at Anatomic & Co!

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Boots for summer!

Who said boots are just for winter? This summer we have a lovely selection of boots in our forthcoming Spring/Summer collection perfect for the English summer! The Franca and Matao are both exciting additions to the collection this season and will be available online very shortly. The Franca is a great brogue boot available in a distinctive navy suede with contrast red stitching and in a more traditional tobacco suede! The Matao is more of a formal boot in a rich brown and it’s also available in our mustang leather for a more laid back aesthetic. We suggest wearing them with chinos in the office and with jeans at the weekend.

Shoe & Place IV: Belem

This months Shoe & Place feature looks at Belem, the Brazilian city and our shoe named after it. The Belem shoe is a great casual loafer available in black and brown. The Belem features clean lines in a traditional style that will never go out of fashion!Picture 1

Belem is the largest city in the Northern state of Brazil, Para. Belem was also the first European colony on the Amazon and became part of Brazil in 1775. One of the major tourist attractions is the Ver-o-Peso market at the Guajará Bay riverside. It is named the Ver-o-Peso (translated as see the weight) after a colonial era tradition of weighing goods from the Amazon for paying tax. Now Ver-o-Paso features an open air market and a tower clock brought over from England.


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