The Anatomic & Co Christmas Gift Guide

We pride ourselves on having a shoe for anyone here at Anatomic & Co so if you are thinking of starting your Christmas shopping soon and want to find the perfect gift for that special someone, you should look no further than a pair of Anatomic & Co shoes. A pair of our shoes is a great investment, not only are they stylish but they will also stand the test of time. On the blog today we look at perfect gifts for the Fashionista, the Discerning Gentleman and the Traditional Gentleman.
The Fashionista is someone who is not scared of trying new items and exploring the boundaries of conventional dress. He is not afraid to turn heads with unique styles and follows trends which change season to season. We have a great selection of shoes suited to the Fashionista from the Tucano to the Colorado with the on trend Red Brick Sole.

Discerning Gentleman
The Discerning Gentleman prefers the classic footwear choice. He believes in quality and understated elegance and wants footwear that is stylish and will never go out of fashion, such as the Chelsea boot and classic full brogue. Anatomic & Co has great examples of these such as the Natal and Manaus.

Traditional Gentleman
The Traditional Gentleman is after a product that is functional and classic in design. In footwear he looks for wide fits and sheepskin linings. He wants to put a pair of shoes on and then simply forget he is wearing them. We recommend the Tapajos & New Recife.

For the full gift guide visit our website here!

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