Shoe & Place II: Natal

For our second Shoe and Place post we look at the Natal as it’s perfect in the run-up to Christmas. As well as being a city in Brazil and a shoe, it also means Christmas in Portuguese. The Natal is a boot that has been in our collection since the very beginning. It is a great Chelsea boot available in Black, Brown, and our waxed leather. The waxed leather is a very popular material for our shoes, it’s a great casual alternative to traditional leather and works really well with navy chinos or jeans at the weekend. Find the Natal shoe here.


Natal is the capital of Grande do Notre, a state in North-east Brazil. Natal was originally one of the first parts of Brazil to be discovered in the 1500’s. It is now known for its fantastic beaches and fixed sand dunes that attract huge amounts of tourism to the area. It is also famous for having the largest Cashew tree in the world, it is between 78,000 to 90,000 square feet in size!


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Customer Reviews

Below are a few customer reviews of the Natal boot.

My fifth pair of Anatomic shoes and boots. Incredibly comfortable and delivered within two days of ordering. Thanks – Ted

I have more shoes in my wardrobe than Imelda Marcos and these are definitely the most comfortable shoes that I owned. Friends (of all ages) have started buying Anatomic shoes on my recommendation and they all say the same! – Michael

Shoe & Place: Amazonas

If you haven’t already noticed all of our shoes are named after places in Brazil. For a new column to the blog we will take a look at a shoe and the area behind it!

Today we look at the Amazonas, a traditional Chelsea boot available in Brown or Black leather. The Amazonas is one of our shoes in a wide fit that has a sheepskin lining and a rubber sole featuring the Anatomic gel technology. We suggest wearing them with chinos or jeans for a great look on the weekend. The Black also looks great when worn with a grey wool trouser during the week!

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Amazonas is also a state in Northwest Brazil and is almost entirely covered by the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is one of the most important areas in the world, producing more than 20% of the worlds Oxygen. The largest City is Manaus (one of the host cities of the 2014 World Cup) and the smallest is the Eirunepe. Amazonas also holds the Parintins Folklore Festival which is the an annual festival in Brazil! The festival celebrates a legend about a resurrected Ox and there is a competition between two teams who try to outperform each other in the story telling about the Ox.


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Customer reviews

Below are a few reviews of our Amazonas shoes from Customers:

Very comfortable and admired by others. Also your staff helpfulness with my purchase was/is an important factor with buying via the internet. – Kenneth L

I have bought these boots before and wore them endlessly, good value for the amount of wear. – Rob

Anatomic & Co features in Exalt

In the latest issue of Exalt magazine a great feature has been included on our latest collection with some of our key styles used in the main fashion shoot. Exalt is a high end style title with great editorials and photoshoots. In the main fashion shoot they have included one of our Chelsea boots in our waxed leather, you can find a similar pair here. The Tucano brogue is also included and is a favourite of ours. They look great with the contrast socks!EXALT Magazine Issue 2 CoverEXALT Magazine Issue 2 page1EXALT Magazine Issue 2 page2EXALT Magazine Issue 2 page3EXALT Magazine Issue 2 page4

Mid-Season Sale

Our mid-season sale started last week and there are some great offers to be had. There is a great selection of belts and shoes with up to 40% off, we have picked a selection of our favourite sale items that are perfect for winter to help you out.  If you have been thinking about investing in a new pair of shoes now is the perfect opportunity!

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