• The importance of comfortable shoes.

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    While shoes are a good indicator of your sense of style and deliver an important fashion statement, shoes can also bring you discomfort and pain. A part of wearing fashionable shoes shouldn’t result in experiencing sore feet.

    Let’s take a look at 5 important areas that highlight the importance of wearing comfortable shoes.

    1. Blisters are bad

    Nobody enjoys blisters, but you should realise that your feet are trying to tell you something about the type of footwear you put on that day. Probably they are not suited for the shape of your feet. While stockings and socks often contribute to the formation of a blister, it is best to choose a shoe that fits the natural shape of your feet.

    2. Uncomfortable Shoes = an unhappy you

    While many tight shoes can look great on the outside, wearing them can have a terrible effect on your toes. This can lead to a shooting pain between your third and fourth toe and result in an abnormal thickening of the tissue surrounding the foot, a condition known as Morton’s Neuroma.

    Very often, you may be required to perform a surgery in order to get relief from the pain. Shoes designed for comfort that are the right width for your foot shape will lead to healthy and happy feet.

    3. Prevent corns at pressure points

    Wearing uncomfortable shoes will lead to creation of corns at the pressure point of your feet. Not only are they painful but may also call for a form of treatment which can take as long as several weeks for being cured.

    4. There’s only so much pain your feet can take

    When you wear ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes, it is almost like your feet are under attack. In return, your feet will fight back with the formation of calluses and bunions. Painful and unattractive, these do not go away on their own. Recommendation from Anatomic Shoes (experts in shoe comfort) is that you should wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes in order to get the best foot health.

    5. Find the right shoe for your feet

    Shoes and health are linked to one another and it is very important that you do not forget about this relationship! If you have a shoe that fits, then wear it; if not, find one that does. Visit Anatomic Shoes for the best ultra-comfort shoes for your health that do not compromise on style

  • Men’s style guide: Reinventing your personal style

    If you feel like your wardrobe lacks personality, and your sense of style is looking a little flat, don’t you worry, because reinventing your look is easier than you think. 

    Stagnation is a familiar enemy for many men out there. Wearing the same thing day in and day out can make your look feel tired – it’s strange how what we wear affects how we feel about ourselves.

    The year is still fresh, so now’s as good a time as any to do a little reinventing. Here’s a quick and easy guide to do just that. 

    Out with the old

    Before you begin recreating your style, you need to get rid of all the stuff that’s not helping with your current look. Too many of us are guilty of hoarding items in our wardrobes that we’ll never wear again — like old T-shirts that have lost their life. Let them go!

    By saying this, however, you can hold onto essential items, like basics that can be incorporated into your new look. 

    Find your style inspiration

    So you know that you want to reinvent your style, but you don’t exactly know what you want it to look like. The best way to find out is by looking for inspiration from style icons, social fashion pages and great blogs (like ours). 

    Remember to consider your lifestyle and working environment, and make sure that your new look complements these. 

    Start small

    While you’re becoming an expert in your new look, start with the basic pieces of that style. Try working with items that you already have and experiment with subtle changes. A new pair of shoes or adding some men’s accessories to your outfit can make a big difference in helping you achieve a certain look. 

    Small additions such as this will provide you with a good base to expand on. 

    Choose carefully

    Upgrading your look can be a costly affair — budget yourself. Rather than splashing on anything that fits your new style, be selective and choose pieces that work well together. Cohesion in your wardrobe will maximise the versatility of every item.

    If the look that you are going for is more expensive, try saving on basics (like plain T-shirts) and invest in statement items like jackets or shoes. Your new style will likely depend more on these items.

    What else can you do to reinvent your style?

    Reinventing your style does not only involve what you wear. A new hairstyle or improving your physique also plays a key role in creating a new style.

    Many gentlemen out there pick a hairstyle and stick to that their whole lives – change it up, because your hairstyle will correlate with the rest of your reinvented style.

    Likewise, changing your physique will also change your look and how your clothes fit.

    For more tips and news on men’s fashion and everything shoe related, visit Anatomic’s blog.

  • Men’s Style Guide: How to Wear Loafers

    Loafers are a fashion staple for men, adding the perfect touch of smart-casual to any outfit. Loafers are an easy way to take your style to the next level. They are greatly versatile, having the ability to take you from a casual weekend to a formal event with ease.

    Sliding on a pair of loafers is the easy part, but we’ve laid out a few guidelines so that your outfit will always be on point. In this guide, we help advise you on how to wear loafers with any outfit.

    Wearing loafers

    Whether dressed up or down, loafers work best with tailored bottoms – slim, modern, and tapered fits. On the top, this sleek and minimal shoe style gives you plenty of freedom. Your shirts can be slim or intentionally loose fit.

    Socks or no socks?

    If you’re after a more traditional look, wearing your loafers with a pair of socks will be your go-to, but pick a pair that coordinates well with the rest of your outfit.

    When going sockless, you’re going to have to get that trouser gap right. Make sure that your jeans or trousers aren’t too long, so that the hem drops just over the shoe. If you do opt for no socks, we suggest making use no-show socks, which will protect your shoes and avoid sweaty feet.

    Casual wear

    A casual loafer is anything made of suede or that has more than 2 colours (excluding tassel loafers). These style loafers can be worn with almost anything from a t-shirt and jeans to chinos and a button-up shirt. They also partner perfectly with shorts during warmer months. Casual loafers will also give you a more sophisticated look than trainers.

    Dress wear

    Not all casual loafers can be dressed up. For an outfit that’s more on the formal side, one or two tone leather loafers are your best bet. These styles are perfectly paired with a blazer and tailored trousers, providing you with a stylish and polished look. Despite the stigma around the shoe only being a smart-casual option, in current times, the loafer can be worn for formal settings.

    On That Note

    Loafers are a versatile pair of shoes that you can easily and comfortably wear with most outfits. If you’re in two minds about wearing this style, maybe it’s time you slide into a pair.  As long as you follow the above guide, wearing loafers is easy and rewarding.

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